How and why the Scottish press exploit Rangers…


We had a request on the site some months ago, and it wasn’t like we rejected it outright, but that we didn’t feel it was pertinent enough to warrant investigation.

This morning has changed that.

The request directly referred to a well-known Scottish newspaper which frequently uses ‘Rangers’ in its headlines purely to get hits even when the story is unrelated to our club, and frankly, fans are fed up of being used in this way.

The tabloid in question is today running a story about our old stopper Bilel Mohsni, who most recently spent time in Dundee with Utd, and how he is unhappy at not being called up for the world cup.

And we do have sympathy for the lad for sure – we liked Bilel here, he played with heart and he certainly got the same kind of stick from some portions of the support who defended Lee McCulloch that also gave Danny Wilson pelters while backing up Rob Kiernan.

We digress.

The headline is ‘ex-Rangers’ – despite Mohsni leaving us years ago, and spending last season mostly at Tannadice.

Not ‘ex-Dundee United’, no, ex Rangers.

And it’s true, he was at Ibrox, of course, so the headline is not inaccurate. But it is evident we are being used for hits here. The guy was at Utd as recently as last month but this is completely ignored in favour of using Rangers for traffic.

The Scottish press has done this for years – used Rangers (and Celtic) where there’s no relevance to the story just to sell papers or get attention, and frankly it’s a bit tedious.

This isn’t the worst example, by any means, and we don’t altogether despise the publication in question, in truth, but they are just an example of a group who have exploited Rangers for their own ends for decades – and which has worsened significantly since 2012.

Thankfully they are also focusing on Stevie Ger’s first day at the Hummel Training Centre (tabloids caught up with that one today) as their main headline so they really aren’t the worst.

But they are one of many who use us. And it would be nice if the club was to take a bit of a stand against more nefarious examples of this in the press.


  1. It's all about the Rangers! Who gives a flying F##K what they think or write, just don't buy it, simple!

  2. Just Ignore Them!
    We will have the last laugh when Stevie G brings home No.55 😃⚽👍💙

  3. We should ban certain tabloids, from Auchenhowie and Ibrox, till they behave themselves or cry themselves to death, for lack of copy. King started fighting back, but we need to keep at it.

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