Friday, 22 June 2018

One rule for Rangers, one for everyone else

Tonight Sky Sources have confirmed Southampton are likely to pay around £7M for Celtic midfielder Stuart Armstrong.

What’s that you hear? Nothing?

Rangers expect in excess of £3M should anyone bid on James Tavernier, and received a near-£11M bid from China for Alfredo Morelos. Josh Windass is valued at circa £5M.

And yet from Scottish football? Absolute ridicule and comical scoffing that a 21-year old Colombian with the best scoring record is ‘worth that amount’ while a 6-cap Scotland player at 26 is clearly worth such cash as is an uncapped French striker.

Ibrox Noise never fails to be amused by the ongoing hypocrisy in Scottish football – when a Celtic player goes for a fortune, no one bats an eyelid – when a Rangers player looks set to leave for similar amounts, the whole country goes into absolute meltdown.

If ever they hated us more, we can’t remember it. Every single chance to object, ridicule, discredit and mock – they take it, but they pretty much leave Celtic alone.

Aberdeen’s Jonny Hayes moves to Celtic – no one bats an eyelid.

Aberdeen’s Ryan Jack moves to Rangers – the country crumbles in loathing of both him and Rangers.

The one rule for Rangers and one for everyone else is amusing, if tiring – we really do grow weary of how fans and the media never fail to take a shot at anything to do with us, while leaving Celtic alone pretty much Scot free.

Armstrong will go to Southampton and no one will give two hoots about the value. Had it been Morelos to Renhe or anywhere else, you know Scottish football would have quite a different response.

Get a life, guys!

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