Rangers trio next to leave – reports


Speculation over the futures of three Pedro Caixinha signings
has intensified with claims Mexican striker Eduardo Herrera is on the cusp of a
switch to homeland giants Toluca,
while Portuguese stopper Bruno Alves faces uncertainty with new manager Steven
Gerrard’s non-committal stance over the ex-Zenit man where Fabio Cardoso has similarly been told he won’t play much.

Herrera has been a pretty dire signing in truth, with only
two goals and lots of misguided running around – a player who utterly did not
suit the SPL on any level but certainly didn’t carry himself poorly as a person,
but his cryptic social media message recently did little to dispel the idea his
time in Govan is up.

Cardoso too has struggled after a bright start last season. Pace but no reading of the game, the stopper faded badly and is now entirely expendable. 

Meanwhile Alves, away on world cup duty but having failed to
play a single minute yet, could well be on his way out – Gerrard spoke about
not wanting to get in the way of Alves’ world cup duties with a phone call to
Russia about Rangers, but that really doesn’t bode well for the veteran
defender given a simple ‘I want to keep you’ wouldn’t exactly take too long to
say in between fixtures.
If the three do depart as expected, it will leave just Alfredo
Morelos and Daniel Candeias as the only remaining Caixinha signings – and one
of those was technically a Jonatan Johansson one.
Many will point to Ryan Jack and Graham Dorrans, but both
remain completely unknown quantities thanks to injury ravaged seasons, the
latter still technically in rehab from his latest setback, and Ibrox Noise
sources suggest both of these were instigated by former director Paul Murray in
any case.
Well, at least Pedro gave us Candeias, right?


  1. Candeias is bang average at best. One paced, no trickery to beat a man.

    The only decent thing I can attribute to his game is he works hard and tracks back….but that’s not to be commended, that must be a given.

    Get rid I say.

    • although he is no superstar he was arguably our best player last season. To say get rid is a bit silly imo as going by that way of thinking you’d get rid of every player from last season which is not feasible. We need a squad, you can’t replace them all and he would b a great squad player. Tbh I think he will b a starter

    • I agree with most you say Dino. He does have a good cross into the box, but apart from that, he is just as average as the rest of them last season. He also lacks awareness when tracking back, he lets players waltz by him without picking them up, something most of them were guilty of right enough.
      I'd keep him as a squad player though,,I think Gerrard and McAllister might get more out of him next season.

    • Hmm can't agree with your comment, he was a decent performer in a poor team. Can't wait to see what he does with better players around him.

  2. Be happy to see the 3 Alves Cardoso Herrera gone asap ….All bad signings All not good enough Alves could have been but chose not to put himself out and protected his World Cup opportunity
    Poor Appointment of Caxinhna meant we lose lots of money on these donkeys !! I would see how Candelias shapes up at the start often season…if he can't cut it get rid asap…I'm sure the New Management Team have the same thoughts

  3. Ryan Jack the king of the red cards. He will most certainly cause gers to drop points.Ship him out on loan if possible until he improves his discipline

  4. Is there any money actually going to the Manager for new players or has he to totally cut the wages bill to get any players ?? At least he has the balls to stand up to the board about Wallace , shame he can't just give him the ok to play & have Kenny miller back in as a player/couch !

  5. Get Rid of all 3 asap! 👍

    And I dont know what some of you are smoking on this post 😂
    ….Candeias is a Decent Player!

    1. Hes Quick
    2. He can Cross
    3. He Tracks Back
    4. He can Score Goals
    5. His Link Up Play 👌

    Just cause he aint Messi doesnt mean hes shit 😄👊⚽💙

    • Totally agree. Basically our best player last season, the only foreigner who ‘got it’. You can’t just replace every player with an upgrade, it’s impossible and will never work. One of the last positions we should be worried about at present imo

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