Nearly a done deal? Profiling Rangers latest likely signing…


Article by: Richard 
Several reports have Rangers closing in on
their eighth summer signing for Stevie G’s new Ibrox side. Due to the budget
involved, free transfer players with EPL experience, good young players with
terrific re-sale transfer potential and loan deals are the ones being targeted first.
Roma are looking to send out their
21-year-old, 6’ 4” striker Umar Sadiq
for his fourth loan spell since joining the club and are already in advanced
negotiations with the Ibrox chiefs. Signing a tall, fast Sadiq on a
one-year-loan-deal would allow Gerrard to adopt a more direct, ‘long-ball’
approach if and when required.
He has appeared in 6 Nigeria U23 games,
including their 2016 Summer Olympic side and scored a decent 4 goal return for
that high standard of football.
Umar managed to score five goals in 12 games
(he started in only six of their games) at NAC Breda, in the second half of
last season. He has also spent short periods at Torino and Bologna in the past two years to gain further
Although Sadiq is a tall forward, he is not just
a typical big-man-style target as he will chase down long balls with his pace,
energy and sheer brute strength, to make even the most aimless of punts seem
like a half decent forward pass.
Umar uses his natural physical attributes to
hassle defenders and give his side an out ball when they are under pressure.
Because he has pace, don’t expect too many SPL defenders to be able to cope
with this powerhouse frontman. Sadiq would give the opposition something to
think about.
It is being reported that Steven Gerrard is
hopeful of having the deal done in time to have Sadiq join the squad at their
pre-season training camp in Spain.


  1. How many goals did the big man score at the 2 Italian clubs? Sounds some player could be our new Mark Hatley.

  2. One thing we most certainly need and Stevie has alluded to it is more height and physicality.This guy ticks both boxes and can play a bit too apparently.Not a big fan of work in progress type loans when we have our own young guys but I'll defer to the man.

  3. Could just be the big target man we've been lacking in recent times , i hope so .
    On another note , that self righteous fanny Gordon Waddell is at it again in the daily rancid , having a go at Gers and our signing of Jon Flanagan . He also lists another group of players with chequered pasts . Where does this fucker get off with this , setting himself up as a paragon of virtue ? Someone needs to do a check on his past to see whats lurking there ! What sums it up for me and shows what this arse is all about , is how he refers to Rangers as a "supposed institution " . There's no " supposed " about it baldy . There's around four million Scots here and millions more world wide will tell you that !

    • I come from the same neck of the woods as scumbag Waddell and through some distant relative of his is a huge Falkirk fan. He wrote for the Falkirk Herald (newspaper) and has always hated us, don’t know why, as his family are all Falkirk fans or have leanings to Rangers, so he is yet another journalist we need to make a pariah and rebuke their Journalist pass to Ibrox.
      Like Chris McLauchlan we must start to exclude those sports reporters who denigrate our club due to offield activities, as long as their criticism is based solely on football activities, we should accept, crtici#m of football on the park and management is fine. Leave the onfield stuff the the ‘real journalists’. Those who take the sports journals have a free ticket to sports events most of us have to fork out huge money to attend.
      If Gordon Waddell reads this ; look at where you came from and have a good read at what you write, paid the good shilling to discriminate a club who fully backed your beloved club for many years.

    • Aye where was he when captain drunk as a fart septic was caught on the streets and the players with ira CONNECTIONS.

  4. Cant Wait to See This Lad in a Rangers Jersey giving The Defences of Hearts/Dundee etc Hell 😃👊⚽💙

    Would also like to see An Agreement for McBurnie for January and a Loan Agreement for Solanke 👍

  5. Waddell has been spouting his verbal shite at Rangers for some time now he thinks he knows the rights and wrongs about every thing that is going on at ibrox he wants to close his two arseholes the prick

  6. Good to have a striker who likes to go in behind and frighten defenders with pace. We don’t have that threat right now. In recent years our lack of midfield options has seen strikers drop deep to get involved which is easy to play against.

    Get the big’n In.

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