The Ryan Jack puzzle

The Ryan Jack puzzle

When Rangers finally secured Ryan Jack last summer as the highest-priority signing under previous manager Pedro Caixinha, it’s safe to say it was a signature praised by all, us especially.

This was the Aberdeen captain, with three years of leading the second best side in the SPL under his belt while still being a great age with his best seasons ahead of him.

As we know, Motherwell’s Cedric Kipre completely ended his season prematurely, but Jack divided a lot of fans too, with some believing he was the best midfielder at the club, while others felt underwhelmed by his displays.

Jack is a classic defensive midfielder archetype, breaking up opposition play and keeping it simple. As a captain though he is also a capable leader. Or at least was at Pittodrie.

A number of disciplinary problems (rescindings notwithstanding) plus a general lack of impact in matches though point to the reasons why Jack is not universally loved by all.

For a defensive midfielder quite a few attacks have gone straight through him, and while he has good awareness around him when it comes to bread and butter ball retention, he also gives the ball away now and then in dangerous places.

He is physically strong though, and adaptable – some think he may get deployed at right back after a reasonable showing at Pittodrie for Scotland there.

And of course, all players have clean slates for us with Gerrard at the helm – but it doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to look at what the player did last season – and Jack was one who certainly split opinion as the season wore on.

Ryan has a lot of competition at DM now – Ross McCrorie, Greg Docherty, Jordan Rossiter and even Jason Holt all vie for very few slots. Many fans believe Rossiter, injury free, is the first name on Gerrard’s team sheet, and we wouldn’t exactly oppose or dispute this.

Which means Jack is probably against McCrorie and Docherty for the remaining position, should he be primarily deployed in the centre. Which is a nice problem to have, frankly.

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    • I agree John. Tav was ran dizzy in every old firm encounter he has played in. Never, never a defender. Ryan is, and a very good one. He is in at no.2 on my team sheet.

    • You are the muppet if your suggesting Tav is a rightback in any sense of the word!! defensively Tav is one of the worst in the country! – How many times has he been at fault for since he came to the club due to his lack of awareness, his clumsiness, him being out of position, not talking, not putting a tackle in? Many times this year alone did we see him up against a winger on the channel and backtrack almost to his own goalpost without making a tackle?? – Defensively jack would outplay him all day long in fullback and has already shown he is comfortable there..that's a fact! It's also why due to duffers like Tav we have the worst defence in the top 7 teams. sit down..

    • William I do agree with your assessment but full backs attack in modern football and Tav does well in attacking positions. He assists well and chips in with a few goals. He should track back more quickly but to be fair to him if a counter attack starts and he is in a high position its hard to recover from that. Surely that is where our centre backs and defensive mids should be covering , Is it his fault ? The managers regards tactics ? the centre backs and defensive mids ? . Hopefully next season he improves again but he has been one of our best performers in a terrible team, With better team mates he could be an asset worth playing.

    • It’s also down to Tav we were one of the highest scores in the league because of what he brings going FORWARD!We are an attacking team. I can’t believe the muppets on here saying Jack is a better RB than Tav. Yous need to start going to some games!

    • You are right about going forward Bigjim 1872, but the first task for a defender is to be able to defend. William is spot on, as Tavernier is absolutely atrocious as a defender – no positional sense and a complete inability to tackle. I would punt, but if he were to stay and get a game it should only be as a right sided midfielder.

    • Season ticket holder for 20+ years BigJim so maybe you want to get to more games! You think Rangers had so much success over the years because we had fullbacks like Tav? I've watched plenty of fullbacks at Ibrox over the years who all could attack WHEN required! but the fact was every single one of them done the role they were employed for first and foremost and done it with some heart!.Stevens,Porini,Clelland,Numan,Stenssas, Ricksen, Papac etc all defended first and foremost! – You think they would have been in a Rangers team long or we would have been so successful if they ran about out of position like Tav? or didn't put a tackle in because they wanted to get forward! There's a reason that Tav has spent 99.9% of his career on loan in the lower leagues of England before he came to us and that's because he can't defend or stay in position. So he got a few goals brilliant..You think that compensates for his absymal defending week in week out?…nah sorry! ANY fullback at Rangers should first and foremost be defending not just running up the park and leaving 70 yards free space behind him for anyone who wants to canter into it! So yes in that regards, Ryan Jack can defend better than Tav can all day long….why, because Tav can't defend and won't defend. Now get yourself onto youtube and look back at what a real Rangers fullback looks like before calling people muppets…muppet! P.S If Tav wants is kept on as a winger then by all means yes, he can do a job. But don't show yourself up talking about Rangers are an attacking team and making out Tav being an abymal defender is fine because he gets the odd goal!. Ibrox used to be a fortress and our fullbacks still scored goals. That's the difference, now get yourself to some more games..

  1. I may incur the wrath today guys but I would sell Ross Jack to an English Championship team .I much prefer either Docherty Mc Crorrie Rossiter combination I think Docherty is a technically better player . Jack is decent but not sure he contributes to the whole game …agree RB maybe his cover role .

  2. At least give the guy the courtesy of getn his name right. RYAN JACK, I think is technically better than Docherty but I think McCrorrie puts himself about better than both.

  3. He is just not Rangers class. The jersey is far to heavy for him. Stupid red cards that has cost us points. Yes a couple got rescinded, but he should never got involved in the first place! He might have got away with that behaviour at sheepland, but your under the microscope at Rangers! Utter liability, get rid!

  4. I like Ryan Jack as a Player…and Wish it had worked out better for Him at Ibrox!
    …I Do think he deserves a Chance/Clean Slate

    But I also think we should move him on to either League 1/Championship in England or to someone below us like Dundee/Hearts etc

    But also Holt/Docherty can be used in a more Centre Mid Role to fill Kranjcar & Pena's Spaces

    I think id rather have Holty over Jack because He doesnt get sent off and never stops running! 😂⚽👍

  5. Jack was useless imo. No winning mentality. dont see why we would think he's suitable as a defender. We improved with mcrorie in the midfield when Jack was out the team. Waste of space.

  6. I sometimes wonder about who contributes to make comment here, calling fellow Rangers fans muppets and much worse.
    Why can’t those who disagree do so without the torrent of abuse, are you Celtic fans in disguise, just stirring it?
    Maybe some of you are bullies, unafraid of anyone, so you might say the same things to the other fans face, if not sit calmly and imagine he or she is face-to-face with you.
    Many fans make good points in reference to the article(s) written here and some I agree with others I don’t, but I respect their comments, as they supposedly have feelings for the success of Rangers.
    My personal opinion on Ryan Jack, he will be a marked man by opponents this season coming and a target for referees to deliver quick yellow and red cards, so he will have to tone down his game. While at Aberdeen he wasn’t so severely disciplined , he got away with more, just look at how Shinnie gets away with his aggression without punishment.
    I am sure Gerrard will give Jack a fair chance to prove himself, he has as one of the commentaries said numerous players challenging for a midfield berth in the team. He will have to prove his abilities and discipline to ensure a regular place in the team.
    I personally would have him in my midfield, but there are others there to put pressure on him.

    • I’ve been called a lot of things but never a Celtic fan😤I’m sorry if I’ve offended you Alan.It gets frustrating on here when 1 minute Tav is worth 4-5 million and the next he is the worst RB we’ve had at Ibrox in 30 years!He was one of our best players last season and I know he not the greatest at defending but offers plenty going forward. I think he will improve under SG. I just wish people would be consistent with what they say!

    • Hi Bigjim, I certainly wasn’t accusing you of being a Celtic fan, I was just highlighting detrimental comments Rangers fans are saying about fellow Bears. By all means we have differences of opinion, but why castigate genuine Rangers fans comments by throwing crude insults at them. Disagree with other fans certainly, but keep the insults for those who portray themselves as Rangers fans or interlopers just wanting to stir it up.
      Apologies to any genuine fan who like you Bigjim thought I was having a go at them. Let us keep things civil, have a go at anyone who wants to damage Rangers.

  7. Jack is a midfielder who can play RB but is not a natural in that position. May be some merit in playing him there with Tav moving up one.

    As for the crew spouting Jack is pish… never heard so much crap. He’s a midfielder who sits in protecting and playing simple balls, keeping things ticking over by being tidy on the ball and retaining possession. He’s not a creative player but nonetheless it’s a role that’s vital to all good teams. It’s all too easy to overlook the water carriers in favour of other roles in the team.

    Whether he’s the answer to our midfield problems remains to be seen but he is a player that can fill that role well as long as he’s surrounded by better players who have displine and don’t expose him by not tracking back or letting the opposition run off off him like has been the case.

    Glad to have him.

  8. Depends on the system adopted by Gerrard. If he goes with 3 Centre Backs (as is common in England now) then Tav is perfect for the wide right midfield/wing back. However if its a traditional back 4 then Tav isn't the answer..

    I'd like 3-5-2 next season please and bully teams through the middle of the park.

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