Saturday, 23 June 2018

Josh Windass and £5M...

Press reports today have confirmed Cardiff City’s long-term interest in Rangers’ attacking midfielder Josh Windass has become serious with intent on the Welsh side’s part to bid around £1.5M for the 24-year old.

It goes without saying this must be rejected hands down.

Only last night we discussed on the site the irony of Celtic securing around £7M for Stuart Armstrong without anyone batting an eyelid, while Scottish football falls all over itself to be outraged when any prize Rangers talent looks set to leave for some large sum.

And it is clearly evident that Josh Windass is worth a hell of a lot more than £1.5M and the club’s reported demand of £3M is well below the mark too.

If Josh Windass was Scottish there is no denying he would be an international by now – a goalscoring midfielder with his kind of pace and finishing talent is a rare commodity and such players, when they’re German, English or French, for example, are worth an absolute song.

Windass is worth at least £5M – not necessarily his absolute market value, but his value to us and the amount we must demand if we are to consider selling such a player.

For his part Windass confirmed manager Steven Gerrard did indeed speak to him (and others) in Dubai (yeah, we got that one wrong, apologies folks) about the role he wanted him to play, and while Windass honourably kept the nature of the chat private, it was evident Gerrard wants to keep the ex-Accrington man.

And it is even more evident that importance to Gerrard and his clear potential makes Windass, when he doesn’t disappear in matches (yes, we know he sometimes does), a truly colossal player whose value is up there with your Armstrongs et al.

Rangers cannot accept even £3M. It is simply an insult to the player, the fans, and the Journey if we do another Barrie McKay and tolerate a significantly below market value fee for one of our most prized assets, and would be hypocritical beyond words given the board apologised for aforementioned fiasco.

If Windass is to move on, is to be sold, it must be on our terms at a cost acceptable to us.

Nothing less will do. Hardball.

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