How many Rangers fans have noticed these two key points?


Rangers’ summer training camp in Malaga has been going extremely well, with
hard work in the sunshine and extremely productive sessions to get these
underworked players fit and ready.
However, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed two key
developments since the side travelled to Spain last week which both bode
interestingly for the season ahead, and both of them involve striker Alfredo
The first was a little pre-session keepie-uppie with winger
Daniel Candeias. The one thing which stood out about this was just how technically
outstanding  Candeias was during it – he has
rarely had a chance in the side to demonstrate such quality, given he’s usually
running at top speed on the flanks, but his skill was extremely impressive and
far above what he’s even shown on the pitch. It gave some idea of just how good
a player Candeias really is – if he had had a little more pace he would have
had a much bigger career.
However, the notable contrary to this was Morelos – while not
awful, the Colombian didn’t demonstrate anything like a quarter of the same
ability, and it backed up that what he lacks in finesse and subtle skill he
makes up for in work ethic and graft – silky play Morelos will never give, but
his all he certainly will.
The second aspect we noticed here on Ibrox Noise was just
how happy Alfredo Morelos has looked since he got on the flight and even in pre-season
in general. The lad has just looked much more settled with frequent grins and
plenty of interaction with others around him – especially since arriving in Spain.
Has the Scottish weather had a part to play in depressing
him? Let’s not forget Finland
is hardly tropical either but he did well there, and he surely knows England is not exactly Barbados for its own part but he wants to play
there, but nevertheless he’s looked extremely happy in the temperatures of Andalusia.
As we say though, he looked chirpy enough at the Hummel
Training Centre too, so maybe, just maybe the hitman is finally happy and feeling
content to be at Ibrox?
Obviously while some of this is conjecture it’s based on
fact, and the conclusions we draw are only our own opinions but nevertheless it’s
all intriguing food for thought as preparations for the new season continue.


  1. Always looks the same to me duz our Escobar, Couldn't give a monkey's if he looks like the elephant man as long as hes scoring.
    Not once had a problem with the lad, was totally running on empty since the beginning of the year.
    Full tank now and 25+ goals this season.
    Happy Happy days ahead to be a Queens XI supporter indeed!!

  2. Candeias isn’t good enough and people are fooled by his work rate. That’s never enough.

    • You boys are clearly some of those fooled by running and effort. This is Glasgow Rangers not the Sunday league. Hard work, running & effort….I could do that and run all day long but like with Candeias, that wouldn’t be good enough for the Rangers cos I’m not up at that level.

      If Candeias holds down a starting spot i’ll eat my own Bunnet. Not in a million years is he a top player.

    • i think you will be eating your Bunnet he had 8 goals and 11 assists but yeah he is crap cause you said so but everyone else wrong

  3. we shouldnt' forget that Finland has a summer league so he went Pre season > half season > pre season > full season without a break. Add that to the negativity surrounding the club and negativity directed at him after January it's easy to see why he wasn't as happy by the end of the season.

    summer break, New season, positive attitudes. Hopefully Morelos on top form for the new season and then he can get a £5/10/15/whatever million move next summer

  4. Candeias had the highest number of assists in SPL last season, which would suggest he is most definitely good enough.

  5. I like Candieas he is one player who actually give the team a lot of effort in his play last season. In a climate of under achieving players he always gave us the work rate, maybe not the quality all the time be definitely tried hard, so that alone makes him a candidate for a place at the start of season. If it doesnae work out then we now have back up, maybe Tav will shoe in to right wing???

  6. Don't agree Dino velvet candieas is a great player and always gives that little extra for the badge! Would say though that morelos seems at 21 a little childish and would throw his toys out the pram, I know with age comes experience and the lad certainly has talent!I hope with a little descent coaching from stevie ger he can full his potential and go on to be a main stay in the epl with a good return on the investment.Hopefully we sign a striker to compliment him soon.

  7. Theyll be glad to back to ibrox as its 35c here😎

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  8. Our standards are beyond anything I’ve seen from Candeias to date. Hope he proves me wrong but it’s not likely.

  9. Getting fed-up (no offence) with you guys painting Morelos as a yet to blossom, great talent. All we saw last season, was sullen, petulant behaviour, laziness and the distinct impression he just didn't want to be there. Now, he's the best thing since sliced-bread? Am just no buying it. He has a long way to go, before he makes up for last season. And if he thinks we'll put up with more of the same, this season, he's mistaken.

  10. I think a lot of it is to do with adapting to climate and culture. Although people are pretty poor in Columbia, people are generally happier than they are in the UK. Family plays a massive role in their lives and their food is also very different. It often takes Latin Americans years to get used to the culture here. People often don't realize that having an awesome job and loads of money doesn't necessarily make you happy, especially if you miss the way things are at home and you miss your family. I think that's why a lot of the amazing Latino players end up at Barca, Real, Porto etc, because the culture is a much more familiar.

  11. Maybe Hes Happier cause we now have a proper manager in charge! 😁👌⚽💙

    Hope he gets 25+ next season 👍

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