Rangers to secure Serie A striker


Media reports have today
confirmed recent target Umar Sadiq (or is that Sadiq Umar) is on the verge of a
loan deal at Ibrox from Serie A giants Roma.
The 21-year old striker was bang
in form last season during his previous loan spell at Eredivisie strugglers Breda with a very
respectable five goals in 13 appearances for the bottom five team.
It is safe to say the imposing
forward is on the fringes of the Nigerian national side while only failing to
play more for his Italian employers due to the likes of Italian international
Stephan El-Shaarawy and Bosnian counterpart Edin Dzeko in his way.
So this represents a major coup
for Rangers to persuade a genuinely impressive striker to ply his trade in
Govan rather than Holland
again, who reportedly wanted to extend the loan rather than losing the lad.
His current market value is reported
to be around £1.5M but the likelihood for a player of this quality and
potential he’s really worth far more, akin to the ballpark of £5M.
The 6ft 4 colossus has been covered before here on the site – we are big fans of his and he’s done it in
both Italy and Holland, which is frankly
very fine preparation for the SPL. 7 goals in 28 as a bit part player in Serie
A and Breda is
a more than decent return, and Sadiq is clearly ready to explode onto the scene
Let’s just be glad it’s at Ibrox.


  1. I live in Holland my nephew goes to NAC matches, the NAC fans like him but nephew says he not Rangers class no first touch and cant hold up play so I hope that we are still looking at other options

  2. AWESOME🏋️‍♂️
    bouncy bouncy bouncy🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
    Another ace card from Ge55ard👍

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🤸‍♂️🥅🏆

    • You mean I’m in the huff until Cummings is signed brigade more like…Thingd are looking rather good in Spain Robbie mate!

      First home game is going to be through the roof.. Looking forward to seeing the new defence boss their opponents 👌

    • Billy squire there's more to come but I don't think it will be Cummings, marquee signing required now.
      12th July first game, The Rangers in bright Orange tops for Stevies first game in anger.

  3. Checked him out on youtube, looks like a big thoroughbred race horse, imagining him with Morelos hunting down the mhankies, Hoping this one happens.

  4. This lad looks like the perfect foil for Rangers and hopefully we can close it out. I still would like to see Jason Cummings at Ibrox as another option please .

  5. could be great alongside El Buffalo so willing to give the lad a chance…… but im still hopeful we get Cummings back as well

  6. Sounds good. And better than Herrera. I like to add that i read he only had 6 starts in those appearances. Not sure if he scored more in the games he started or the in the games he came on. Hopefully it's the latter, we could do with a supersub

  7. Would rather we tried Hardie ahead of spending money on Cummings. Hope we have an option to buy this boy, if he is any good.
    Either way, let's get a January 1st appointment set up with McBurnie and his agent!!

    • SWH, can you (on behalf of all other Hardie supporters) explain the basis for giving Hardie a try. Is it the EIGHT goals he scored for Livingston last season or the SIX goals he scored for Raith Rovers the year before. Do you think if he was a Raith or Livingston player that a scoring rate like that would draw the attention of Rangers? I agree he hasn't had a lot of opportunities at Rangers but he has always failed to impress when he did. And whatever you thought of previous managers they have ALL agreed that Hardie wasn't good enough.

    • Rob

      You ask a couple of fair questions, so I will try to answer.
      Firstly, a generalisation. I feel that young players that we bring through should be given a chance to make it. I appreciate that managers have to win and developingh youth may not be first priority, but I would like to see them given a chance. Hardie has not been given that chance, imho. I take your point that we may not seek to buy him if he had been in the Championship but that does not conflict with my view of giving OUR youth a chance.
      BUT, my main reason for seeking to give him a chance is instead of buying Cummings. Cummings seems like a decent player with potential, but his record of goals per game in the Championship is not significantly better than Hardie and so I don't see why you would pay to buy what you can have for free. I may be wrong about their records in which case I apologise.
      In conculsion, I want Hardie to get a chance because we developed him. If he fails, fair enough. But mainly I don't want to spend money on someone else's Hardie when we have our own.
      Hope that explains me. Been drinking so sorry if longwinded 🙂

  8. He’s not going to be a lone striker so two fucks not given about his link up play.. As long as he can bang them in with the Buffalo then it’s Fonzy time #happydays #letsgo 🔴⚪️🔵

  9. 1. Hope we get an Option to Buy on the Loan Deal for This Lad.

    2. Bring Back Cummings

    3. Get an Agreement in Place for McBurnie! 👍⚽💙

  10. Anyone who thinks Jason Cummings is good enough to play for Rangers obviously isnt looking closely enough at the boy.

    1. Unless he is wearing the latest Adidas boing boots then it could be forgiven, but i highly susspect he not, then his first touch is atrocious for a professional footballer.

    2. His decision making on and off the ball is very poor let alone under pressure.

    3. Plays with his head down more often than not hence his habitual behaviour to run the ball blindly into dead end channels that result in no end product.

    The goals he scored for us last season came against shite teams.
    The fact he Couldnt hold down a place at Forrest in the english championship should tell you all you need to know about his playing ability.
    Scored a barrell load for hibs in the scottish championship, that should also tell you thats about the boys level.
    Sorry Lads but he’s just not good to play for Rangers.

    • Don't be telling them that ffs Billy they love him to death.

      I love my wife to death also but it won't make her Jenifer Aniston.

      Blind love I suppose!?

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