Why huge Rangers signing will now be considering his options…


If one thing stood out about Jason Cummings’ ineffectual display at Parkhead on Sunday, it was how desperate he was to stand out.

After the fanfare of his arrival, and everyone’s high hopes for his chances at Ibrox, to say he’s been ‘binned’ unceremoniously by his manager is putting it mildly.

Jason Cummings was treated like manure by Graeme Murty, there is little doubt about that, and to have started only four league matches since joining rather sums up how wasted the lad has been.

Alfredo Morelos had only finally been dropped through bad form, but it took months for this to happen, and as we all well know, Cummings cannot play the lone striker role.

He simply doesn’t have the physicality for it, nor the aerial dominance.

So shoving him up front in a solo stint is hardly fair, but despite that he still managed a fine goal against Hearts.

All because Murty simply wouldn’t change his formation – just like Warburton wouldn’t.

Cummings’ best two performances were against Ayr and Falkirk – there is no coincidence both he and Morelos essentially played together – a diamond  4-4-2 v Ayr, and Cummings just behind Morelos v Falkirk.

In short, he needs a partner. Everyone knows this. Stick him up top alone and he just can’t do damage.

So when he started up front v Celtic, he was never going to hurt them. But the lad was so desperate to succeed that he let it get to him and committed a crazy foul.

Yes, we’re big fans of Cummings. We like him. He has energy, drive, commitment and enthusiasm, not to mention talent, goals, and technical prowess. He plays for the shirt and for the fans.

But his entire spell at Ibrox has been one great big lesson in how not to manage a player.

And while frankly we wouldn’t blame him for leaving we hope the change at the top will see him given more opportunities.


  1. I would send morales to the youths till his attitude changes. He acts like he is too good. And it’s obvious him and Cummings don’t get along and can’t play together. Murty was shown up by playing Cummings by himself. Personally I’d put him up with Herrera. From the few times I’ve seen Herrera he is a good outlet for a long ball, battles for the ball and most importantly wins a lot of headers and can knock on… Cummings thrives from knock ons from his partner. Its not always about playing the best teams but playing the team and people that can play together is more important

  2. I'd like to see him get a proper outing in the correct postition with support,
    But its all changing at ibrox Again so god knows

  3. Agreed! Just 1 of the farcical decisions from murty. When Cummings signed we should have had Morelos & Cummings up front every game developing what I think would be a lethal partnership. Our team should have been built round them with the aim to feed them as much as possible. Instead murty wanted to build a team round the invisible Windass! Here's hoping the new manager feels the same and we get to see that partnership in future!

  4. Said when he arrived he would be back to see Maid Marion come the summer &.
    nothing's changed. 3 other loans will be heading the same way.
    Starting Cummings before Morelos is pure and utter madness.
    If U don't concur let's just see what Steven thinks!???😎

  5. A good, experience manager will get the best out of cummings and morelos. I have said many times in previous articles that Murty was Warburton in disguise!
    Gerrard is not the answer, just as I said Murty was not the answer!
    A farce that has no ending. Sign Gerrard, and we might as well hand Celtic another treble next year!!!

  6. do not disagree with your article, except, if you stand Cummings beside a certain East Side centre forward from Scotland, there is not too much difference and yet one appears able to play up front alone (I know he is not that good) but Cummings is imo similar, a lot of our signings recently are just nae use, holidays still feeling good compared to squandered on a season ticket

  7. A sensible view i hope from the other side. I was at Sundays game and as much fun as it was for us it was absolutely horrific for those in the other end. I honestly doff my cap to those guys that sat there till the bitter and it was a bitter fecking end. I sat through 9 in a row, muggleton v woods, biggins v hateley, lex feckin Baillie v terry butcher. sack the board etc. No matter what it's still your team, your not a glory hunter, you’re a supporter and will be through good, bad, great and worse. When it’s this bad all that's left is f@ck you, pure defiance and when you have those guys, the real supporters you always will have a future.
    Rangers are on their knees, make no bones about it. The way the club is being run is a dereliction of duty. King may have put money in but he'd have been as well not as it’s been wasted on the most ridiculous manager in Rangers history and the shambles he bought. King has brought nothing but a shameless attitude to being a custodian of your club, treating people with utter contempt, feed them crap and they’ll keep coming. Never mind the takeover panel ruling stuff and the effect it could have on your club which are quite worrying as a business that has to rely on credibility and finance, it’s on record he clearly told them lie after lie. That’s not Struth, it’s not Greig, Jardine, Smith, this guy’s not even fit for their autograph.
    Peter Lawwell gets crap from both fans but he’s from the top drawer in his field and nobody can argue that. Rodgers is in the same bracket. Lawwell gets paid more than Scott Brown and Rodgers gets paid more in a week than Gordon, Lustig, Tierney, Ajer, Boyata, Rogic and McGregor combined. You get the best you can get at the helm and you get what you pay for. When things are the current mess you need a proven experienced manager, not an inexperienced season ticket seller.
    The last thing I would say is to stop looking out and look inwards. Never mind the noise, look within the Club and you’ll find the epicentre of this shit storm. That’s where to focus your energy.

  8. When it comes to Cummings IN seems to have a blinkered view that elevates the player to a level that he remains unproven at. Surely to describe a Nottingham Forrest reserve as a ‘huge signing’ is way off the mark. The truth is that while I believe that there is a player in there that is worth holding on to – he is largely unproven at the top level. His reputation enhanced in the eyes of the Rangers support simply because he used to torment an embarrassingly poor Rangers defence regularly in the lower division. Sunday’s non-contest proved once and for all that to choose Cummings to lead the line over Morelos is pure folly. For 30 mins or so before Rangers completely collapsed and we threatened to create one or two chances of our own, our forward play time and time again broke down at Cummings. Poor ball control and lack of movement, combined with a lack of pressure and physicality on Celtic’s central defence demonstrated that Cummings has yet to master the role of the lone striker – an absolute requirement in the modern game. This is why Rodgers rarely shows a preference for Griffiths despite him being arguably the best finisher at the club just like Cummings. No top team plays with a two upfront right now, and if you do so then you will be overrun elsewhere. Morelos is the better all round player and must start the final three games. Cummings needs to be patient and work on the things he isn’t good at – hopefully under a good coach at Ibrox, or if not return to Forest reserves.

  9. Cummings is a Better Finisher than Morelos Anyway!

    1. Recall Hardie and Give Him a Run
    2. Sell Morelos & Buy McBurnie
    3. Cummings and McBurnie up Front! 👌

    Problem solved cause they are Best Pals and both are Bluenoses

    • Interesting….. Could work.

      That said I believe, or at least I would love to see Morelos and Cumdog playing together to see if that worked.

  10. Agree with your points completely, the boy has rare talent in front of goal but will never realise this unless he gets regular and quality service, truth is I think Murty basically wrote his own suicide note by playing him on his todd up front at parkhead as everyone who knows anything about the guy knows that is not his game

  11. It intrigues me that I read so many articles and replies stating that Rangers need a better standard of player, and then we see articles like this classing Cummings as massive – he has proved nothing other than an ability to score in the Scottish Championship. What we have with JC is potential – simple as that. We have no idea whether he can deliver at a higher level and to make statements about him being a massive player is simply ridiculous. By all means give him a go if we think there's some potential there, but if it turns out that he is just Scottish Championship level, then we'll be back to more negative articles about crap players. I really hope he does turn out to be massive for us – but I like to manage my own expectations…….

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