Steven Gerrard may have chosen Rangers defence with £4.6M bid for pair


Information over the past 24 hours strongly claims Steven Gerrard has not only chosen his first-pick central defence for next season, but that £4.6M combined has been bid for them both, and in one case, reportedly accepted.

The 37-year old Rangers manager has wasted absolutely no time along with Mark Allen with bringing in quality new recruits, and £4M has seemingly been accepted by Fenerbahce for Martin Skrtel, while Brighton turned down £600,000 for 25 year old stopper Connor Goldson. They are said to want seven figures.

This does seem, if 100% accurate, to suggest last night’s information with Bruno Alves among the departing players this summer is going to materialise with quite an exodus along with the 36-year old Portuguese veteran.

If Rangers do secure Skrtel and Goldson, that is almost definitely Steven Gerrard’s first-choice central defence pairing, and Skrtel would be another excellent leader for the rearguard given he also captains the Slovakian national side.

One name not mentioned in the exodus yet is Fabio Cardoso, but we’d be surprised if he escapes the cull at this point.

Nevertheless, two EPL level defenders really is quite the upgrade to what Rangers have. Here’s hoping both deals push through.


  1. Martin Skrtel has 3 years in the SPL no bother, I believe he will also be our defensive coach, whether that's straight I don't know.
    Like the way Stevie boys going about his buisness I do!!

  2. Skrtel was a bombscare most of the time with Liverpool. Could be great for 80 mins then gives away a clumsy pen.
    There must be better out there for 4m

    • Richard Gough, Amaruso, Hendry, Butcher all made mistakes in every game. One season Butcher scored more against US than any SPL Player.

      What a defender tho

  3. Paying 4 million for a 34 year old is not good business – if he comes on a free transfer as player coach I can see the attraction for both parties but to pay 4 million with sell on option is nonsense

  4. Skertl should be over the line by teatime tomorrow. Need to up bid on the other one to get that over the line.

  5. This all sounds to good to be true with so many top players heading here great news but with the wage bill getting higher by the day when are we going get the crap players from last season off the books?.

  6. I like the Idea of signing Skrtel but not paying 4mill for him! 👎

    He will be a Monster at the Back! 😈

    Interested/Excited by Goldson
    Looks a Big Strong Centre-Back who can do the Job! 😀👊

    Should go for Kyle Bartley as Well!

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