Friday, 29 June 2018

No Euro trip for Rangers

Rangers fans hoping for the normal official club-arranged European trip for the Europa League clash with Macedonians Shkupi were left disappointed recently when the club decided, after consultation with recently-appointed ‘official travel partner’ Thomas Cook, to withdraw any offer of conventional club trips on this occasion.

The reasons for the withdrawal were cited as limited aircraft being available therefore raising the cost to unacceptable levels, but given Cook were only appointed on the 18th of this month it has to be classed as mildly farcical and rather poor to fail to deliver what your remit is.

The match is likely to be held in Phillips II 34,000 stadium in Skopje due to Shkupi’s own ground failing to meet UEFA guidelines, and reports are at least 2,000 Rangers fans would have made the trip, but for that to happen they will need to make their own way there.

It is not the best start for a travel partnership it has to be said, and here’s hoping it’s the only time it happens.
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