Why Steven Gerrard must ignore some Rangers fans…


With the information coming out of Govan right now, it does seem that new manager Steven Gerrard, regardless of what happens tomorrow, has been busy at work from afar analysing the squad and appears to have come to the conclusion that only a handful of current Rangers players are going to be in his plans moving forward.

It does now seem that there is going to be the biggest overhaul at Ibrox since, well, the last one, and that Gerrard has taken one look at the collection of players at his disposal and really isn’t happy with any of them.

Can any Rangers fan put their hand on their heart and claim Ryan Jack is as good as Maurice Edu? Or that Ross McCrorie is a legend in the making? Or that Alfredo Morelos is as good as Nikica Jelavic or Steven Naismith?

Rangers supporters have been so used to mediocrity in the team, and bigging it up to be better than it is, and it appears Steven Gerrard, with his more neutral eyes and need to make Rangers match Celtic is going to be intensely ruthless and cull a colossal chunk of a frankly insufficient squad.

Save your ‘Ryan Jack was incredible till injury’ nonsense for other sites who are more agreeable to your way of thinking, no he wasn’t. Ross McCrorie is only 19 and there’s potential but let’s not overreact and put stupid pressure on a young man’s shoulders. Morelos’ finishing is mince, even if his deeper play is reasonable.

‘Who’s writing this p*sh’ is usually the standard response we get when you lot don’t agree.

Well, Steven Gerrard knows more about football than you, us, and the entire support combined so we’ll go with his take on it. If he sees more in some of the players, we’ll happily kowtow to that.

But no longer should Rangers fans accept rubbish and big it up as better than it is.

Or I should say, big it up as good enough for Rangers.

There are some players in there who may make the cut. But a near-fourth placed finish says everything about what garbage is in Rangers’ squad, and why Gerrard must do what he is doing.

If Rangers fans want 55, stop defending mince. Stop justifying absolutely average players – our manager clearly isn’t, so why do you?


  1. 1. Who should still be in Gerrards Plans?

    -Alnwick, John, Wallace, McCrorie, Docherty, Candeias, Holt, Murphy, Middleton, Cummings
    (And kids like Rudden/Barjonas etc)

    2. Is Jack as Good as Edu …No

    3. Is McCrorie a Legend in Making? …Yes! 😃⚽💙

    4. Is AM as Good as Jelavic
    … 😂😂😂 …Not in the next 100yrs

    It Plain and simple!
    Over the past few years we have not been good enough!
    The Running of the club hasnt been good enough!
    The team hasnt been good enough!

    Simple as that and thank god Gerrard is making the changes necessary! 💆👏

  2. Find it hard to argue with that…. Except Ross McCrorie IS a legend (in the making) 🔴⚪🔵🇬🇧

  3. I have to agree with this post..we need to get over this 'average to under ' acceptance of players who are not technically or physically good enough for Rangers being the accepted norm…No more please …We should allow people opinions of course or this site wouldn't work ! But the new era will look to make us stronger and fitter too as well as a winning mentality

  4. Agree with the post, although I suspect Wallace will not be back without being proven innocent of whatever he is charged with.
    Holt, sorry I like him but should only be sub level, we should have 5 or 6 better.
    Ryan Jack was decent, not great before injury. McCrorie may or may not be a great, it is a little soon to say. But I do notice he gets more leeway than Morelos who is also very young. I like both and think both will continue to improve.
    Looking forward to the summer upgrades

  5. When we watched 4-0 then 5-0 by fuck yes its team for a clearout
    No more embarrassment please
    Stevie do what you need to do

    Lets go!👍

  6. One things for sure it’s going to be an interesting Summer either way at Ibrox once the Manager takes the helm. Yeh there’s going to be players staying and going some we might like and some we may not..Jimmy Nichol touched on it these players must step up to the mark as they must win tomorrow only time will tell on both counts…

  7. A touch of realism required. A whole squad will not/cannot be axed! Someone has to buy them first and then wages need to be paid to those coming in.

  8. The penny's starting to drop with everyone.

    About Bloody Time.

    Absulutly everyone is replaceable NO Exeptions!!!

  9. im fed up to the back teeth saying he's a Rangers man, get him signed, every Rangers player/fan we have signed in the last few years has been absolutely pish, glad to see the back of them, well below average players and well said IN

  10. New broom sweeps clean so they say. Dont care who goes as long as those coming are better. Actually looking forward to Stevie G coming.

  11. I looked at our full squad list. I am not including the loanees and players who's contracts are done as they are not Gerrards players anymore unless he green lights the transactions for them or new contracts but come Monday we effectively have 22 1st Team Players. When I say release on a free I really mean they're free to speak to Clubs with no fee attached simply to free up wages which is exactly what Gerrard will probably need to do with a lot of them… tell me if you agree?

    1 being terrible 10 being excellent.

    Alnwick 6 (Keep)

    Foderingham 6 (Sell for a decent fee)

    Hodson 3 (Release on a free if no fee)

    Tavernier 7 (Keep)

    John 7 (Keep)

    Wallace – (Swayed to keep)

    Cardoso 4 (Sell Sell Sell)

    Alves 5 (Release on a free get the wages back no fee please)

    Jack (6.5 room for improvement – keep)

    Dorrans (6.5 pre season to prove he can get back to Dorrans pre-injury)

    Rossiter – (pre season to decide his future. Has the potential to be a star)

    Holt 5.5 (Thanks Jason but time to go – Sell or advise he's free to speak to other Clubs)

    Halliday 4 (Same goes – Release on a free if no fee)

    Docherty 6 (potentials there – keep)

    McCrorie 8 (My favourite player – keep)

    Candeais 7 (Keep – better wind his attitude in though Gerrard will have none of it)

    Windass 6.5 (Marmite – decent offer I'd bite the hand off it otherwise keep)

    Dodoo 3 (Disaster really – Release on a free if we can't get a fee)

    Ohalloran 3 (Likewise – try get a small fee)

    Forrester 4 (Rangers too big for him – free to speak to other Clubs if we can't get a fee)

    Herrera 2 (30k a week disaster – free to speak to other Clubs f**k the fee)

    Morelos 7 (Confidence shot to hell wee man needs a break hopefully better players next season can push him on. Has raw potential needs patience).

    Keeping 12 (with Windass) and binning a good 10. In terms of the rebuild I think Gerrard can progress with the 12 left behind with adding some decent quality. When you dissect it it really is a big rebuild on the duds we need rid off.

    If the money is right Cummings could work as a squad player but I'm not a fan. Middleton I believe should get promoted and we send Murphy back because that's 1.7 million pounds we should really use for centre halves. The boy is flying so there's 14 for pre season plus Arfield another wide man for 15.

    We seem very heavy in midfielders (9) the obvious recruitment is defence – 3 CBs and 1 RB (Would love to see Tav at RW one game) and hopefully Mcgregor who would be our no.1 keeper. We desperately need a creative midfield number 10 (hopefully the 3 million for Windass is true to reinvest there) and another 2 strikers puts me at bringing in potentially 8 new guys over and above Arfield and Cummings. All fantasy but this is how we should be heading and as realistic as it will probably get can't bin 15-20 players in 1 transfer window.

  12. Changes are coming and that is good,only four five or six he is going keep,i think we all could see this coming,if it works then great its a win win win for for us all,but to change so many players in a few months is not going be a easy thing to do, if no one comes in to buy them then we have to pay them off or pay there wages on top of what SG brings in and that is going cost money that could be used for new players i do hope this works out.

  13. This season has truly been an "anus horribilus" for us. The pits. The humiliations we've had to endure. It's been too much, at times.

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