Rangers reportedly set to break the bank for Stevie Ger…


While  the transaction to bring Brighton’s Connor Goldson is at an advanced stage, it isn’t quite complete yet, and the £3.5M rated defender, who Rangers have finally successfully bid for, is set to become Ibrox’s top-paid player with a very impressive £20,000 a week salary.

It has been a long time since a player was paid that kind of money – albeit depending on who you believe and read Carlos Pena was on £23k-£35K a week. Hence you really shouldn’t believe too many.

Goldson appears to be a pricy, but wise addition going by the reports and testimony of his quality.

But this stuff doesn’t come cheap, and the going rate for a defender of this kind of quality is indeed multimillions and a hefty wage packet.

Rangers are trying to build a squad worthy of both the name of Rangers, and of challenging Celtic – Stevie Ger and Mark Allen are hard at work trying to secure high timbre names to bring in, and while not too many fans will know of Goldson, one look at Brighton supporters’ reactions to the sale tells you all you need to know.

But that calibre of defender costs money. Hopefully Goldson will settle in quickly and vindicate Allen and Gerrard’s faith in him.


  1. Hopefully a replacement for Alves offsetting the wages! A player with pedigree and sell on potential!

  2. Was out with a few Brighton fans last night.They love him. He has had health issues. Hopefully he has fully recovered.

  3. BigJim1872

    Please Man. What do you want to make you happy as a Glasgow RANGERS fan?


    Lets start making players feel welcome and know they are at a Family Club.

    Its time to stop making players scared to come out of the tunnel in front of their own fans.

    Its getting ridiculous

  4. So, am I buzzing or what, a Brighton reserve with injury problems and we pay (if stories are true £3.5 M to buy and £1M pa on salary), but wait Alves salary will pay for it, no, us fans will, when we start watching! Meanwhile Mr K continues his merry dance, oh but it is ok, my holiday was great J

  5. My only concern on Goldson is his health. Heart defects in athletes are always a worry. A lot of cash for this type of player. Do t get me wrong if it's all been sorted he is a fantastic talent and is worth much more the what we have paid. Time will tell I guess just makes me a bit sketchy with his past health issues.

  6. Gers breaking the bank? That’s an unfortunate turn of phrase given our very recent past. We mustn’t get carried away.

  7. Three and a half million for a guy with a heart defect mostly league one experience and less than a year on his contract…..utter drivel!

  8. Listen to some of U?
    WTF are U all moaning about, me I'm just glad he's got a fuking heart, unlike the heartless bunch we watched last season.
    Didn't realise we had so many heart surgeons on here!!
    He cost £2.75m not 3.5 as reported.
    4 players in 6 to go, loads of time as yet 🍺🍺🍺

  9. Well Said Robbie Wilson. As I've been posting week after week, it must be a Bas***d listening to those 'Fans' if you were on the park at Ibrox.

    Either hate everything about the Team or who voted for who or don't be Scottish as well, just be British.

    Getting like Holyoaks
    Drama Queens

  10. He's good, aye. But no way is he worth 3.5 million. I'm still worried about Rangers over-reaching and getting into a financial mess, again. We should ask for transparency on purchases and a supporters group should be checking that the board are not over-reaching and making bad decisions, again. They need keeping an eye on. Board or no, board!

  11. Young lad with experience in a way better league. We need players with a longer shelf life than the 34+ guys being touted. Will improve our leaky defence without a shadow of a doubt, keep up the good work SG , Lets Gooooo

  12. he has never played in front of 50,000 fans before, just lets hope his ticker doesn't pack in with the shock !! 2.75 or 3.5 whatever he is coming for is far too much with someone who had heart surgery imo

    • What a shocking comment 'BlueBear'
      Disgrace of a comment attached to Glasgow Rangers

      I pray Nobody in your Family experience this guys suffering.
      If you go to the games and actually cheer instead of criticise the players, you should go red as a beetroot when he proves 100.fitter than YOU.
      And hey, you are healthy as Fk right?

      Please edit or delete it Homer

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