Saturday, 30 June 2018

Steven Gerrard has THIS big problem to shift

There is no denying Rangers are a club who have made plenty of mistakes. Only the truly conceited or smug would never own up to errors with contrition. However one of the most significant gaffes in recent years has been lavish signings brought in on fanfare and high wages, who have utterly flopped and left us with expensive dead wood.

Eduardo Herrera is one such example and the most prominent of the moment.

Signed as part of Pedro’s Pringle campaign, Herrera arrived in Govan on a fat fee of £1.5M with wages we can only guess at, but would imagine a Mexican international moving to Europe would only do so for a handsome wage of circa £15,000.

And naturally, whatever his pay is, we are left with a player happy to sit on that salary and reject any moves back to Mexico because his homeland isn’t going to pay anything like what the fools who negotiated with him offered.

We can’t blame him. He’s like the rest of us – slaves to money. We live on the stuff and no one reading this would reject a fat wage increase or wish to lose out on it once it’s established.

And if Eduardo Herrera can sit on £15k a week he’s going to.

More fool those who agreed to pay it in the first place.

Many fans reading will think about greed, a lack of honour, and his fat salary draining our precious club.

Alas our precious club offered that money and many of our own fans have benefited directly being on the club’s payroll too so let’s not be too hypocritical shall we?

We’re not defending him – end of the day his ambition is clearly weak and he’s happy to sit on big money and no real future in the game. But then he’s 29 and making the biggest wage of his career – to be on the salary he’s on given the non-descript career he’s had is literally his peak.

He wants a loan to Europe, to ensure he still gets a handsome wage – it’s an ugly side of the game, but the moment Jean-Marc Bosman won that case back in ’95 the player gained the power to control such things. Naturally that case was very specific, but his victory won players power they’d never had and it grew exponentially.

And guys like Herrera understandably benefit from that.

Here’s hoping the negotiating table this summer has learned from those lessons.

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