Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Friendly opponents boast about playing Rangers

Photo: Stewart Bloor

Following yesterday’s 3-1 win over Welsh champions The New Saints, the Park Hall side took to their website to boast about the fact they played Rangers!

The Welsh giants came to the Hummel Training Centre two years in a row, and after last year’s disappointing draw, Rangers were far more convincing this time around following a dominant display and three clinical goals.

However, our Welsh friends seemed more interested in the fact they were playing us, in a testament to how big Rangers and Steven Gerrard are that teams officially praise us and big up the fixture.

They said:

"With European adventures of their own on the immediate horizon, the fact that the Scottish giants again (the clubs met this time last year) elected to play TNS is testament to how the team is viewed in the wider football world."

Evidently the draw of Rangers remains huge, and has become even bigger thanks to our manager.

Rangers, right now, it has to be said, are box office, and fresh off the new kit launch today too, things look pretty good.

Long may it continue.
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