23 hours have changed Rangers

23 hours have changed Rangers

In the past 24 hours, 23 hours in fact between the pair, Rangers have instantly solved the defensive crisis that has plagued the club since Carlos Bocanegra and Dorin Goian left.

In one fell swoop, as Ibrox Noise promised you, Connor Goldson was added to yesterday’s capture of Nikola Katic and Steven Gerrard’s Rangers defence was completed.

And today we hear further information that Turkish giants Fenerbahce have offered former Rangers target Martin Skrtel along with cash for wantaway striker Alfredo Morelos.

Naturally Skrtel’s wages, at a reported £50K+ are just too high, but with a cash deal for the Colombian striker, could Rangers be looking at using part of that fee to help fund the Slovakian’s wages?

Gerrard dearly wants Skrtel, and was more than a touch disappointed to seemingly miss out on him a number of weeks ago, and this move from the Turks could well grant him his wish.

But, regardless, the last 23 hours have instantly resolved the lack of centre backs worth a damn at Ibrox – we now have a Croatian international, and a top class English CB whose former fans were devastated at losing.

That is Gerrard’s present defence, and we are quite happy with it.

But is the former Liverpool stopper Skrtel about to make an unexpected reappearance and give Stevie the option of a back three?

Could a back three finally convert James Tavernier and Declan John into the flying wingbacks they are probably more suited to being?

It’s good times at Ibrox now – we have a spine – we just lack the quality up front – while we were the top scorers in the SPL, few would claim to have been completely happy with Morelos, Cummings, Miller and Herrera.

But that’s a discussion for another day – we finally have a backline to be proud of – Allan McGregor, Nikola Katic, Connor Goldson and maybe Martin Skrtel.

Let’s Go

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  1. Superb rangers! I'd bring in Alan Hutton, would give us options of a back 4 with a genuine quality right back. Tav can always play in front of him. #LetsGo

    • Agreed. If Hutton will come for reasonable money, gives us 3 players for the RHS. We got lucky last year, no injury to Tav or Candy, but Hutton would give us depth there. Atakayi as youth cover

  2. Bouncy bouncy bouncy🕺🕺🕺🇬🇧🏆🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️
    Everyday it just gets better n better
    This is gonna be sum team awesome🔥

    LETS GO WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. Skrtel had his chance, seemed willing then apparently asked for more £££ after Newcastle showed an interest. I think we should see how alves does at the WC if he plays and does well do we keep in or cash in and get some money and him off the wage bill. I imagine without selling anyone else we'll have at the very least another £5m to spend. Personally i think we should keep Morelos, for a 21yr old's 1st game year in Scotland never mind a club as big as ours, i think he did well. Plus the boy hasn't had a break except from injury. I'm expecting over 20 goals from him this year. Lets keep him and get him some support. Not Mcburnie, get him tapped up for a pre contract i Jan to save some cash. Surely we can find another cracking Eastern European striker for cheapish like Prso or jelavic

    • Agreed. Keep Morelos, find someone East or North Europe to play with or as backup. Sign McBurnie in January on a pre contract, then we have next summer attack options sewn up, in case we lose Morelos.

  4. "instantly solved the defensive crisis" FFS Ibrox Noise. A ball has not been kicked yet! And you are making premature euphoric comments without a game played.
    God knows how I have moaned and moaned about our defence for years. I still feel McGregor is a weak link, he lives in his 6 yard box and garbage at cross balls!
    It appears to be going in the right direction, but lets keep it real folks. Lets keep the "problem solved" comments until we have actually achieved something on the park!

  5. Will put money on the Skertl story being a load of absulte shit.
    Don t need him now anyway, 2 better aged prospects!!

  6. We may still have our wish lists, but for me the only thing we still need, as opposed to want, is another striker. We are only a leg break from having no striker.
    So McBurnie or similar. Personally, I would prefer a 12 month loan and make an appointment with McBurnie's agent for January 1st for a pre-contract. That is a better deal than £4 million now.

  7. Who is checking that the board aren't over-stretching. I'm still worried about it. Some supporters group, should be keeping an eye on things. We can't let admin2 happen.

  8. I agree with the article suggesting the move to bring Skrtel to Ibrox, although I reckonMorelos could have a formidable impact in a Rangers side, with better players and more support around him.
    I have advocated for many years Rangers should adopt a 3 – 5 – 2 formation selection at home and on occasion when necessary revert to a 5 – 3 – 2 set up.

    • Agreed Morelos could shine with more support. We should have a flexible approach to tactics, which our last two managers lacked. If we have the players to go 3-5-2, 5-3-2, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-4-1 then the manager has options
      Let's Go!!

  9. We were the top scorers in the league ast season. Our attack clearly wasn’t the issue so maybe we should be building on the talented Morelos rather than paying the price for a new experienced veteran when we already have one. That would be a mistake imo. I think Morelos is only going to get better, he’ll be a Premiership player one day and I’d rather it was us who got the large fee for him.

  10. Could we maybe not count our chickens before they've hatched?

    Not a single ball has been kicked in anger so to say the problem is solved, whilst positive, is daft.

    Should be evaluating this at the end of September to see how it's going. Not before even a friendly is played.

  11. Lets get this straight to anyone who knows anything about the game,we cannot sell morelos,i am willing to bet anyone on this forum that he will be the top scorer in the spl next season.

  12. Always rely on gersjimbo to bring everyone back down to earth with his usual negative drivel. Timposter

    • Albertz, your ignorance and arrogance is disappointing! Your crass and incorrect name calling speaks volumes of you as a person. I'm glad you don't disagree what I have actually said, however, I suggest you submit your comments in a more polite and well mannered tone!
      I am a gentleman to some and a brother to others, you appear neither with such a crude and ill judged comment.

  13. Hope we dont Trade Morelos for Skrtel! 🤔⚽💙

    I Think we should wait and see how he Performs under SG and plus if he scores 15-20 nxt season
    …His Value will Increase Again

    What is Skrtels Sell on Value? 😂

    Also I Agree with Waiting until January to tie up a deal for McBurnie 😃👍⚽💙

  14. Early days but the sun Is shining on ibrox park these days! And to the tune of "our house in, the middle of our pitch" we now sing "katic, in the middle of our pitch". #letsgo

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