The photo which defines Rangers’ future…


Sure, we’ve all seen Stevie Ger at Ibrox for the various press conferences and media duties, but this morning it became real for the first time.

No club blazer and tie (as dapper as the chap looked), but our new manager arriving at the Hummel Training Centre today to begin work formally as our boss.

Of course, we know fine well he started two weeks ago, technically even earlier than that, but he’s been busy with some important prep work in the interim with coaching badges, scouting and background.

Today though he finally arrived in casual attire, no gimmicks, no nonsense – just a wide grin for the waiting press then in the door to finally get the graft started.

The players will join him on Friday, with a bunch of tans and stories no doubt – but the real work begins today – Gerrard secured our latest signing Nikola Katic yesterday, and today he gets on with the bread and butter of being the manager of the most important club in Scotland.

It is quite reassuring to see him arrive, in all honesty. As nice as it was knowing he was manager, it didn’t feel truly tangible until we saw him park at the training compound, and it will feel even better and more real on Friday when the most eagerly anticipated work out in Rangers’ history begins.

Never before has a pre-season training session had this much attention or intrigue – and it will be quite wonderful to see Stevie and new assistant Gary McAllister put the lads through their paces.

That’s the final barrier – up till now it’s almost felt surreal, mild fantasy – but the reality hits over the next 48 hours as work properly begins.

Naturally we know there are more players to come – Ryan Kent, Oliver McBurnie, Connor Goldson, Umir Sadiq, Dominic Solanke and many others look close to joining up too, but that is all in good time.

For now, we can enjoy the sight of Stevie finally arriving to begin work.

Good luck sir, we’re all with you.


  1. Welcome Glasgow SG. All the best as your reign begins and I think I speak for every rangers fan when I say we wish nothing but the best for you as our manager and hope as expected that we now head in he right direction and get on track back to where we should be. Looking forward for a much changed and new look rangers , a brand new playing system with better , young talented and more creative players. WATP ��⚪️��

    • Goldson signs 👍🏆🔥

      Sum team the Rangers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Gerrard looked genuinely chuffed to bits. Almost exited. Not as much as half of Glasgow….or yours truly……who doesn’t quite know what’s worse…the lump in my throat or the lump in my troosers 🤨

  3. The only photo that will define Rangers future, is the photo of the team lifting number 55!!!
    Lets keep our feet on the ground folks. Interesting times ahead, however we have a long way to go to match the quality of Celtic at the moment, and I hope we continue to sign that quality over the coming weeks.
    My very best of wishes to our management and hope they install the much needed bottle, confidence and bravery needed to win the title.
    In the words of our Manager "Bring it on"!!!

  4. all the best stevie from county down in n ireland.
    you will see how scotland hates its most successful club.
    take no crap like souness did.

    be a legend.

  5. great to see him finally getting down to work and already expectations have been raised,nothing more to be said other than—— " LETS GO"

  6. This will be the Rangers team that WILL show Scotland…that farce,2012 is over with…the celtic scum were given 6 free titles AND have made a fortune from that.
    Now,Scotland WILL see, why Rangers are the number 1 team…

  7. This is going to be awesome …we were close for a short time to them last year with the squad we had ..this season will be much better we have added quality…with more to come and go …Onwards Steven Gerrard We are All Behind you And Gary McAllister Lets Go

  8. Yassss! …Im.Buzzin! 😀👍⚽💙

    Would Have Loved to have seen Him in a Suit and Club Tie but im Happy anyway 👏

    • Why??? Walter never wore a club suit and tie at the Hummel Centre. Why should Stevie, as a young man of 38, dress anything other than casually? It's the work he does there with our players that matters, not his attire! Don't worry, he'll be suited and booted on match days.

  9. While we dont know how Gerrard will turn out Im convinced "they" are the best of a bad bunch. Theres nothing special about the challenge in Scotland we should be confident going into this season. Any sign the playera feel inferior they should be volleyed out the door. Act like men and win like men

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