Steven Gerrard’s XI to face Shkupi – five new signings start


With all the latest news and
developments over the past few days, Steven Gerrard’s Rangers is starting to
take serious shape and increasingly looks ready for the Europa League qualifier
next month v Shkupi.
A glut of signings have been
completed already, and the influx continues as a possible three more will get
secured come the next week, and it’s now time to revisit and review the
possible XI that will start on the 12th v the Macedonians.
In goal, it simply has to be McGregor. He’s the best keeper we have
bar none.
In defence… this very much
depends on the system Stevie wants to play – we won’t get a picture of this
till Bury come to town and the experimental friendly v The New Saints, but for
now given what we have at our disposal…
A back four of Jon Flanagan, Nikola Katic, Connor Goldson
and Declan John.
There is room for manoeuvre here
in that Tavernier could start at RB, but we doubt Gerrard brought Flanagan in
to sit on the bench. There have been suggestions of Flanagan on the right of a
back three, but he’s just not a CB.
Midfield could see James Tavernier alongside Jordan Rossiter and Greg Docherty with Scott Arfield outside them…
While Alfredo Morelos sits behind or alongside new signing Umar Sadiq up front.
And this therefore excludes:
Alnwick, Alves, Candeias, Coulibaly, Ejaria, Jack, McCrorie, Dorrans,
to name just 10…
While we are not quite talking a
9IAR Rangers yet, the depth at Gerrard’s disposal is infinitely superior to the
garbage Rangers have had in recent seasons.
Central defence and striker maybe
aside, each position has two good players available, and that is the way it is
supposed to be.
So, an Ibrox Noise XI:
McGregor; Flanagan, Katic,
Goldson, John; Tavernier, Rossiter, Docherty, Arfield; Morelos; Sadiq
Time will tell just how good this
collection of players really is.


  1. I'm not sure so many changes aren't a big gamble the Scots game is different to many leagues and not suitable to as we have proven to our detriment last season but if Steve gets it right so be it. Come on the bears for this comming season all the best to Steve and Gary and the rest of the team .

  2. Only time will tell how the new players will fit in,the Scottish game is as hard as it gets and only strong minded players apply.
    bring it on

  3. What a difference compared to what we have had in recent years to chose from and I believe it will get even better with other players still to come in,but in all honesty I had great difficulty in choosing my 1st eleven and will leave that to SG/co………watp Helicopter 2005

  4. still worryingly overpopulated with midfielders. Very little decent cover at Centre Back or up front

  5. im still waiting on this prestige signing that's supposed to happen but very happy with the current squad we have now

  6. I would never drop Candeias for tav. I still want tav to go this summer. He’s just to lazy for me, beats his man going forward everytime, but the same player always beats him in defence. He just likes the glory of goals

  7. I really dont get the clamour from Ibrox Noise for Docherty. Hes young and full of potential but given the options we have in midfield hes nowhere near first choice in my opinion.
    I can see us going with 1 up top again, how many top teams play with a front 2 these days?
    Im still sure more will come in once the gaffer makes his final evaluation on the players.

  8. I think SG starts Windass. Windass is a hot commodity. SG wants to know what he has with his ASAP.

  9. I would love to see a 3-5-2 so we can utilise our midfield players properly while having 2 up front. This means we could also incorporate Murphy/John and Candeias/tav

  10. Looks Decent! …Should be a 4/5-0 win at Home and 3-1 win away in Macedonia 😀

    Also Who is Coulibaly?

  11. one of the first SG went and got was Ejari for centre mid or just behind Morelos, also will give one of the academy players a run out early doors s he has stated how impressed and surprised he was at the ability and effort they produced in Spain. Also don't know how SG sees Arfield, McGregor and Murphy they were all in place before his appointment. Have to look at the players he has signed and think he will want them in place asap. I have probably got it wrong but need to change from last seasons players so mega changes right away.

  12. andy halliday captain first name on team sheet i av it on goooood athority and u dont even have him in ur 10 spares excluded 10 what a way too talk abt folk. flanagan starter IN's lost the plot!! What abt BIG Wallace not even mentioned, Candeias, Jack, McCrorie, Dorrans, Windass they will all play big parts rite away if fit this article is crazy stone mad

  13. Alnwick; Flanagan, Katic, Goldson, John; Ejaria, Murphy, Docherty, Arfield; Morelos; Sadiq.

    No matter who we have in midfield, I still think we lack 2 class midfielders to take us to the next level and win the league.

    We need to rid some dead wood, like Halliday, Herrera, Dorrans, Forrester and Windass,, free up wages for the required class needed.

    Only time will tell in the friendlies to catch a glimpse of how the team will do!

  14. Same old same old
    Seem to remember posts of the same ilk the last few seasons
    Yes we may improve but to me that,s not good enough -i want the old Gers back the Title winning Gers – Loan Signings and Players who are sold because they are not good enough for their Team doesn't cut it with me
    If supporters on this site really want success then they have to be more vociferous about Dave King -GET THAT MAN TO !!!and while i,m at it take McGregor with him or have you all forgot what he did
    Honestly i despair with the fans -what will it take for them to realise we are bombing every year everything about the club gets more amateurish every season
    Club 1872 Struggled to even raise a million WHY ?? Because they are seen as a puppet for Dave King and its proved to be the case
    Please everybody do not just blow a gasket and start decrying me take stock have a long hard look and for gods sake think do you want to see a TREBLE TREBLE
    While the other lot are growing financially and in stature while we sink into the abyss
    I,m afraid reality has to bite in soon or its over for this great Club

  15. I actually agree with most of what your saying scim bob. I have been saying for years that a lot of Rangers fans are accepting far too much mediocrity at Ibrox. The "get behind the team" brigade are the most annoying when the players were simply not good enough to win us the league. No matter how much we supported our team (and i did!!) for the past 2 seasons in the SPFL, they delivered absolutely nothing but heartache, especially at our home games!!
    We still need to get rid of a lot of dead wood and replace with players that will deliver week in and week out, either win games or burst lungs trying!
    That said, we have no alternative but to give Gerrard a chance to play a few friendlies to adjust the players to his way of thinking. As I said before, we are still short of a couple of class midfielders that would take us up a level.
    On a purely footballing opinion, Celtic are still favourites to win the league next season as it stands now!! Loans and average players will not win us titles, regardless how great a player Gerrard was! I just don't want to challenge Celtic, I want to beat them! Time will tell!!!

  16. The team that started last season was better than the one that finished the season before. The team we had after January was better than the one we had before January. The team we have now will be better than the one that finished last season.
    My point? We ARE improving and we ARE on our way back. It may not be this season or maybe even not next season. But Stevie G has a massive job to do and we must be patient and support him.
    Yes we do sign loan players and players who are not getting a game at their current club but that is the market we are dealing in at the moment. That's not being gullible that's being realistic. We can't just go out and sign the best players from the best clubs. We don't live in 1986 anymore!!!

  17. Rob Rob 57
    As i said and i repeat Same old same old
    You have to get a reality check Improvement means trophies
    Accepting mediocrity means NO Trophies tooo many fans like yourself DELUDED

  18. I agree improvement means trophies so let's go and sign Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar and job done eh? It's you that's deluded and needs the reality check. Unlike you I hope, but do not expect to win the league this year and maybe not even the season after. That makes me a realist not deluded. You can't just wish the team better and expect it to happen.
    Yes the treble treble is a real possibility, as is 10IAR. So what!!! Whether we like it or not it was a long way back from 2012 and if it takes a few more years then so be it. The club are doing everything they can with a still limited budget.

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