The ex-Rangers manager and the tabloid agenda


It’s a new era at Ibrox, one we are all incredibly excited to witness and watch as new signings appear under a megastar in Steven Gerrard. However we cannot help but be a little amused by the constant references in the press of Celtic men who feel sorry for our ex-manager.

The latest one is Steve Kean, on top of a bunch of others including Neil Lennon, and the complete lack of sympathy from their Rangers’ counterparts speaks volumes for the agenda in the Scottish press, and the utterly appalling nature of the decision to make him permanent manager.

I know I know, it’s in the past, it’s about the Stevie Ger Time now – absolutely, it is, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit idly by as an evident pro-Celtic agenda continues to defend the man despite him admitting he’s entirely oriented towards Parkhead. While in the job, I hasten to add.

Sure, for a while it went absurdly well – February actually had most of us buying into this guy. Including us. But the wheels came off spectacularly and now we have a new era to look forward to.

But we will not forget the past, nor, indeed, are we being allowed to as Celtic man after Celtic man comes out in the press telling us how they feel for him and how the club treated him terribly. Really? The club that took HIS side over the Miller and Wallace fiasco?

He was hung out to dry a little as caretaker, we admit that – but as full manager on a better wage – that’s his job! His job is to take the flak for the club and the squad – them’s the rules I’m afraid.

Stevie Gerrard too will live and die by his own sword, and we sure hope it’s the former, but all managers have to take it on the chin when the brown stuff hits the fan.

And the complete absence in the press of any Rangers men giving the guy ‘sympathy’ indicates two things:

The agenda in the press to keep the Celtic angle going, and the fact no Rangers men have any sympathy for him in the first place.

He was told his Auchenhowie job was there for him if he wanted to return, but Stevie Ger had other ideas and appointed my colleague Richard’s proposal Michael Beale as the new youth coach. We utterly endorse this. We didn’t want the ex-guy back at Ibrox at all.

And we foresee an exciting and bright future under Stevie – but we remain amused as to the tabloid obsession over our ex.


  1. Tell them BORING cunts to piss off,they nothing else to talk about,well thats just it its all ABOUT THE RANGERS NOW,
    Bunch of sweetie wives,They'll have plenty to talk about once the league starts once the big man gets started🏋️‍♂️WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Spot on IN,but unfortunately this/other stories will just keep rolling along and especially just before we play in Europe and against Them at their Midden in the 1st old firm game of the season,but as Stevie G said….Bring it on/Let's go!!!
    watp Helicopter 2005

  3. Spot on. Don't remember this hoo haa when they sacked Deila, however, i have doubts about whether the agenda is anti Rangers, the MSM are struggling, paper sales are down & the folk that are buying are at the wrong side of 60. I think they're just trying to make money, what other guaranteed way is there to generate sales and web traffic than talking aboutng Rangers, the Tims lap that shit up, they probably worked out (like everyone else) that sellic fans want to read and talk about the Gers more than their own team.

  4. Just can’t see how our coach no matter how good a player he was will be able to go up against Brendan Rodgers, one of the best coaches in Britain against an untried under 18’s coach with his under 18’s team beside him just feel it’s gonna be same old same old and he will probably be out the door before Xmas

    • You must be related to Big BRENDA no one really rates him on as when he got the SACK at Liverpool only job he could get was with that mob 😀🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Murty was given the opportunity of a lifetime to manage Rangers. One that would never have come about for him at any other club given his lowly status as youth coach. He may be a bit bruised by the experience but he has gained some valuable experience and will now no doubt be in the frame when other jobs come around. Again something he would NEVER have got as youth coach.
    So enough with the sympathy for Murty. We have put him firmly on the management ladder. And, good or bad, he is now in the history books as Manager of one of the biggest clubs in World football. He should be truly thankful.

  6. Steven Gerrard was never going to allow this guy to be in the background .Murty had his one chance and he blew it …lack of leadership lack of ability and not one of us !!!!!! As for those sycophants that follow this green idealism…look out we are coming to gain our rightful position WATP

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