Will midfield Ranger step up for Steven Gerrard?


With the Gerrard revolution in full swing, one player has been noticeably and quietly getting on with his work in training, without too much fanfare at all.

Greg Docherty enjoyed a blistering start to his Rangers career – after a few matches to get up to speed, the midfielder became one of the best players in the squad with hard-working, marauding, and tough but technically excellent displays in which he formed a very impressive partnership with now-departed Sean Goss.

Docherty did the ground work, the running, the harrying, the physical labour, while Goss pulled the strings and found runners while also keeping the play ticking over.

This is not to say Docherty couldn’t pass, far from it – indeed he was seen more than once putting in very decent crosses in surprisingly advanced areas, so it’s not like he lacked that quality.

But it all caved in dramatically at Ibrox when Rangers lost 2-3 to Celtic, and the ex-Hamilton man didn’t feature much at all after that, despite in himself not having had an especially awful match that afternoon. Of course, the mismanagement was evident, but unfortunately it led to, in his case, a psyche change from some fans.

A lad like him who was giving everything for the cause and could more than play a bit suddenly got cast to the flames by a portion of the support who appeared to have decided he was garbage.

Don’t get me wrong – a lot of fans were frustrated by this – and pointed out he would be in their side by a mile over Jason Holt – but there was a sizeable chunk who felt Docherty was simply a bad signing.

Which we find impalpable.

Docherty has everything to make it as a Rangers star. As a Rangers captain. He fights for the shirt, he has power, strength, and doesn’t lack for technical ability either. He still has some developing to do (he is only 21 after all) but he is a player Rangers can rely on and we need guys like him in the side.

It is a clean slate for us with all members of the squad – we just hope fellow fans give Docherty the same courtesy.


  1. I like Docherty a lot and I'm sure Steven Gerrard will see that in him and hopefully coach the best from him. I think he can contribute more as a technical passing midfielder getting beyond and scoring goals as he is very fit . I wish him well in this great time to be a Ranger

  2. i like the guy and also thought he was hard done by and miss-managed. we have 3 excellent young lads to choose from for MF (Rossiter, McCrorie and Docherty). a combination of the 2 would please me.

    • Totally agree. I like all 3, great competition for places in that area. Push comes to shove I'd pick Rossiter & Mcrorie with more creative players in front of them. Future is bright!

  3. The jury is still out for him for now even tho he is one of us, who knows, he may just go on to be the club captain one day and hope SG gets the best out the lad but sill has a lot to do on the park before a lot of our fans including me are convinced he has what it takes

  4. agree with the article. Havent heard much moaning round about where I sit but if there is concern its misguided. New and exciting management team in place. lets get behind them in positive fashion and not be looking for the negatives before a ball is even kicked. Lets Go!!!

  5. The expectation should be that all the midfield players will benefit more than the rest of the squad from the personal experience the manager has in that area.
    In light of that, it would be a surprise if any of that group did not show signs of improvement over the coming season.
    Windass, Rossiter and Docherty, in particular, have the ability to become very special footballers if they apply themselves to the type of advice which would be available.

  6. I like Docherty i think he has great potential. Hopefully having a solid defence this year will give our players the chance to develop without as much pressure. We have three DMs, two aged 21 and one 20yr old. Ideally I'd prefer to have someone with a bit more experience in there. However, if we remain solid, and i fully expect Shagger and Goldson to sort out the back line. They three young boys have a great chance to play and become regulars for years to come. I'd rather that happened than we spend money for a 26yr old and send them out on loan. However, some fans don't have the patience to let the youngster develop and make mistakes

  7. LOVE Docherty as a Player!

    Hope He Stays with Us for The Rest of His Career 😀⚽💙

    Has the Potential to Boss our Midfield and be a Future Rangers Captain!

  8. Docherty is in my starting line up. He is a box to box player and digs hard. We need a grafter like him, just like Stuart McCall, Steven Davis, covers every blade of grass.
    Need to get rid of Cardoso, Hodson, Halliday, Windass and Herrera. I feel we still need another Centre Half, 2 top class quality midfielders and 2 strikers.

  9. I'm still rooting for the boy Barjones, who has still to be given a fair go. One game, is just not enough to judge a player. At least as a stand-in. If not, let the boy go on loan and gain some valuable experience, elsewhere.

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