A Rangers legacy stained?


As Ibrox Noise reported some weeks ago, Kenny Miller is on the verge of a switch to one of Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell or Dundee all vying for his valued signature and the Dons said to be in pole position.

Miller is another one who divides us here on the site, and yours truly is speaking for a few with this slant on him while others on here would give you the polar opposite;

That is, we are disgusted on here about how Miller has been castigated and thrown to the wolves without any send off and nothing but damage to his reputation without any remote evidence or proof of the alleged incident which led to it all.

Quite simply, while playing for Rangers is well rewarded and hardly slave labour, nevertheless Miller quit a well-paid gig in the MLS with sun sand sea and sangrias to join league one Rangers back home in rainy Govan.

Just like Walter Smith, he came back when his club needed him, and he gave up quite a lot to do so.

And yet he is now a free agent, hurled by the club into ignominious oblivion in a kind of treatment we just don’t expect to see our players suffer. Especially not the ones who are fans of us.

Let’s look at the facts – something did happen. We accept that something happened in that dressing room. But the ironic thing is the fans castigating Miller for his alleged actions (and there’s a few of them on here) would be the same ones gutted if our senior pros took the garbage at Parkhead without a word of complaint.

Our captain and vice captain are the leaders, and it is their responsibility to represent the squad. And, to an extent, the fans – and anyone happy with that match, that run, and willing to stay silent rather than voice concerns for us doesn’t have the club’s best interests at heart.

We absolutely condemn anyone who may have physically assaulted the ex-boss. But are we seriously claiming either Lee Wallace or Kenny Miller attacked the former manager? There is no evidence this happened, and of course, neither of them will reveal the truth for some time – just like Barry Ferguson, it took literally 12 years for the ex-captain to confirm what truly happened with Paul Le Guen.

The only people to know what happened were inside that dressing room, and anyone who was told the truth by anyone in that dressing room – and even then, think of the famous dress phenomenon and yanny and laurel – what one person sees and hears, another quite simply doesn’t and neither of them are wrong.

Ultimately we are disappointed how Miller has gone from hero to zero. Sure he wasn’t the player he used to be – kinda happens in your late 30s. But we completely believe he was hung out to dry and for someone who gave us so much, that’s poor.

Bear in mind, if Kenny Miller assaulted anyone, would Josh Windass have been as complimentary in his Instagram message and been gutted at the lack of send off? The ex-boss played Windass constantly and if Windass had taken any side at all, it probably would have been the coach.

Regardless of it all, if Miller does switch to Aberdeen, it would be a toxic signing. Miller knows the hatred they have for Rangers, and the ignominy between the clubs.

And yet, given how he was treated, can anyone blame him for wanting to get one over on those who threw him out?


  1. Simply put he has been treated disgracefully… that level five tosser has to go, it's one embarrassing handling after another.

  2. Joey Barton went when he’d stood up to be counted. Miller and Wallace have been fined. Manager should be able to handle it. Board has no option but to support Manager. At least they got rid of Murty quickly. But they had to wait sometime with the breadman and it cost a lot of money.

  3. Agree with you that he has been treated very badly – very interesting that you suggest Level 5 are not handling things well, I have been saying this for a long time and would be quite happy to bin them completely.

  4. There is no way anyone physically assaulted Murty – because that would have been gross misconduct and grounds for instant dismissal.

    That is one fact everyone should be able to agree on.

    In my view it was a case of desperate scapegoating by a board who feared losing support of fans. A sad and shameful way to behave.

  5. Yip,i'm in total agreement with you ibrox noise!Firstly let me say that of course there's a line no player can cross, regarding their rants & actions against their manager! Having said that, there's absolutely NO evidence of either kenny miller or lee wallace,
    having crossed that line, whatsoever!!
    Kenny miller is very passionate about glasgow rangers,most of us do know that,as is lee wallace of course!I'll certainly be remembering kenny miller,
    very fondly and giving everything for the football club he cares very deeply for,the famous glasgow rangers!!God he played for our football club in 3 separate occasions!I wish him nothing but the best,but please kenny, don't sign for that mob aberdeen!Kenny miller is a top professional,a terrific role model for young players and the guy is a winner!A total thoroughbred!!
    Incidentally,i truly think he'll make a very good manager!Hope he goes to livingston,as their new player/manager!
    I have a gut feeling though,that kenny miller will end up signing for hibs!!He most certainly deserved the chance to say goodbye,to all us rangers fans!
    Thats the very least he deserved!!He gave absolutely everything for rangers
    and i certainly won't forget that!!

  6. King Kenny…..i am sorry, that your leaving Rangers, you proved yourself to be,what our team should be about….you have been our best signing in the last about 8years..
    i have to agree, that your age is now your real ending…was hoping Rangers would have offered you a job as a youth coach, you would have deserved that..
    I wish you all the best,no matter what you do in the future…

  7. This is a volatile topic which will wallow in subjectivity for some time to come.
    That Kenny Miller and Lee Wallace have proved to be outstanding players, and servants, of Glasgow Rangers Football Club…. presenting many memories, should be our focus.
    Any attempt to judge without the facts would a shallow tactic.

  8. How can people say he has been treated badly. Remember Pedro dumped him also, so maybe he was trying to be bigger than the club. When he got dumped by Pedro, Wallace made noises about the treatment. So it happens again but to both of them. Overstepping the mark is not on . Just ask David Beckham!!!
    He is passed it anyway and Wallace gets too many injuries now unless he was at it, which I think Murty happened to relate to.
    Good riddance to both

    • Dougie … a suspect you've fell off that bike and banged yer heed !! Miller called that mhuppet Pedro oot for what he was… imo Robertson is behind this latest shambles (backed by level five) he has been instrumental in these farcical managerial signings including Warburton and my thoughts are that Kenny Miller knew this and has been hung out to dry as a resul of raising his opinion.

  9. Giving back that clown Murty his old job back is the biggest joke, he should have been hunted by a pack of lions, despise him as much as l despise Scott Brown and yet King Kenny gave everything for our club, granted sometimes ran about like a headless chicken, stood up when it counted and scored a good few goals against the bheasts from the east and now our club has badly let him down, id have him back in Rangers in a heartbeat in some capacity if not a player, feel sorry for the guy

  10. I have to agree with David Wilkie. Commenting without knowing the facts leaves one open to ridicule.
    What we do know is that something happened, but we didn't know what.
    So, until we know we can either back the club or back the suspended players. For me, without knowing anything not public knowledge, I have to go with the fact that the club was here before me, the manager or either of the players and it will be here long after we are all gone.
    So, unfair or not, I back the club until evidence tells me not to.
    I have a lot of respect for what Miller has done for us. I will always rate Wallace for not walking away.

    But, I repeat, club first last and everything.

  11. This again was a "stoem in a teacup." Like the Barton affair. Much ado about nothing. Whatever happened, what i'm getting was it was a minor affair. Why do we need to end people's careers, when in fact a trip to the pub and shaking of hands and a simple apology would have sorted things out. I am surely not alone in thinking we done the same with Barton. Men sort things out like men. These things always get blown out of proportion. Kenny devoted himself to our club and that, I won't forget.

  12. If He does go to one of them Teams, My Preference would be Dundee …JS 👍

    But id Rather He Stayed!
    Fantastic Servant to the Club

    Him n Wallace Been Hung Out to Dry 👊

  13. Murty hinted that Wallace was pretending to be injured . Lee is not the type of guy who would do that in a million years , no wonder he lost the fucking plot with him . This is a guy who was proud to be Rangers captain and stood by us through thick and thin and Murty was wrong to make that allegation . The board need to look at this again and reverse the decisions they made .

  14. I don’t know what happened none of us do. That said Rangers wouldn’t have backed the Manager without good reason it’s that simple..Adding to that Miller’s agent hasn’t done him any favours by saying Miller would’ve done a better job than Murty – so did Miller have envious eyes for the Managers job…

    If Wallace & Miller want to appeal it then so be it that’s their right. I’ll back the Club before both players if that’s the case. No player or egos are bigger than the Club…

  15. Look you lot .we don't know what wenter on in the dressingroom after the game that day something obviously happened maybe it has been blown out of proportion but their is no smoke without fire murty was never the manager for us the fans have all disagreed with some of murty choices in the way he set his team out his tactics Kenny miller obviously thinks he is above critcism Lee being the club captain must have felt the need to backup his teammate it's not the first time miller has caused problems his ego is getting in the way as he comes to the end of his playing days we will be better of without players who's ego getting in the way.we would have been better if murty had left the club with dignety as it is it looks as thought he has made the club a laughin stock and may blight his replacement let's all get behind Steve and Gary for the Forth comming season and all they bring in to the club and let's hope for a better season and put all the disappointments behind us .

  16. My feeling is they made the mistake of pointing out, the manager was inept; with feeling. That was patently true, he had already lost the dressing room. Players playing in the wrong position. Playing favourites. A thrashing to boot. Awful. We should let him go cheerfully to his best option, even if its Aberdeen or Hibs. We dont forget, but we’re bigger than past sour grapes. WATP!

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