“Wrong place wrong time” – Rangers January signing speaks out


Russell Martin has admitted that joining Rangers was a case of ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ but the 32-year old defender, who has officially now left Ibrox, equally loved his time in Govan playing for such a giant club.

The former Scotland international waxed lyrical about his time in Scotland, assessing just how big it was to him when he said:

“I don’t think anything can prepare you for it. It’s huge. You’ve got an idea but it’s only when you go up there that you realise how big it is. Just walking around the streets, it’s a giant of a football club with a great fan base. I loved playing for a football club of that size and that support.”

However, we all know how bad Martin was for the club and he slightly attempts to deflect this and blame Rangers:

“For me it was a bit wrong place, wrong time. The club was a bit all over the place and then a change of manager, who was an interim manager anyway.”

He’s certainly not wrong with all this – but you cannot blame the manager for your own clear errors and Martin was evidently completely out of his depth playing for a club the size of the Famous.

There were some nonsense rumours Rangers were interested in securing him permanently, but as Ibrox Noise confirmed some weeks ago, Martin was one of the first to leave once the final game was over.

He was a bad signing, if not a bad guy, and we wish him well.


  1. Agreed.

    Can't help thinking we should be signing proven SPL performers, like Kipre or Thistle boy who went to Championship. Could get both for price of Goldson and have change

  2. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong signing, wrong player etc etc. Not a Butcher or a Goughie and not too sure what the interim manager has to do with it. Club has to be more ruthless MoH, Dodoo and the rest have got to go

  3. The guy is deluded. He knew what the situation was before he joined. He still joined. He was mince. End of story.

  4. Let's get this straight Martin was a very very good player up till about 18 months ago. Unfortunately when your legs won't do what the Brains telling them I'm afraid it's golf club time.
    Niko was the exact same legs gone.
    Wish them both all the luck in the world for the future and thanks for your efforts Gents much appreciated…..

  5. Tbh I never understood why he has played for Scotland, never rated him and I'm sure he is supposed to be a right back anyways.

  6. "and then a change of manager", correct me if i am wrong but he joined when the interim manager was already in place and only had the last 3 games without the interim manager.
    He is a bit all over the shop with his comments on this one like his defending was. Both managers that were there during his time gave him more opportunity than any other defender and he clearly couldn't cut it.

  7. Martin a dud along with Caxinhna's slash the worst signing we have made for a while. I agree with post about Kipre of Motherwell alongside a young lad he could be half decent for winning this League

  8. Plain and Simple He was Fkn Shite! 👊

    Lets get in…
    Goldson, Isherwood, Burke, Bartley, Collins or Terry, McGinn & A Top ST!

  9. Martin was good at Norwich for several years. Hasn't been good enough for the Championship for some time and couldn't get a game here. He will always be liked here because of what he achieved in the past. Lovely bloke but time has caught up with him!

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