Bruno Alves

Bruno Alves
Sometimes you plain get it wrong. When Rangers were linked to 80+ Portuguese cap Bruno Alves last season, we truly believed we’d signed a massive coup in a colossal defender whose CV was the envy of many.

Still young enough to have an impact, this European champion had excelled at huge clubs like Porto, Zenit and Fenerbahce while being one of the best defenders in Serie A for lower table Cagliari. Indeed, he was often the last tackle, block, barrier for the Italians and when Pedro Caixinha managed to secure his services, well, we genuinely felt we’d signed a game changer.

How utterly wrong we were!

The fact is, while Alves conducted himself well off the pitch, and participated in a lot of goodwill events and behind the scenes work for Rangers, on the pitch he was completely awful.

He simply couldn’t tackle, had no positional sense, couldn’t organise his defence, and somehow managed to look no better than Rob Kiernan.

His one saving grace was his aerial dominance – he was brilliant in the air and few could beat in him an aerial duel. He did sometimes manage a good lofted ball forward to the marauding Tavernier on the right, but, honestly, these are about it.

He just couldn’t defend, not for us, and it was evident inside the first few minutes of the opening game of last season at Fir Park that the SPL didn’t suit him.

Too physical, too fast, and too chaotic.

It’s caught out better players than Bruno Alves in fairness, but it is disappointing how poor last summer’s marquee signing ended up being. Perhaps Rangers got him after his final good season, given he didn’t feature for a second at the world cup – but either way it’s a signing which just failed miserably.

We have no axe to grind with the guy, he’s a decent sort and we wish him luck at Parma, but we do wish this signing had worked out the way it should.

We’re unclear if we’ll get any sort of fee for him, but either way, best wishes Bruno.

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  1. He's done a job for us and now, it's his time to go. Scored a few beauty free kicks for us, in our hour of need. Which is more, than Windass has ever done for us, in our hour of need, so good luck Bruno. People get too emotional about players, for me. It's just good business, that he goes. Good luck pal.

  2. Too harsh. He did help organise the defence a bit better,and we're pretty much judging him for his performance under Caxinha when everyone was pish.

  3. Let's be honest our CD was trash last season.
    Never good enough for the Rangers, Maldini would struggle playing alongside that SHITE never mind Big Bruno!!

  4. Kept His Chin Up …Tried His Best …Don't Blame Him At All Because every Defender we had the club was Pish

    Good Luck Bk In Italy Bruno

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