Steven Gerrard and the £13M bid


If media reports and sources are anything to go by, it appears that Rangers are becoming very serious about three new acquisitions which will be the most significant outlay since the days of Alex McLeish.

Our information at Ibrox Noise is that the interest in both Peterborough’s Jack Marriott and Swansea’s Oliver McBurnie is entirely genuine, and media claims allude to a £5M bid for the top scorer in League 1 and a £4M bid for Swansea’s Scotland international.

Whether Rangers will get both is another matter, of course.

Meanwhile reports out of Turkey claim Steven Gerrard has tabled a £4M bid for Fenerbahce’s Martin Skrtel, which, if true, would be a huge signing of the defensive calibre sought for the rearguard.

Which, all totted up, totals a stunning £13M for the three – and that kind of spending, if it manifests itself, is about as bold as it gets with regards to competing with Celtic.

Don’t forget, Rangers did spend similar cash last summer, but on a larger range of garbage mostly ill suited to the Scottish (or in some cases any) game, so the financial muscle is there, especially given the near-£2M for coming third in the SPL and the further guaranteed £200,000 for Europa League qualifying round one.

So it’s not like unprecedented sums. It’s just going on less players, and, we hope, better ones.

But, of course, we await to see if these stories materialise into big-money signings.


  1. Personally don't see £4m for Skrtel as good business – the guy is on the wrong side of the hill and will have no resale value. We seem to do this a lot – even Arfield to an extent. He's 29 and has signed a 4 year deal meaning if he stays till the end of his contract he will be 33 and likely have no resale value. He may be a great signing up till then, no disputing that, but this sort of spending does worry me.

    As much as it pains me, Celtic have perfected the scouting, signing, developing and selling on of younger players. We don't seem to have any sort of transfer strategy or scouting network of note. Surely all of this should be in place by now, it's 6 years since we had a fresh start to get these things right.

    • Think Skirtel will be a quality signing but I agree with your comment. Skirtel as far as I’m aware could be going into coaching too so that will help the youngsters coming through. You imagine a young defender learning the ropes off him it’s a bonus 👍

    • I agree with You regarding how Celtic have got it figured out…we should be doing same

      Buying Cheap/not Heard of Players and getting big money from Them.

      Celtic –
      Did it with Forster
      Did it with Van Dijk
      Did it with Wanyama
      And Done it with Dembele etc

      We should be doing similar to get big dosh for our players! 🤓

    • Stevo they got Dembele on a technicality. He was already rated at £10M when they stole him for £400K. Out off contract but willing to bang in a barrowload of goals in the SPL and win a few trophies rather than try to ply his trade in the English Championship where it is much tougher.

      But £4M for Skrtel is not good business at all. Neither is £4M for McBurnie and £5M for Marriott is some sort of bad joke surely? I expect Gerrard to do better than that.

  2. Have to wait and see lads! 🤔😃👍⚽

    Would Love to See McBurnie in Rangers Blue!

    Skrtel would be a monster at the back!! 😈😈

    And not sure about Marriott 🤔⚽

  3. NO NO NO that can't be the case according to our own supporters and the unwashed we have only 6m to spend 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🔫💣

    • If DK had told SG he only had £6mill to overhaul the Squad, He would have Told DK to fck off and we wouldnt have him as a manager now 🤔

      Plus ive heard that the figure hes got to spend (not sure about player sales) is a lot closer to £20mill 🙄⚽👌💙💰💰💰

  4. This are crazy fees to be honest!
    – McBurnie's biggest achievement are 9 goals in the Championship and when you watch his play he doesn't exactly look like a very gifted technician who created chances on his own but more like a Kris Boyd type of player. Also, he only has 1 year left on his contract so why should we pay £4M, especially since they just got relegated and might need cash badly?
    – Jack Marriott is a 1,73m striker, so not exactly someone who you'd play upfront on his own. Yeah, he scored 27 goals, but that was in the third English league where they play like 46 games a season. Also, he is 23 years old so hardly a youth player or talent anymore, and he didn't make it further than the 3rd league. For £5M you can probably buy a more physical striker and top scorer from any of the smaller leagues around Europe (Bosnia, Serbia, Poland, …) & get more value in return than getting someone from the inflated English league (+ even more expensive when the player is English himself).
    – Skrtel already looked shaky when at Liverpool, even fans of the Reds will tell you that. He definitely adds physicality that we need and might fit well in the Scottish league, but he is 33 years old so how many good years can we get in return for £4M? Alves was 35 when he joined us last summer and he hardly convincing either, Russell Martin was 31 at the start of the year and he’s been a disaster too. I can’t picture Skrtel not getting overrun with easy by the Celtic attack just like Alves and Martin were.

    • Absolutely 100% correct on all of that Bazza. There are some seriously clueless people posting here who would waste whatever money we have on players who are just not good enough.

    • Bazza is spot on.

      Other posters talking about Celitc's policy…also spot on…!!

      Skrtel I'd take for less than 2m. Same for McBurnie…if neither available at that price then wait until January and get free contract for 19/20 season

  5. It was, of course, inevitable that social media would go into overdrive regarding potential signings after the appointment of Gerrard.
    Speculation is not such a bad thing, as it evolves into optimism, adding fuel to the fire.
    Pedro was right about one thing..Scottish football ( or rather Rangers/Celtic dominance } does run in cycles. Statistics back this up.
    The unfortunate aspect being the tendency lasting for anything up to a decade.
    I am 51 years in now as a bear, and have endured the highs and lows with the same positive outlook.
    I feel certain supporters similar to my age will feel a 'sixth sense', such as I do, that the cycle is about to turn next season.

  6. £5m for a league 1 player and £4m on a 33 year old who was shit at the end of his liverpool carear 3 years ago … i call serious bullshit on those 2 signings, maybe if Skertl was on a free, maybe.

    McBurnie i can see the sense in moving for him but spending £4m on someone unproven and with only 12 months left on his contract, i just dont see it unless its for half that price.

  7. I would have reservations about spending all that on just 3 players unless there is a lot more money than we know about. It would still leave us to find at least 2 other CBs. Unless he intends to use both Wallace and Alves at VBand keep Cardoso, which would be a very high risk strategy

  8. Bouncy bouncy bouncy 🍾🍾🍾💲💲💲💰💰💰😨
    Weve got it all, watp🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Feel the burn 🔥🔥🔥

    Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • And the sfa can go n take a flying fuck to themselves,the scum is still trying to bring us down fuck off

      Watp 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      Lets go!🇬🇧🥁🥁🥁

  9. Guys let's get real we need speculate to accumulate, sitting behind Celtic gets us nowhere and our shareholders will never reach 70 p a share without getting back to the top ,
    Whether 2nd or third I s neither here nor there it's time to go for it souness style viva la revoloution 2.

    • Ongoing John.
      Mind Stevies no clocked on yet!!

      Skertl will be our defensively coach, he will breeze the SPL for a few years first.
      All part of the big picture.

    • Also…
      Ryan Shawcross from Stoke City could well be his partner in defence if Stevie boy can get him for the right price.
      Good pairing that but need 1 more and a YD player.
      It will all come together yum yum…..

  10. Have to say, of the three Skirtle would be the most important signing: by a country mile! McBurnie? I know I keep saying it but…..not one for me. End off!

  11. Time to get chilled out and stop reacting to media pish.

    If you DO Believe the media, Lennon is a Good Boy.

    Let's see what GERARD does. Not a guy who had a mate in a chippie near Cessnock station .

    Gerarrd and McAllister have plenty more actual experience than any of us

    Leave it to the Winners

    Something we've nitvseen since 2011

  12. Am going sit back and watch as big money spent on new faces only time will tell if they make us better or the best team in Scotland next season same rules apply to SG and his back room team there is the money for players you wanted now show us we can be the best team next season.

  13. I don’t see McBurnie as an upgrade on Cummings. Similar type in that he lacks the physicality to play up top on his own. Skertl could be a short term answer but agree we need to identify players that can come in and do a turn, improve their game and profile, and have an improved resale value. For that we need to be looking to the leagues around Europe. There is no value to be had in England with even lower league players on ridiculous wages.

    • Agreed on Europe being where the affordable quality is. Possibly further afield for rough diamonds but more risky.

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