Analysing the Steven Gerrard effect


Well the Steven Gerrard era is well and truly underway and quite honestly it still doesn’t feel entirely real.

We’ve all seen the man strutting his stuff at the newly-named Hummel Training Centre, working with the players, putting them through their paces for the first time, and now they’ve all headed off to Spain for the really serious business to get underway properly.

There’s something very, very reassuring about how this is all taking shape – Gerrard looked the perfect manager on Friday, speaking with authority to the players, while also man-managing many of them on a personal basis.

The man, for a novice at this, is doing an excellent job of both earning players’ trust and commanding their respect.

And frankly it’s good to see someone at the helm who these players may just be willing to run through brick walls for.

We have no idea yet just how good he will be – the performances and the results will be how Steven Gerrard is truly judged, so while this pre-season already looks very promising, it’s only potential at this point.

We are no fools – we are well aware of exactly the gravity of the situation – a rookie manager in his first senior job essentially has to win the league and beat Celtic while he’s at it.

It is no mean task.

But Steven Gerrard is evidently being supported, and the start he has made in the transfer market and on the training fields is certainly encouraging.

To sound like fanboys a touch, it actually feels good to see him and the lads working together for the benefit of our football club.

Gerrard is not yet one of us – he’s a Liverpool man through and through – but he has sunk his teeth into us and more and more he looks the part. Whether he will deliver is another question, of course, but there is a warm fuzzy feeling watching all this at this point.

He talks the talks, he looks spot on, and the players seem to be not only buying into him but in awe of him.

Hopefully we see the fruits of that in due course.


  1. Hopefully all goes well for Gerrard when the Season starts because if he turns out like another Warbs/Cax/GM then we will be even further behind "Them". 🤔

    Also would like him to be one of those managers that wears a suit and tie on the touchline 🤓👍⚽💙

    But overall I dont care what hes wearing I just want him to do well for thw Improvement of GLASGOW RANGERS FC!


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