“As a Rangers supporter I’m hopeful” – Rangers legend backs Gerrard


Graeme Souness, who knows a thing or two about managing Rangers under uncannily similar circumstances, has backed Steven Gerrard to be a success at Ibrox as long as he gets backing, and the former Rangers boss admits he is very much still a ‘Rangers supporter’ and is eager for the Anfield legend to do well.

The former Sampdoria enforcer has been more associated with Liverpool in his post-football career, of course, as manager and player on Merseyside plus serial trophy winner, but his time in Scotland was absolutely legendary and single-handedly shaped the game north of the border.

He believes Gerrard can make it work, but he needs help:

“He’s starting from a good position. He was a great football player, he’ll get respect from the players from that alone. He’ll need a bit of luck, he’ll need a bit of support from the board, the board need to find him some money to enable him to buy some more players. Obviously through his contacts in England he’ll be able to get some loan players. So I’m hopeful, as a Rangers supporter, we can catch Celtic next season.”

Some younger fans will probably really known Souness as that guy off Sky Sports, but he has only ever spoken positively of Rangers, of his time at Ibrox, and he was about as born a winner as they come and imparted that in Govan.

If he believes Gerrard can be a success, who are we to argue.


  1. The key point here is, the board need to back him! It’s very early in his tenure of course but the big exciting players we were linked with, and with Stevie G’s pulling power, we also expected, has somewhat dissipated. Now however it’s like Groundhog Day again, as we seem to be forever linked with young players on loan with “high potential”, I’m reading potentially 4 from Liverpool. I really hope Stevie, like so many before him has not underestimated the SPL, thinking these young players, not good enough for their team will thrive up here. I can only hope he is targeting these players because they truly are fantastic young players that will cruise our league, and not because he’s been forced to due to lack of financial support.

  2. Gaz.

    I think we need to be realistic. There was never going to .e enough money to pay off 15 players contracts and hire 15 internationals to replace them.

    Best bet is a mix of 5-6 decent players, promote 3-4 youth and bring in 3-4 on loan. That way we improve without going bankrupt and we do the same again next summer, with off small addition in January. Couple of years we are rid of all those on long contracts.

    But remember,nobody gets it 100% right, so SG will buy guys who are not good enough too. They will need moved on. That's the advantage of loans. Look at Cummings and Murphy. 2 loans get a chance to prove themselves. If we don't take Cummings, has cost us nothing. Murphy worked.

    Board ponied up £10 large last summer. Can't accuse them on not backing a manager. They ponied up a lot for Warbs too. He got all his calls right first summer, then signed a lot of cross second summer.

    We are gambling again. Keep the faith

  3. When Souness came to Ibrox, there was a more level financial playing field throughout the UK, therefore could buy the like of Terry Butcher, the best centre half in the UK at that time (oh the good old days!!)
    Gerrard has a harder challenge as there is a massive gulf in the financial playing field and we simply cannot afford the best.
    We will just have to wait and see, but I hope and pray Gerrard can get the same success as Souness did.

  4. To me, it's all about sensible purchases. If they get things wrong, it could affect the whole season. To me, it's not ALL about the money spent, but the players attitude. Has he got the diehard, dig-in and get stuck-in, nature that makes a great Rangers man. I saw too much cowardice in midfield, last year and no creativity, in linking up with strikers. We gave far too many teams, way too much respect.

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