RESULTS: Rangers fans speak out over Jon Flanagan


An Ibrox Noise poll recently confirmed Rangers fans are happy with the signing of Jon Flanagan despite some
dissenting voices moralising over the capture.
The 25-year old right back
confirmed his permanent switch north to Ibrox on a two year deal yesterday, and
with the press attention the move was gaining the site elected to poll our
readers’ opinions.
An overwhelming 86% were happy with the signing,
leaving just 14% who were not – so the
majority of angry dissenting voices in the support decrying the signing are the
good old ‘noisy minority’.
However even more curiously fans
do not want him as a replacement for current right back James Tavernier.
In an Ibrox Noise poll, a
stunning 72% want James Tavernier
and Jon Flanagan in the same XI, implying strongly that’s the combination they
want on the right flank, with Flanagan taking up defensive duties as the main
RB while Tavernier bombs forward as the right winger.
Where this leaves POTY Daniel
Candeias is anyone’s guess but it is certainly gives Rangers strong options to
have this kind of depth on the right.
Steven Gerrard has worked hard to
get quality in depth on the left, with Ovie Ejaria, Jamie Murphy and Scott
Arfield to name just three of the options, but the right hand side seemed a tad
With Flanagan at the rear,
Tavernier and Candeias could now provide the attacking threat on that side,
giving Rangers lots of quality options.
Good stuff!


  1. U can’t play tav in midfield over Candeias. UU don’t take your top assist and creative player out for someone who’s best season for goals and assists was in the championship. Plus Candeias covers so much ground even in defence

    • For me Candeias is bang average at best. Works hard but that must be a given. He is one paced and struggles to beat a man. Puts in a decent ball from time to time but overall he isn’t of the standard I expect from players in a successful Gers team, wide players especially wide players where pace and change of pace is critical. Decent squad player, no more no less.

  2. 14% unhappy. More than 14% of our fans are brainless morons so I’m happy at those numbers.

    The pc brigade will no doubt jump all over the guys history and spout about his assault charge. Personally I don’t know the full story of what went on, nor do I care. Maybe he was the victim in the matter. Maybe not. As long as he bahaves himself up here and can do the biz on the park that’s all the should matter to bears.

    He certainly had the game if he can blank the off field garbage.

  3. Candeias is a Better Winger than Tav and He Tracks Back and is a Better Crosser of The Ball!

    Whereas Flanagan is Better than Tav Defensively

    Swansea Want Tav? …£5m Please? ����

  4. I like most people do not condone any form of violence whether domestic or not and especially violence against women is dreadful.
    Flanagan has been taken to court, prosecuted and sentenced in what we can assume was a fair trial, like most of us here in Scotland were probably unaware of the trial, so he has come to Rangers to start afresh. He says he wants to get on with his footballing career, knows he made a mistake in his life, feels remorse and surely if he is sensible and has vowed to have learned his lesson and try to improve his attitude in future.
    No doubt the opposing fans will harass him and cajole him when he plays, but he made a dredful mistake in the past and has to make sure he never repeats it.
    Although I am not religious, those who target him as a ‘wife beater’ must think if the biblical phrase ‘He who casts the first stone etc……..’

  5. Good posts today lots of different angles. I agree with a couple I am pleased to have got someone with Flanagan's ability and experience at Ibrox ( Although a dodgy name !!) He is a quality player and young enough . I don't condone anything he did to his poor girlfriend , but people are prone to make rash decisions and mistakes in their lives and they need a chance . I hope and do think he will be very successful at Rangers . …We need another Striker Option !!! I still would like to see Jason Cummings with a bigger target man type player too … Not sure who would come into our money bracket

  6. His past is in the past or are we hypocrites or do we not remember Gaza and what he did to his wife

  7. His past is in the past or are we hypocrites or do we not remember Gaza and what he did to his wife

  8. Paul Gascoigne come to mind, If he scored against the shits nobody gave a fuck, give this new lad a chance, I agree with he who cast the first stone

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