A difficult decision by Steven Gerrard?


With Rangers’ latest confirmed signing today of Jon Flanagan, it has raised a few questions with regards Rangers’ intentions over established right back James Tavernier.

As we know while Tavernier gained many plaudits last season for his enterprising and full-blooded attacking play, the defensive side of his game remains fragile. He is no slouch when it comes to defensive play, but the former Wigan man is frequently caught out of position and struggles to retreat in time, exposing defence.

Last season Rangers had Daniel Candeias who would frequently cover for him, but given the goals against column, this is clearly not a good enough solution.

Enter Flanagan – many Rangers fans have long believed Tavernier would suit much better as an out and out winger, without really having to worry as much about defence, and it could just be that Steven Gerrard now has that vision for the team.

With Flanagan as the right back and Tavernier competing with Candeias for the right wing slot, Rangers’ setup would look much more organic, rather than Tavernier’s inconsistency defensive wise on the right.

This would leave Rangers robust on that flank, with a firmly-established RB in the side while in front of him Tavernier and Candeias fight it out for the shirt as winger.

Assistant coach Gary McAllister has confirmed Tavernier will still ‘be key for us’ next season, which could suggest the management are looking to reshape how he fits in.

Because there is simply no way an England international has been signed to sit on the bench.

Rangers certainly need quality in depth, that is for sure. But signings like Flanagan are being made to take the club forward and up, even if this particular one may have divided fans a little.

For what it’s worth, Steven Gerrard is going to make a lot of decisions – not all of them will be universally popular. But as long as the results on the pitch match up, we have no quarrel with that.

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  1. The percentage of the vote tells all..

    What I didn’t realise at first he’s comfortable at RB & LB which gives the Gaffer even more options regards injuries and suspensions. Going by his interview he’s chomping at the bit to get started and says mental strength is one of his strong points..

    Obv the Gaffer knew this that’s why he signed him in the first place. He’s defo going for players with a strong character..

    Off topic but got a gut feeling Windass will be the Buffalos new strike partner, with the two upfront and the later doing the spade work.. He rates both highly so why not?

  2. Not 100% convinced Tav is talented enough for midfield, and certain Flanagan is the better defender, but I feel Tav deserves to retain his place so maybe both on the right is the answer. But where does that leave POTY Candeias? Or could Flanagan play at left back and push John forward? It's great that we have these sort of problems to worry about!!

  3. Think hes been signed as cover/competiton for John AND Tav. He is comfortable either side and with injuries/suspensions I think it's a wise move.

    Maybe this means Lee Wallace on the way out then…?

    • For me Flanagan has to play right back and tav or candeias in front of him
      and to be honest I think we also have similar problems at left back as well even tho DJ is a better defender than tav I still think we need someone stronger, but overall things are definitely looking much better than what we've had to suffer in recent years and its all down to Stevie G
      And of course Dave king" who has finally done his job……Let's Go!!!
      watp…Helicopter 2005

  4. Flanagan will be playing in a back 3 with Tavi & John as wingbacks, Candias will be the back up not the mainstream.

    Billy there will be another striker arriving soon,at least 3 more in total.

    All Is looking Tickety Boo for yours trueley!!

    • I fucking love you Robbie lol… You always give us good news mate!

      It’s all looking top of the pops 😊

    • Robbie,, even I am raising a smile at the quality of defenders coming through,,You all know fine I've been moaning about it long enough!
      I still feel we need a quality central midfielder that would slide through passes for fun,, we don't have that yet,, we need that diamond of a player in the middle (get a jersey on Gerrard!!),, and a ruthless striker up front.
      But no matter who we sign,, I hope and pray, Gerrard and Co have them fighting for every ball for 90+ minutes.
      I'm trying my damnedest to keep my feet on the ground and not get over excited because of the past 2 season,, but i am failing miserably :), Bring it on Stevie boy!!!

  5. I was thinking the way things were going that he was going to go with three at the back. Now though I fear we will be subjected to 2 holding midfielder in front of a back 4 again. This is not what is needed. We need to start being more attack minded and use the extra man in attack, we have the perfect player to make the box to box position his own in Greg Docherty. I sincerely hope that Rossiter stays fit because his vision and composure are undeniable from the little we have seen of him. The problem is we have Jack and McRory as well, so if we can keep everyone happy it will be a great job by Gerrard. I am worried that we have no real pace down the left and I fear windlass will be played out there and I think he is wasted there. Jamie Murphy is skillful but he always wants to come inside and defenders know that already. Defence is sorted, we have options in attack, my only concern is the left side of midfield.

  6. Dont agree with The Signing of Flanagan

    I think he shud be used as a Deputy at RB for Tav
    Or like has been mentioned…
    Use Flanagan as a Defensive RB and push Tav On to Challenge Candeias for the RM Slot.

    I Do Not Think He Should Be Used for LB ….We Have Wallace!!

    Jackobyte LM/LW is not an Issue
    Windass? Murphy? Arfield? Middleton?
    Forrester 😂 ?

    • Can't believe no one has mentioned the elephant in the room. We are rangers we have standards or used to have. So no sorry should not be anywhere near our club

    • Forrester is right footed and has always played on the right, Middleton is untested, Arfield doesn't have pace and would never call him a winger, Windass is wasted out there

    • Middleton is untested do one with that patter… You don’t know until he gets his shot but the boy has bags of potential and plays regularly for the Scotland squads.. Toulon just recently too

  7. Or
    We Just Keep Candeias at RM
    Put Flanagan at RB

    … & Sell Tav to EPL/Championship for £5mill

    1. Flannigan is Better Than Tav Defensively

    2. Candeias is a Better Winger than Tav and He Tracks Back and Is a Better Crosser of The Ball

    • Couldn’t agree more Stevo but I think the Management team have other ideas based on their recent comments re Tav.

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