“Steven Gerrard has spoken to…”


It was predictable of course, but with Steven Gerrard as manager, the press has gone utterly mad for Rangers, Gerrard and all news pertaining to us.

However, one piece of ‘news’ was exposed as a mistake at best, a falsehood if we’re being critical and an outright lie at worst when Joe Dodoo was reported as being a surprise inclusion in Gerrard’s plans. Four days later Blackpool are signing him on loan.

We’ve heard a lot of stories about about ‘Steven Gerrard has spoken to xxx’ player and said one thing or another to them – but now we know that at least one of these was patently incorrect.

Which, in blunt truth, means… you can’t believe any of it.

We heard reports Gerrard had spoken personally to Josh Windass in Dubai – bizarre claims that the new manager had not only decided not to sell Windass, but effectively build his team around him.

Gerrard hasn’t even yet met the boys never mind trained with them – can anyone explain to us how he has assessed who he’s keeping and who’s going?

He may well have had some idea from the final three matches, but going by them, he’d keep Jak Alnwick, yet as we know, while the move now seems dead if financial reports are accurate, the stopper was looking at a switch to Shrewsbury.

None of it is consistent nor makes any sense – it is true that some teams will clearly be interested in certain players – but to hear one minute Dodoo’s staying then the next he’s leaving before Windass is staying then he’s off to Cardiff…?

Don’t believe any of it.

We will still report what we hear – it’s our job to bring everything we get to you – sometimes it won’t be correct (Dodoo’s staying), sometimes it will (Gerrard press conference), but have your guard around you, as we do too, because it really does seem that Stevie Ger has ‘spoken to a lot of people’ and we’re not sure he’s actually spoken to any of them.

There will be many twists and turns this window – it’s certainly interesting times!


  1. Dont believe any of it until confirmed by Rangers official website,its just all shite to get you to look at their adverts on their webpages,more hits more money they get

    Its all aload off fuckin bull,dont waste time reading it

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Gerard and co are the only people who really know who's coming and who's going
    I believe there will be players coming in that we haven't heard anything about and I also believe they will be good players who will be part of a Great season ahead of us……55 is on its way!!! watp Helicopter 2005

  3. I wanted Dodoo to stay, I don't think the lad has had a fair crack at the whip,, I hope Gerrard isn't listening to Murty as he is nothing but a Celtic mole who has emabarrassed our team and gave his dad the best finish to the season!! We are paying a Celtic supporter to look after our kids after a disaster with the first team. How can our kids take Murty seriously!! Fecking wake up Rangers!!!

  4. Just blind speculation. The so-called SPFL "News" are great for stirring up falsehood. In reality, they are just anti-Rangers bile-spreaders.

  5. Speculation….right or wrong, is a good thing. Particularly during the close season when anxiety takes hold through the lack of match attendance.
    It keeps us occupied, ahead of the bore fest World Cup.
    Stay positive, fellow Bears….change is coming. And it will be exhilarating and severe.

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