Has Stevie Ger made his first error as Rangers manager?


Steven Gerrard and Mark Allen’s first three signings under the new manager’s regime have been good, but they were a while ago now.

It has gone a little quiet of late in terms of confirmed captures, and with UEL only five weeks away, time is not exactly generous to get new talent in.

With that in mind, the manager appears to have made use of his Liverpool contacts and targeted youngster Ovie Ejaria as his fourth signature.

And we must admit this is the first signing we’re a tad underwhelmed by. Fans of his past teams have been mostly critical of his performances, calling the 20-year old attacking playmaker ‘soft’ or a ‘luxury’ player, with very few singing his praises at all.

We do trust Stevie Ger and we place our faith in him and Mark Allen to get the right players, but we are still allowed our opinions too and on paper this lad doesn’t look an ounce better than what we have, and the SPL/Championship is definitely not the right place for a flashy kid who lacks power. Ask Nathan Oduwa.

Ejaria struggled at the Stadium of Light, admittedly like many others did before they went down, albeit he did bag a goal in among it all.

Various media have plugged videos of his various performances, but we take little heed of these in truth as they can make Dalcio look like Messi – and we just can’t help being a little cautious about someone who struggled at a less physical level than the SPL.

The top division is a tough place. It’s a much harder league than many give it credit for. If we think back to how lost, slow and weak Pedro’s Rangers looked on the opening day of last season, it taught us a lesson not to underestimate the demands of Scotland’s premier league.

And we have huge doubts that Ejaria is of the right stuff to cope. We hope we’re wrong there.


  1. No i would think unless we can get five six or seven or more players of the books then we can not keep bringing in more players,you sign up the players we want to keep first on new or better deals,then we go hunting for more new faces i still think we got a long way to go to catch them,and i just hope the fans are right behind SG even when we go through a run bad games we can not kick him out in first six months or a one year we must let him stay his full term.

  2. Gideon Zelalem is another (and Toral). I don't like the idea of taking someone else's youngsters so we can give them game time at the detriment to our own players.
    the loan before you buy is fine, its a good model to work with if we can get it, but in some cases we are much better sticking with our own, McCrorie, Docherty, Middleton, Burt, Barjonas, Atakayi, Dallas et al.
    we have plenty of them that could be just as good as what we loan in if given the chance.

  3. The weakest part of our team last season was central defence and a lack of a quality midfield enforcer. Until these positions are filled and with top quality recruits we will struggle just as we did last season. Only time will tell whether King and the Board will provide the necessary funding for the level of player needed and I suspect, like many others, I am pinning my hopes on the fact that Gerrard would not have taken the job if cast iron guarantees had not been forthcoming. What we don't need is another season like last season with junior league players like Halliday and Holt being first team regulars while we have struggled to field two quality centre backs for a number of seasons now.

    • Spot on , last thing we need is anymore pussy-footers in the team . Three or four right hard bastards urgently required !

  4. There will be a 0lan and a strategy based on who ,how much , availability . It will he based on what we need can afford and what fits . I'm confident that is all true let's be patient and see how it plays out guys.

  5. Erm…Liverpool Under-23 manager Neil Critchley has spoken highly of Ejaria, and his comments outline just what Rangers fans can expect from the English youngster. that’ll do for me!
    Critchley told The Scottish Sun: “Ovie has these real ‘wow’ moments which just make you smile because it’s brilliant to watch.“

  6. The bonus about loan deals is if they are not any good we haven't wasted money on them. Look at dalcio for example we could've spent over a million for him. Then if he's good we do well so I don't think there's too much risk. I also heard he never got too many chances on loan elsewhere.

  7. Good article Ibrox Noise. Spot on. I may think our scottish game in general is gutter level compared to the rest of the world, but it's certainly no place for shrinking violets no matter how skilful you are. It's a tough physical league whereby for the past 2 seasons other teams have not feared us one bit, because our team is full of shrinking violets. Either shrinking from our massive crowd at Ibrox or/and other teams bullying them on the park. We need like minded tough players, fight fire with fire.
    I have read reports about this lad when at Sunderland and the fans have nothing good to say about him at all. Some say he may have potential, but we cannot afford to train Liverpools kids to the expense of us losing to Celtic and the league!
    I am totally underwhelmed at our signings thus far and do not see improvement, however its very early days and the world cup is coming, so a lot of deals wont get done until after that for a lot of teams.
    Must do better is on my report card thus far!!!, time will tell!

  8. I'm not overly excited about this signing but to be honest I don't know anything about him. I think we are more than covered for midfielders anyway. If there's a mistake been made it is building the team around windass…again! I think he will end up a good premiership player but he's just not suited for us. We are not a counter attacking team which is probably his strength. Sell him with a decent sell on clause added.

  9. I dont think Gerrard had anything to do with those signings. He was given the nod imo but the deals were already negotiated.

  10. He's got more skill and trickery than anything we seen last season in a blue shirt,pretty sure Stevie sees him as a player or he wouldnt be coming, if he is coming that is?!
    No rush plenty time to get the players he requires!!

  11. I hope he is being brought in as a squad player, because we need a far higher calibre of player to pass Aberdeen and hibs never mind Celtic.

    Decent young loan players can do well at smaller SPL clubs where there is less pressure – and every mistake isn't life and death. But it is a men's game playing for the old firm. We need quality and experience to develop our own- not make the wrong assumption that standard is so low that average EPL reserves can storm it up here.

  12. Dont Agree with this Signing
    Dont Need another Midfielder/Winger

    Hes gonna be another Oduwa/Dalcio etc

    • Exactly. No more loan players. Crap bloody idea. Lets sign some players who want to fight tooth and nail for the jersey. Lets stop pissin about. WATP

  13. It's a loan deal, no risk. Cant see him starting, however, he may be a good option to come on a try and open up a tired packed defence, against the lower teams. We didn't have many options last year to change things about. I'm happy to suppliment the team with loan players who can be "super subs" for a few years while we build, defence is the priority for our cash outlay this year

  14. Got to love this statement by the club, Kings going to have every single one he can. Outstanding Sir!!

    A Club spokesperson said: “Rangers notes that Gary Hughes will not be standing again for the Scottish FA’s Board. Hopefully this decision augurs well for the Scottish FA under the stewardship of its new Chief Executive Officer.

    “However, Rangers will be seeking a review of the SFA’s procedures for such appointments because it is vitally important that those who do stand for election to independent posts in particular are indeed truly independent.

    “Rangers shall also be asking the SFA to review whether Mr Hughes was party to any discussions regarding the ridiculous Notice of Complaint brought against the Club.

    “Furthermore, Rangers must be assured that no actions taken by Mr Hughes during the period of his appointment could have impacted negatively on our Club.”[/QUOTE]
    A line that no sane person can criticise.

    • Yeh great job,take them down

      Watp🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  15. How can it be a bad signing when the guy has not signed yet ?? SG is tasked with winning back the league. He has four years to do it

  16. We DO need better standards.

    But let's give OUR YOUTH A Chance instead of ball the traah who have Not been better

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