The ‘unpalatable’ truth about Neil Lennon and Graeme Murty

The ‘unpalatable’ truth about Neil Lennon and Graeme Murty

Neil Lennon today made a predictably anti-Rangers comment to follow on from Brendan Rodgers. The ex-Celtic manager called Rangers’ treatment of ex-manager Graeme Murty ‘unpalatable’.

He joined in with a bunch of Scottish football slagging Rangers off over their handling of Murty, to follow on from Scottish football slagging Rangers off over their handling of Pedro Caixinha.

However, there was next to no outcry with regards Mark Warburton when he left in similar circumstances.

The difference?

Murty and Pedro are Celtic men, Warburton was at best a neutral.

It’s been almost hilarious seeing Rangers absolutely condemned by all and sundry in our game with regards the departures of our last two Celtic-minded managers, as if they’ve appointed themselves moral guardians of what is and isn’t acceptable in the world of football.

Meanwhile they barely said a word about Warburton given 1: they didn’t like him 2: he wasn’t one of them.

It seems if you are aligned in any way with Celtic Park, you get an easy ride with the Scottish media – and the Scottish game. They will back you, defend you, and castigate the club regardless of the truth of events.

Lennon said, and I quote:

“It’s scandalous the way he’s been treated. That’s just my opinion but he’s been hung out on his own. When it really got tough a lot of people turned their back on him, which I found unpalatable. I’ve spoke to him this week to offer my support.”

This amusingly ignores the fact Rangers completely backed Murty in the Wallace and Miller fiasco and indeed Neil Lennon’s support sums up exactly whose side Murty’s bread is buttered on.

There are rumours Murty may return to the Academy. Personally we’d find that unpalatable.

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  1. I would like to complain about Neil Lennon's scandalous treatment of his teeth.
    F*ck Off Lennon you nob jockey.

  2. I think Murty had to go. It’s a shame as I liked him. Lennon does have a point though in that his situation wasn’t helped by King.

    I know I’m in the minority but I like Lennon, I think he’s a good manager, he’s the type, if it were different circumstancesy, who would easily get more out of our players and challenge Brendon with our budget.

  3. I don’t care too much what others say about our club anyway. They are entitled to their opinion. We just need to get behind the next manager and follow on like we always do. I’m sure it won’t be long before we are winning trophies again.

  4. Neil Lennon,Chris's Sutton,Brendan Rogers.
    Bloody he'll, any word from the Vatican.

  5. l wonder how many obsessed beggars from the East End will be on here trolling the day pretending to be one of us

  6. The difference is Murty was a caretaker manager, in to lend a hand and help rangers out. Warburton was a manager on a contract and went on to do another job. It's nothing to do with being a Celtic man, there's no such thing. You honestly watch the interviews of Murty when he's close to tears and think he didn't try because he wasn't a 'true rangers fan' like you? You don't think he wanted to win?

    The guy did his best and is probably just not a great manager. But he stepped in when asked and has been sacked as a result, despite it only being a temp position.

    There's no outcry. No witch hunt. People are just saying they feel a bit sorry for him.

    Lennon is screwed in your eyes whatever he says.

    Option a) I feel bad for him, have offered support and feel like he could have been backed better by the board.

    Option b) I don't care, he was shit and I'm glad to see rangers sack another manager.

    That's literally his only two options and you write an article skating him because he picked the better of the two.

    • Once again you people enter our domain to spew your slash…be afraid be very afraid …tje Green Bubble busts soon !!! NO surrender

  7. Fuk ginger and the rest of the unwahed.

    Gerrards in Glasgow with a sore heed, still up with Lampard drinking at 3 in the morning after the game.
    When in Rome!?
    Paraded tomorrow between 10 & 2, bet U Robinsons 3 inches away pushing Allen out of the way the bam!!

  8. Predictable! Any excuse to have a go at Rangers! How laughable is it when you look online for news on Rangers and all you see is headlines and quotes from Lennon, Sutton, Nicholas, Hartson, O'Neill, Rodgers etc. Totally and utterly obsessed out their tiny twisted bitter minds!

  9. Fucksake Ibrox Noise just treat them with the contempt they deserve and just don’t mention any of it simple… Silence speaks louder than words sometimes 😉

    • Billy I agree 100%,Just don't mention any of they cunts on our sites, concentrate on the famous glasgow rangers only watp

  10. This is typical of that wretch..he is everything anti Rangers anti US ! We will rise like the Phoenix and give it to him and the rest tight!!!! WATP GBTQ

  11. steady bill, wae the phoneix! incedently didnae speak oot when coisty was thrown under a bus with whyte & co. convienant?

    • In what way was McCoist thrown under a bus? He took millions out of us over 4 years and made us worse. He got sacked because he was useless!!!

  12. Can someone enlighten me where in all of this has the club acted scandalously or disrespectfully ? A decision had to be made in light of the state of the team and it was, the right one. Had he not been sacked and we got another 3 hidings there would be hell to pay for the guys running the club.

    Lemmon & Brenda we’re never going to refuse a chance to kick us. Its a free for all. A liberty given it has become the ‘done thing’. Some bears & former players find it too easy to either get caught up in the propaganda or can get their sound bites and quotes all over the media. Prostitutes to money and profile. I hope someone at Ibrox is taking notes.

    • Agree 100%. Rangers handed Murty the opportunity of a lifetime. Initially he done well and showed some promise but the wheels came off spectacularly and he visibly unwound. The club did the right thing.

  13. Murty handed Celtic the treble on a plate, so why wouldn't popcorn teeth and his east end pal not support him?! Murty is a hero at parkhead and to his family, take a bow Murty, don't come back!!!

  14. King handed Celtic the treble on a plate. Murty should NEVER have been the manager at Rangers. He was kept on for too long after the semi & King undermined him further by spouting off on public that he was not to be at Ibrox next season. Murty did his best but he Was, very obviously to all, out of his depth. King should be getting the abuse.

  15. Rangers were never in a position to challenge Ceptic this season. Even if Pedro had been a success we were coming from too far back to do anything. And suck it up because it will be the same next season. We got closer this season(in points) and we'll be closer again next season. But it'll take another 2 seasons at least to build from where we are at present before we can mount a serious challenge.

  16. I have Previously said that Murty should be allowed to return to the academy…now I think Otherwise.

    Murty, Just Leave. 👌⚽

    • Aye Murty, you were just Brenda's undercover spy all along, Karma will be back for you matey

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