Steven Gerrard has THIS big problem to shift

Steven Gerrard has THIS big problem to shift

There is no denying Rangers are a
club who have made plenty of mistakes. Only the truly conceited or smug would
never own up to errors with contrition. However one of the most significant gaffes
in recent years has been lavish signings brought in on fanfare and high wages,
who have utterly flopped and left us with expensive dead wood.
Eduardo Herrera is one such
example and the most prominent of the moment.
Signed as part of Pedro’s Pringle
campaign, Herrera arrived in Govan on a fat fee of £1.5M with wages we can only
guess at, but would imagine a Mexican international moving to Europe
would only do so for a handsome wage of circa £15,000.
And naturally, whatever his pay
is, we are left with a player happy to sit on that salary and reject any moves
back to Mexico
because his homeland isn’t going to pay anything like what the fools who
negotiated with him offered.
We can’t blame him. He’s like the
rest of us – slaves to money. We live on the stuff and no one reading this would
reject a fat wage increase or wish to lose out on it once it’s established.
And if Eduardo Herrera can sit on
£15k a week he’s going to.
More fool those who agreed to pay
it in the first place.
Many fans reading will think
about greed, a lack of honour, and his fat salary draining our precious club.
Alas our precious club offered
that money and many of our own fans have benefited directly being on the club’s
payroll too so let’s not be too hypocritical shall we?
We’re not defending him – end of
the day his ambition is clearly weak and he’s happy to sit on big money and no
real future in the game. But then he’s 29 and making the biggest wage of his
career – to be on the salary he’s on given the non-descript career he’s had is
literally his peak.
He wants a loan to Europe, to ensure he still gets a handsome wage – it’s an
ugly side of the game, but the moment Jean-Marc Bosman won that case back in ’95
the player gained the power to control such things. Naturally that case was
very specific, but his victory won players power they’d never had and it grew
And guys like Herrera
understandably benefit from that.
Here’s hoping the negotiating
table this summer has learned from those lessons.

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  1. He should be made to train away from the first team, make his life hell to be honest, force him out is the only way to get rid of the piece of Mexican dung

    • BlueBear – Why should he be made to train away from the first team? By all accounts he's been a model professional while in Govan, is that the way we treat people just because we deem them to be 'surplus to requirements'? People like you and Benidormloyal are a disgrace to our club.

    • Your spot on mate. It’s not his fault the wages he was put on. He’s not been good enough but treat the guy with some respect. Benidormloyal your comments on here are bigoted and inflammatory,We don’t need the likes of you supporting our great club.

    • I'm sick reading/hearing this "model pro" "nice guy" pish.
      He's that much of a model pro that he's failed to convince 3 managers to play him including the bunnit that brought him here.The only disgrace here lies squarely with whoever decided to offer him the contract,having said that I reckon measures should be taken to make things as uncomfortable for him as possible within employment law of course.He's a good guy remember.

    • Model pro or not, we want rid, he’s not having it. Time to turn the screw on him. It’s not personal, it’s business. Shit happens. It should happen here. Make him want to go.

    • Yeh get a fuckin grip,the last thing we need is another fuckin gardner or have all you do-gooders forgot about that too,scamming my club,he had offers to move but doesnt want them cause hes too busy cutting the grass,yeh time for trump


      LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Sadly it was ever thus. Bosman brought it to the surface rather than under the counter. Younger players more"

  3. Give him the job of the lavy attendant that should shift him,15k a week ffs are we on drugs,get him to fuck

    LETS GO WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. I don’t think it’s cause of money. The guy only had two starts. He’s desperate to have another go and believes he’s better than what we’ve seen. Don’t forget this guy has caps and goals internationally. Fair play to the guy who’s willing to try and get a game. He’s always one of the 1st to celebrate any goal last season and quiet often was behind the oppositions goal waiting for them. With everyone else being given a 2nd chance I don’t see why he shouldn’t

  5. Model pro, not sure I class him as a pro his performances have been amateurish full of school boy errors.

  6. We offered the boy a contract and hes done his job with a lack of action in the team. Who are we to tell him which country to go live in. Its his choice to make. He lives in Scotland and will do so until hes offered a contract somewhere that suits him. Id want out of Mexico as well. Hes done nothing wrong.

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