Friday, 22 June 2018

Rangers chief drops huge hint about Rangers' new style...

Rangers’ head of performance Jordan Milsom has dropped a big hint about the kind of style new manager Steven Gerrard intends to undertake as he gets serious with tactics and preparation for the new season.

Milsom’s main purpose is to ready the players physically and tactically for the rigours of the SPL and the ex-Liverpool man has given a major insight as to how Gerrard is looking to play:

“I think the manager’s style of play is going to be quite aggressive, both in and out of possession, and to be able to play that way you need to cope with that not only within a game, but repeated games.”

If Milsom’s account is anything to go by, and he is, after all, being instructed by Gerrard how to prepare the players, Rangers could look hungry, energetic, physical and extremely tough.

Which is exactly what we’ve been missing the past six years – Rangers have been bullied by most teams, and unfortunately players in our ranks have simply not been up to the physical demands of competing against the likes of Scott Brown or John McGinn.

Milsom appears to be suggesting that is going to change.

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