Friday, 22 June 2018

Is Rangers star finished at Ibrox?

We’ve kept quiet mostly this pre-season about Graham Dorrans, but while the press have admittedly fallen all over themselves to lie about the nature of his departure from Rangers’ Malaga training camp (he went home pre-planned to have a scan on his knee) we must admit his injury concerns have been a big problem.

Dorrans has taken only light part in the sessions at Andalusia, and his arrival at the Hummel Training Centre before departure looked very different to everyone else’s, with less apparent focus and commitment on hard training. In short, he seemed too casual and relaxed.

We don’t know where this guy goes from here – he’s been an incredibly disappointing signing, and simply hasn’t shown anything like the form we thought he would – the lack of mourning from Norwich fans about his departure was a huge red flag we chose to ignore (always do when you sign a new player) but it is becoming more than justified, and his injuries on top of his lack of form have made this a really bad situation.

Does he have a part to play under Steven Gerrard? As things stand, no. He’s finished. Rangers are signing tonnes of players right now and while things can change, the out of form and seemingly endlessly injured Dorrans won’t have a part to play in it.

Unlike Jordan Rossiter and Ross McCrorie who have been through injury hell themselves, Dorrans is not a youngster with huge recovery capability – he’s in his 30s now and doesn’t seem to be able to put together a run of games.

Don’t get us wrong – this is not an attack on him – he is surely working his socks off to get fit and we know how hard it is for injured players going through rehab. So it’s not like he’s got his feet up and is sitting in the sun.

But for his injury troubles to continue to be monitored really does not bode well for his future chances at Ibrox and with the competition absolutely teeming in midfield, Graham Dorrans may struggle significantly to play a part next season.

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