There’s something a bit odd about high-profile Rangers departure…


Eagle-eyed Rangers fans will have spotted something very odd on the official site recently – as we know the extremely troubled Carlos Pena has gone back out on loan to Mexican Premier League side Necaxa, but the curious oddity of this deal is Rangers are not the one doing the loan.

As fans will be aware, Pena had a truly appalling loan spell out at fellow Mexican cracks Azul Cruz, including being booed and getting a dreadful injury.

It is safe to say the lad has problems both on and off the pitch and we do dearly hope he gets the support he evidently needs to sort his life out.

However the enigma of this latest deal is the loan is a sub-loan – Necaxa have loaned the player from Azul Cruz, not Rangers – Rangers are still ultimately his parent club, but the board had nothing to do with the loan deal to Necaxa other than consenting to it – the transaction was between Azul and his new temporary club.

Ultimately we do feel Pena is a sad story that won’t end well for the creative playmaker – who knows if his problems began at Ibrox, or if he was previously troubled in Mexico. Pena claims his old manager Pedro Caixinha knew of them, but then we’ve heard a lot of stories, claims and counter claims thanks to being lost in translation so your guess is as good as ours.

But hopefully whether in football or not, Pena gets the help he needs – we just can’t see him ever playing for Rangers again.


  1. the stories of his drinking and partying were known before he arrived in Scotland. but it seems his drinking was a bit more than just partying and more of addiction.

  2. Thank Pedro, not only did you waste a massive chunk of last seasons budget, you brought us a player that no other club wants to pay for except front his wages…..they knew not to waste their money on him but you were more than happy to waste ours, a club where just now ever penny counts. Makes me hate that tramp more than ever.

  3. Clubs with a loan player surely cannot sub-loan another club’s asset without that parent club’s knowledge and explicit authorisation. If it were the case I would be stunned. For that reason I don’t buy it for a second that Gers didn’t sanction the further loan.

    By ‘allowing’ Cruz Azul to complete the necessary transfer directly with Necaxa it would certainly avoid Gers admin & legal costs …and possibly a trip to Mexico to do the deal. We don’t want him back and certainly don’t want the burden of his wages so all in, it’s a good move by the club.

    • Hi Dino, we guess you completely missed the part of the piece where we already said this.

  4. Pena went to Mexico, deliberately blew his nose on a pair of Rangers shorts basically telling everybody here, get it right fucking up you, l have no sympathy for Pena and pray to god he never sets foot again on Scottish soil

  5. I actually want him bk at the club. I honestly think if he can get over his problems he could be a good player. All the highlights of him before he lost it showed he had talent. Sadly we now have a good midfielder as manager that could help and guide him… but then again maybe Gerard might not have the time to spend with him

    • Agree with the potential he has. However, i just don't think.he has the attitude that Gerrard will be looking for. Blowing yer nose on the clubs shorts says it all (and by all accounts he was sober at the time).

    • 😳 I don’t know what you base that on? Can’t be his performances on the pitch whilst here. Stevie G has enough hard work in front of him without inviting back a recovering alcoholic who put in some of the worst performances in a blue jersey I have ever witnessed.

  6. My understanding is someone (maybe Allen) played a blinder with the Cruz Azul loan deal.
    All the talk of sacking him was smoke and mirrors on their part as we had a cast iron contract getting us his wages for a year. Not sure if we got it up front.
    I think this "sub loan" is them getting some money back.

    Well done the board.

  7. Just Get Rid as soon as Possible!
    He is Pure Pish!
    And for anyone too Blinded by that Mexican Sunshine he gave us all a great big FUCK YOU when he used our shorts to wipe his nose! …and that was Him Sober!

    Literally …Take whatever we can get!
    Doesnt deserve to wear Rangers Blue again!! 👊

  8. We've been stitched up royally, with this waste of space. Get rid, ytake out the trash. Rangers should not be carrying DEAD WEIGHT and he's a burden. Simple as. Cut our losses and take the first decent offer. If we get any, at all.

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