The real media truth about Steven Gerrard to Rangers…


There has been something absolutely stark with the mouthpieces to media over the past five or six days with regards the Steven Gerrard saga, and it doesn’t take Einstein to figure what it is.

Every pro-Rangers or neutral pundit has bigged up Gerrard’s potential move to Rangers, even including former Celtic manager Martin O’Neill, while the only ones to say a word against it are Celtic-minded or the media-poisoned Kris Boyd and Billy Dodds.

That tells you rather everything you need to know about how Scottish football is absolutely bricking itself over such a football legend taking over at Ibrox.

For so long Celtic have had it all their own way in Scotland, and have bigged Gerrard up themselves, deluding themselves into believing he’s one of them.

He isn’t. He’s Liverpool, with no real second team at all. So for this ‘supposed Celtic fan’ to now want to take over Rangers and give Celtic and Brendan Rodgers a right doing is something those of an east end persuasion cannot abide.

And every single one is desperately trying to talk him out of it.

Because they all know the change in the climate north of the border to have the most significant English player of the past 20 years in charge of Rangers itself will be seismic.

He may, or may not, be a success as a manager, assuming he is appointed. We cannot exactly predict one way or the other.

But his simple presence in charge of Rangers has Scottish football and Parkhead’s finest choking on their cornflakes.

All the best ones are supposed to go to Celtic, aren’t they? Everyone loves Celtic, they’re ‘the greatest club around’ *barf*.

But England’s Steven Gerrard wants to beat them. He wants to emulate Graeme Souness and single handedly beat them and Brendan Rodgers.

And the Scottish media, previously cosy with Brendan, now find themselves wanting to schmooze up with Gerrard who is a bigger name in world football than Rodgers will ever be.

It may not happen. Gerrard might not join. But the atmosphere of every Celtic-minded individual trying to beg him not to while everyone else praises the move is telling in itself.

We look forward to seeing how this all unfolds.


  1. Ive said from the beginning that the difference between the Scottish media and English over the who situation has been compleatly opposite. He seems to be so highly thought of down south.
    We won’t know until prob November what he is like but people need to back him and not shout for him to be sacked after the 1st loss.. every manager loses the odd game. It’s funny people are complaining about the board sacking managers but the same people were wanting it done 🤦‍♂️

  2. Gerrard has received footballing education from some of the greatest managers of the last two decades – former French national manager Houllier, Benitez, a manager who has won trophies at every club he's been at, Anfield legend Dalglish, and, of course, Klopp. On top of that, he's always been known for his natural game intelligence.

    Over the past season, he's been developing his tactics with Liverpool's U18, and we can see how his boys can switch between an expansive passing game and an intense pressing game in the middle of a game.

    He will do very well at Rangers, I have no doubt about it. At the very least, Rangers will be playing with a recognizable system that can be followed even after he leaves.

    Dave King must have promised him some funds to lure him here. Imagine if he spends it like Klopp – not on reputation, but on functionality. Top that off with a few high-quality loans from the reserves of the big clubs.

    To paraphrase the Black Eyed Peas, I gotta a feeling, that next season's gonna be a good season…

  3. Aye. November may be too late so he will be out the door according to the Dave King statement "Instant Success" blah blah blah, but we all know what a liar he is now.

  4. One thing is for sure big changes are coming i just read that Paul Murray and Barry Scott resign from Rangers board?,but for Scottish football when SG says yes,the new cold war will start we buy they buy and we both get better teams we beat them and they beat us we win cups and Leagues so do they just how it was all back in place for the better of Scottish Football yes.

  5. precisely,dr watson.I wasn't that keen on gerard until I heard how much the ex celtic
    players are against it.

    gerard will get top quality youngsters from the pool.

    I hope he's brave and ambitious enough.

    It is a gamble but he understands the size of this club.
    celtic have not done as well this year as last year.check the stats.

    celtic fans sing liverpools best songs.we get their best talent!

  6. Never read so much pish in my life. Only a moron would say "if you aren't excited about Gerrard you aren't a true blue". Only the sensible recognise that this isn't the time for first-time managers!

    • Utter rubbish sorry. Souness 1st management rangers, smiths 1st management rangers. Lennons 1st management Celtic.
      Doesn’t matter ur experience everyone has to start somewhere

  7. Good article. The selik minded are painting a picture of Gers chaos, shambles & Selik light years in front.

    We are a club emerging from a corporate can of worms brought about by charlatans, liars and money grabbers. Our board are extricating us from that and things must be done in confidentiality. Clearly those who feel the need to know the inner workings of the club are beset with conjecture and conspiracy.

    Everyone can sit tight and shit up whilst the board get us to the next level on & off the park. On it it looks like it will be Stevie G & Gary Mac. I for one am happy with that and the noise from the detractors (papes & some bears) is to be ignored.

  8. All new managers get "bigged up". Pedro was "the next big thing", now where is he?

    Gerrard might produce the goods, but it is one helluva gamble.

  9. pena was pedros biggest signing and he thinks he is george best/paul Gascoigne!

  10. Am sorry but if you read the celtic blogs they all want SG to sign for us.
    You are saying that we will get him and be able to bring all these top players in & players from the Liverpool youth ranks.
    1. Where are we getting the money for these top players when we couldn't afford to get Murphy on a perm deal in January?
    2. Why do we want these young players from Liverpool on Loan?
    we need to buy our own young players so we can sell them on the way celtic have done.

    We need a new board

  11. Absolutely spot on article 👍

    Here’s a other take on why there’s so much negative press on Scotland. They’re absolutely shutting it because for the last 6 years the likes of the Tim infested Scottish BBC and Daily Rhebel habe had a free run at mocking, ridiculing and lying about Rangers.

    That stops immediately with the appointment of Stevie G. He’s the English golden boy. A modern day football legend in their eyes. A future Liverpool manager and a future England manager

    There’s no way the English paymasters at the top of the BBC and Mirror Group will allow the pricks at BBC Scotland and the DR to continue their negative campaign against the Gers.

    They’ll TELL them what they can write and what they can say. The self imposed ban by the BBC fromI fox will be over. THeyll want positive reports of his progress and him treated like their golden boy

    Arseholes like McLaughlin and Kevin’s days are numbered

    That’s why they’re truly bricking it 👍

    Game changer 👏

  12. All those below have advised Gerrard against taking up the role of Manager of The Famous Glasgow Rangers…


    Next up in the last few minutes in the Daily Rhebel is John Barnes…

    All ex Tims … coincidence or what ? That fuckin Rag should be shut down. It’s not fit to wipe your arse with.

  13. oh dear.

    I dont read celtic blogs,why would I?rangers are my team.
    even though rangers youngsters are good-they just beat celtic 3-0,Liverpool
    youngsters are probably a higher standard overall.

  14. Buzzin for Gerrard to Come In!! 😄👌⚽


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