Rangers trio to leave; report


Rangers trio Andy Halliday, Fabio
Cardoso and Harry Forrester have been named as imminent departures, according
to a report.
The trio have seen a glut of
signings and competition arrive, and seen their respective chances in the first
team reduce significantly from zero to negative figures, and while Halliday at
least has surprisingly played a prominent role in pre-season, he along with the
Portuguese and Englishman is expected to depart be it on loan again or
Rangers have been heavily
involved in the transfer market this June, with a tonne of new talent in the
positions all three of those named take up, and they are not expected to play
any major role – manager Steven Gerrard has already (politely) confirmed
Cardoso is surplus, and while he went to Malaga, there doesn’t seem to be a
place for Halliday.
Meanwhile Forrester is one of the
pieces of dead wood left over from the Warburton era and is not seen as useful –
like Cardoso he was left out of the Spain trip.
We will see how many of these
will be given the heave ho in due course.


  1. Makes sense if we want to progress🇬🇧
    Nothing to loose sleep over🇬🇧

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  2. Halliday going to Malaga in the first place was a joke, a wage thief, if he loves us as much as he claims he would've got his agent to try get him another club as he simply is and never was good enough, he has some brass neck on him, Holt done the decent thing by not going on that flight to Spain, but the thing is, we would struggle to even give him away for free, nobody wants him

  3. Id Keep Holt at the Club! …Solid Wee Player, Never Stops Running!

    But Get Rid of Them Other 3 to Anyone that will Take Them! ;-D

    But Clubs they will most likely end up at will Be :

    Cardoso …Will go Bk to Portugal
    Forrester …League1 in England
    Halliday …Lower SPL/Championship in Scotland …Dundee/StJohn/Ross County?

  4. Isn't it a sad reflection on our previous managers signings that we cant sell ANY of the players they brought to the club. Good enough for Rangers but not for anyone else it would seem. IMPOSTERS!!!

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