Steven Gerrard’s Rangers clear out


With two games left of the season to clutch Europa League football (we’ll explain that one in another entry), Rangers players are under massive pressure to deliver both the superior prize money on offer for getting second place, and the prize money on offer in Europe.

Whatever happens though, there will be changes this summer, because for Rangers to pick up a legend of the calibre of Steven Gerrard (still doesn’t seem real, does it?) will require returns on the playing squad in kind, and the man has committed almost half a decade to the club and will be making serious inroads into overhauling a dysfunctional squad.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a list of the players we think are good enough to remain at Ibrox for next season. We assure you, the keeps are a heck of a lot thinner than the bins.

Jak Alnwick:

We need a good quality number two – Alnwick has impressed in most of his outings, and his double save on Saturday was absolutely top drawer. We need a better number one though, and given it is our conviction Alnwick is the best goalie at the club right now, no space for the current number one.

Declan John:

A Welsh international, John has been frankly, our real POTY. A completely underrated left back who has been consistent from the word go – one of the first names on the team sheet and at a great age to develop and get even better.

Ross McCrorie:

This DM has great potential and the heart of a lion – he isn’t the finished article yet but he is definitely of the calibre that Rangers need. Play him in defence and he’s useless. It’s that simple. But in the anchor role he’s among the best we have.

Greg Docherty:

Seems to have lost favour with both management and fans, and yet no one worked harder from January onwards than he. An outstanding talent who we simply hope will benefit from some rest rather than anything else, because if you’re choosing Jason Holt over Greg Docherty, we’ll have some of what you’re having.

Sean Goss:

Great vision, positional sense and awareness, as well as the ability to pull strings, Goss has been scapegoated by fans and management alike – from the toast of supporters prior to the Ibrox Old Firm, some of them now can’t wait to drive him back to Loftus Road. He’s not exactly Barry Ferguson yet, but this lad has talent and we would definitely hold onto him if QPR were to let him go.

Jamie Murphy:

Has lost his way of late under the influence of the whole team being horrific, but still works hard at both ends. He’s an excellent player and at the very least deserves a crack at the Gerrard era.

Jason Cummings:

We’ve said it before about him and we’ll say it again – he is a much better player than his minutes have suggested. A clinical striker, he is top quality but just never got a run in this team. He also needs a striking partner and cannot play as either lone forward (Hearts and Celtic) or as a number 10 (Kilmarnock) – if this was to happen Cummings would finally explode in the way his talent deserves.


Daniel Candeias:

POTY but while a hard worker and an assist king, he has never won the fans over – one or two of us on here love him, but the majority are a bit non-plussed. Fine for squad we suppose.

James Tavernier:

Again, just doesn’t do it for us. We’d really rather sell and get good cash for him, but if he was to remain, he cannot retain the captaincy and is squad and no more.


The rest. While there’s division on the site over Alfredo Morelos (some of us want his babies, the others want the cash for him), the rest just don’t cut it. Ryan Jack was utterly underwhelming as DM, never impressing a tenth as much as Greg Docherty or Ross McCrorie did, while Josh Windass is a patchy luxury player who is either scoring goals or assisting – nothing else. No work and no tracking. Wes is miles off being good enough, and none of the defenders we have are even a 20th as good as we need at this club. Graham Dorrans has been poor.

Of course, this, all this is just our opinions. Stevie Ger will make the final calls and we shall see who he agrees on.


  1. This could be a different team under Gerrard,just the presence of the man could kick this team into life
    Iam not saying we dont need changes but i would like to see this mob playing with Gerrard on sideline🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Looking forward to kings speech🔥new investment hopefully👍 watp🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • He could turn some players on and get a 100% from them, some he may just have to move on,and that way we may not get so much money for them if the manager moves them out then clubs come in with cheap offers for those players he may have to let some go for free or have to keep them on payroll,it is going all come down to how much money SG is going get his hands on for new players and there wages even if we get five top new players they may cost us £50k a week each and that is a cool £1m a month £12m a year even if we got the five for free that could be the wage demands of the five top players that we got,we must hold on and see the size of the pot of gold SG gets,and i still think it would have to be £30m to £50m look am a realist and i do understand they Selltic are not going let us put money down without and they are not going put same down or more we want to be where they are and they want to be where they are so its not going be easy to take over but if we going do it then BIGBUCKS is a must for SG.

  2. I've said it before – Ryan Jack is potentially a major star for us. He needs to get his fitness back but with Gerrard's guidance he will be a standout.

  3. Agree with most, with the exception of Windass and cummings. Windass deserves to be judged after another season, considering how much he improved this year compared to last. I expect the best CM of a generation can get him going in the right direction. Cummings should probably be let go. We need forwards who can play alone or with someone. Most teams now play one up front, if cummings can't adapt it's cheerio.

  4. Fair assessment and especially agree about Cummings, but disagree about John and Goss. John is like Tavernier, very good going forward, but not a great defender. Goss looks like a really good footballer with a lovely left peg, but only if he is given plenty of time on the ball. What happened against Celtic was entirely predictable.

  5. Couple of points IN:

    Around me most people are very supportive of both Candeias and (to a lesser extent) Tavernier – both keeps for me

    Can't agree re Ryan Jack – he was just starting to motor when he got injured. If he can keep his temper he's easily good enough for our squad

    Finally Jordan Rossiter – if he can stay fit for 5 minutes maybe Gerrard can get the best out of him

    Re Morelos – I like the guy but he's not good enough. Full stop. And neither is Cummings.

  6. Kinda hard to take umbrage at your choices.

    I disagree about Morelos, he works hard and takes on 2 CBs on his own. Jack, I would give him a little more time to settle before deciding. I would keep both your maybes, unless as you say good money is offered. On that point, we could get good money for Windass too. He has the skills, just not the application. Disappears.

    But these apart, I would clean house and start again. Except to make too many changes can be counter productive. We will also struggle to find buyers for some of them. So it may be a slow cleanout, over several windows. But we will get there.

  7. Actually, Jamie Murphy may be a no thank you. We have Glenn Middleton waiting his turn and there is a young Liverpool guy on loan at Hull, Harry Wilson, tearing up the Championship. If we could get him on loan with Candeias and Atakayi, we could spend our money better than on Murphy who has faded badly although to be fair to him so has everyone.
    Might be because Murty lost the dressing room, I don't know. But players are judged on performance, not excuses and Murphy is not the player of 2 months ago. Was it a flash in the pan, or something outwith his control? Who knows. But he will cost us over a million and we don't know how much we will have.

  8. Some obvious mainstays however have to disagree with Cummings. Not the standard we as a Club should lower ourselves too. If he cannae play as a lone striker or as a number 10 then we really limit our tactics if we have to play 2 up front to suit him. 2 up top on Saturday and they were both pish but I'd rather have Morelos.

    Also think 2 million for Murphy is a bit steep when we should use that kinda doh for centre halves. But if the fresh investment comes and Gerrard doesn't have a better choice by all means.

    Ones I'd get shot of without them being given a chance because they're simply not good enough.


    I'd keep the rest for pre season and he should assess then the likes of Jack, Rossiter, Wallace who for me I would definitely keep still.

    If we can get decent money for Tavernier, Morelos and Foderingham we should sell up but I think Tavernier as a winger is an untapped talent. A bit like McCrorie – He's a pish defender but has outstanding midfield qualities. McGregor has been Hulls POTY so Fods is replacable as is Morelos. Ridiculous we knocked 8 million back for this kid.

    No matter what happens but… the fact we mention this clear out is gonna be hard to pull off in 1 transfer window for Stevie G. Needs 2 Seasons minimum.

    • I agree with most ignorant that … except keeping wallace, £1M for Murphy is a fair price and NcGregor has already shat on us from a great height. Fuck him.

  9. last weekend Celtic started with nine players that where their before BR took over as manager .

  10. Agree with IN as the dross we are carrying cost us a challenge.. along with pish poor management . Steven will have already looked at the Rotten Mob the rest are what they are average with one or two players amongst them…just look at what we squandered this season …8/9 points at least from very winnable situations especially at home and this 2nd place conversation wouldn't be getting the awful coverage from our garbage anti Rangers Press . Win the league once He will be a legend .BRINGITON LETS GO.. WATP GBTQ

  11. It still seems that Cummings can do no wrong in your eyes IN! This can only be based on the torture he inflicted on Warburton’s woeful defence in the Championship rather than anything he’s done since arriving at Ibrox. Also can’t agree with you re Jack. One of our better performers before injury, and could just be that a move to right back will solve our defensive problems there.
    For me I would do the following –
    Transfer fee for Foderingham and keep Alnwick as back up to McGregor
    Full Backs
    Take transfer fee for Tavernier to reinvest. Great going forward but will always cost us goals against quality opposition.
    Keep John – although also needs to work on his defending.
    Re-instate Wallace – doesn’t deserve this treatment after the loyalty he’s shown the club. Still our best Full Back.
    Hodson – get rid.
    Central Defence
    Week by week it beggars belief that we have let both Wilson and Bates slip out of contract. Bates came in and made an instant difference on Saturday.
    Alves won’t be back after World Cup and Martin is a cert to be sent back to Norwich. Cardosa – sell for whatever we can get.
    Docherty is a young player who will learn from Stevie G – keep.
    Holt – not good enough – for sale
    Dorrans – biggest disappointment. Think his legs have gone but don’t see any resale value so let’s see if he benefits from a proper pre-season.
    Halliday – should never have been brought back – get rid.
    Goss – not convinced. QPR are going want between 1& 2 million if they agree to sell – send back.
    McCrorie – now established beyond doubt that DM is his position – good to have around first team squad.
    Pena – surely we can sack for conduct while on loan from Rangers.
    Rossiter – smart money says that we will waste another year on wages but having come this far let’s see if he can emulate Stevie G on the park at last.
    Candeias – a disgrace in recent weeks. Time for the journeyman to move on. Bin!
    Murphy – make the move permanent.
    Morelos – if anyone is serious about paying 6 million or over – take the money
    Herrera – looks like we may have to buy this guy out of his contract
    Cummings – I would have said keep but my feeling is that Stevie G may attract better – so back to Forest for me.

    • Forgot about Windass (which says it all really. Again for me if there is a money offer take it. Disappears too often.
      Also O’Halloran – why oh why did we bring him back? Surely St Johnstone were paying at least part of his wages. Sell for whatever we can?

    • I’ve said I disagree with IN and that we should keep. Potential right back. Also forgot about Dodoo – bin but probably another buy out I’m afraid. Forrester- send him round to Warburton’s house with a note saying he’s clubless and clueless and has nowhere to go!

  12. This is an interesting article but it’s the same as many others. Fans of Rangers including myself have opinions who should go and who should stay without looking at contracts signed by the individual players via their agents, so it’s not even up to Gerrard, King or the board to decide who we can simply offload.
    Those players on loan can return to their clubs, players like Cummings still have contracts, as does Murphy although it is said a pre agreement has been made.
    Those players coming to the end of their Rangers contracts can’t also be let go, Miller, Hardy, Hodgson, etc.
    The problem lies with players like Alves, he was given a two year deal, as was Pena, Herrera, Cardoso, etc. and you also have players like Tavernier, Windass, Dodoo, Holt, Wallace and a few more including Foderingham and Morelos under contract.
    Another thing would Gerrard bin all the players and leave himself with a new squad of around 18 first team players, as unless loan players are signed the article lists just 6 signed players and that includes the two maybes. This degrades the article into farce, Gerrard would have to bring in no less than 12 new signings or additional loan players, supplemented by youth development players.
    We need to be honest, by all means clear out those at the end of their contracts no longer required, we need to sell if practicable Foderingham, Tavernier, Morelos, Pena, Herrera, Cardoso and others to bring in revenue for Gerrard, but we need to hold onto some core players as back up, whether we like them or not, the likes of Jack, Dorrans, Holt maybe even Halliday and some others will still need to be retained as squad players until Gerrard can get the blend of players he wants and requires.

  13. Find a better stricker than Morelos at his age? The guy is immense. He has been going through a poor patch of form and still looks dangerous- just been a little unlucky. On form Morelos is better than on form Dembele. Both feet. Out wide. Through the middle. Can carry the ball. Dribble. Hold up play. Strong and has scored his fair share of headers for a wee man.

    Solanke is not as good as Morelos. Morelos is only one year older. 22 in June.

    Support this guy.

    Plus Jamie Murphy rarely loses possession. Creates dangerous passages of play. In a team with more confidence will only be better. Our teams lack of confidence makes them take fewer risks and pass sideways or backwards more. We need to support them so they take chances and if we do then even Halliday will pass the ball forward.

    • …and completely agree with the guy touting Tav for midfield/winger. Tav's versatility and the fact he's our most technically gifted player means he must stay.

  14. Keep
    John, Wallace, Jack, Dorrans, Halliday, Candeias, Alnwick, Cummings, Murphy, Kelly, Barjonas, Beerman,
    McCrorie Brother, Atakayi, Docherty, Thompson, Hardie, Wilson, Burt, Dallas

    Undecided/Maybe Stay:Maybe Go
    Tavernier, Cardoso, Windass, Herrera,
    Goss, O'Halloran

    Get Rid
    Foderingham, Dalcio, Miller, Dodoo, Hodson, Rossiter, Morelos, Alves, Holt, Bates, Forrrester, Pena

  15. keep jack, dorrans , mcrory, docherty, morellos, ship the rest ,the biggest waste of space ive ever seen at ibrox candyass his attitude is stinking, looked to me as if he was trying to help eastenders bury us the 5,0 game .lets go ,r,t,i,d

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