“Sporting Integrity”? You’re having a laugh!


 Article by: Richard

When Celtic were 13 points ahead of Rangers, Aberdeen and Hibernian as the league split into two teams of six, I had a thought. With the league already won, would the champions actually have the balls to calculatedly lose to Hibernian at Easter Road and lie down to a very average Aberdeen side at Celtic Park?

Would they really have the audacity to lose a good home record, into the bargain – just to punish the team they love to detest – the Famous Glasgow Rangers?

Well the answer may be yes – because it really suited them on the last day of the season to see Rangers lose league position money and to deny the light blues making steady progress.

It is a form of cheating not turning up to win a game, but proving that is another matter altogether. Any team that’s involved in any type of match fixing is, in my opinion, a disgrace to their team colours – we are of course not accusing Celtic of this, but the coincidence of two defeats during the split to the two sides directly competing for places with Rangers while at the same time destroying us twice by 4 goals or more cannot be ignored.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some Celtic players’ friends or their fans had money on an Aberdeen win, especially at odds of 11/2.

Sporting integrity? You’re having a laugh! Most of their fans can’t even spell integrity.

Could they do this to their own loyal fans who pay good money to support them every week in all kinds of weather? All this, in the hope that we would finally finish in 4th place and miss out on Europe and other financial benefits? In fact, most Celtic fans are happy the way this all worked out, as they despise everything about Rangers.

I could not imagine Walter Smith showing the same lack of professionalism as he has far too much integrity to accept that same type of situation.

There is no doubt that since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers, Celtic have become a better team, but I have lost the little respect that I had for him. I sincerely hoped that Brendan had a bit of class and was above the usual hatred shown towards us from the east enders, but it appears I was wrong!

We all had an inclination it was possible the shenanigans could go on and actually happen, and guess what – it is absolutely pathetic in this day and age for a team to down tools to the detriment of the opposition!

Of course, everybody is denying it online, but this just fuels the theory that Celtic blatantly lost to Hibs and the Dons on purpose, to punish a poor and disappointing Rangers season.

Back in season 2007-08, Rangers were not allowed by the SPL, to extend the season. The reason? Sporting integrity from Celtic and other teams, made sure that Rangers had to fulfil all their fixtures within the allocated finishing time of the last game of the season. This forced the ‘Gers to play all 8 final games in only 22 days. This was our preparation for a UEFA Cup final in our 0-2 defeat against Zenit St Petersburg held in Manchester.

Plus today we have further nonsense against Rangers with regards the UEFA license, which on top of the stuff from the weekend really makes you wonder how much is ‘playing victim’ and how much people really are out to get us.

The Celtic board in particular, who invented and used ‘Sporting Integrity’ to suit themselves in 2008, should now be pilloried by every fair minded supporter, for the indecent way they tarnished the term last Sunday afternoon.


  1. I lost any respect I had for Rodgers when he mader his "thrown out with the garbage" comment. I can only imagine what his ex wife thought of it.

  2. Time we go over the rule book and find everything that’s been done wrong so the last years and demand it gets righted. I’m sure we will find stuff from the rest.
    The only good thing is st Mirren coming up. It’s a club like Kilmarnock I actually like. Their chairman knows how important we are … id honestly be happy to join the lower leagues again cause we had clubs that actually appreciate what they have and what we bring. Rather than trying to throw everything in our face. Lennon is another that needs brought bk to his place, blaming our fans for his antics and saying they make it personal against him, we haven’t forgotten what he did a few months ago at ibrox.

  3. To be fair to Celtic, we couldn't extend the league season as it would have interfered with their trip to Japan.

    You remember that trip, I am sure we all have the highlights videos at home 🙂

    I was there, 10 years ago this week. I remember.


  4. Also during that very season was the untimely death of Phil O'Donnell. They actually got the old firm new year game postponed as the (ahem) Celtic family was upset. Not the fact they had injuries and suspensions. Low and behold first team coach Tommy burns dies just before final old firm game and they desperately want to play it meaning we have all those games in such a short space of time. Absolutely despicable that club. As angry about it now as I was then. Sporting integrity my arse.

  5. They are without doubt a shower of narrow minded BIGOTS ..They have no sense of anything at all it was a clear stitch up carve up call it what you like respect, fair play sporting integrity is nothing to them. Once the SFA and the rest of the garbage done us good style they have run rough shod over everything to maintain their false Eutopia ….without the one team that could really challenge the Bastards! Times are changing …Come on Steven Gerrard and the Queens 11

    • Love it 😂😂😂 bouncy bouncy bouncy 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🇬🇧
      Watp 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

      Lets go!🇬🇧

  6. Except that I bet them at 11/ 2. We should all have done it and bookies would have demanded an inquiry. You knew it, I knew it , easy money!

    • They were 7 to 1 on Paddy power , I was tempted but couldn't see them winning , as ceptic had gone two years without losing at home . Was it a fix ? If it was a cup final , would the sheep have won ? It stinks in my opinion .

  7. As i said before Brenda showing true colours,thinks shes a fly cunt
    I hope we can do them the same compliment in the new season, match fixing betting cheating cunts
    Its a fuckin war out there,a war we will win
    They will never bring down the mighty Rangers
    Fuck the sfa another load of the lynx users wanting our cash to stop us bringing the tims down



    Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🥁

  8. Of course they are out to get us. It sticks out a mile and they are not even being subtle about it. When I went too Ibrox before coming to SA in 1974, Rangers would only sign white Protestants, now they sign anybody and they are still hate us. How long will this hatred last probably until the second coming. Rangers should get out of Scotland and try too get into the English league. The crown from the east end will try to convince everyone we are hated all over the world this is just their propaganda machine at work in fact its the opposite Rangers are given a warm welcome wherever they go.

    • mabye we should change our signing policy back, at least we had identity and great sucess. They will never change they inbreds. I am old enough to remember the same dirty tricks back in the early 70's.

  9. Absolute Disgrace!
    They are a Joke …Imagine the Manchester result in 08' if we had been given time to prepare 🤔⚽💰👌

    Lawell ..Your a C***
    Rodgers …Your a Pathetic Cheating AssHat!

  10. This latest thing from the sfa is coming from one place only and that is the east end of Glasgow,funny how this comes out just after we appoint a high profile name as our new manager,that lot would happily sit back and rake in as many tainted titles and money they could get if we were not in the league,remember this they are only rolling in money because of us and our demise,free league titles and championsa league entry with no competition,they can shout about 10 in a row as much as they want,but it's not going to happen,scum's to a word for that lot.

    • They have leading politicians,buisness leaders and just about every other crook with an unclean attitude working on their behalf.fact! must be giving season books away for favours

    • Scooby. Every Council is infiltrated too.
      So if they have Top Businessmen and Women in the right places, SFA etc. Why don't we have the same

      Fight fire with 🔥

  11. Typical sfa and the league flogging a dead horse just to punish us as they failed with the rest of the teams in the league I'm sure no one will be happy till they have got rid of us altogether they couldn't strip our titles so they seek to punish us. Anyway they can

  12. To the tune of "Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus"…
    Oh there is no sporting integrity at Parkheeed. No there is no sporting integrity at Parkheeed. There is no sporting integrity, no sporting integrity, there is no sporting integrity at Parkheeed, they're ****** CHEATS!!!
    We should sing this with gusto at the earliest opportunity, in particular within earshot of Mr.Lawell and others from Parkheeed who coined the phrase "sporting integrity" in the first place. Oh yes, and we should also demand some "sporting integrity" the next time "Brownie" or any other Celtic player hammers into an illegal challenge at an OF game.

    • Wan tae sing tae that wee Wotsit teethed prick next season… to the Winter Wonderland tune

      There’s only one Neil Lennon
      He threatens women with a weapon
      Goes into hiding for two days
      When he’s hammered by the Hearts
      And skelps water bottles roon the park


  13. ‘ I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant’

    That sums it up I think.
    Cheating bastards.

  14. Wake up IN!!!!!
    We only have ourselves to blame for where we finished this season, end of story.
    If we had gotten our own house in order and took care of our own business on the pitch instead of loosing daft points to teams that finished below us, it wouldnt have mattered what that lot did.

  15. The fact of the matter is that they don’t just hate us and despise us, they fear us. They will do anything to attempt to stunt our progress. Even when our team is the weakest in decades that fear still makes them play their dirty tricks. They know they have the beating of us. They’ve proved it! If this isn’t an additional motivation for our club to do all in its power to overcome them I don’t know what is. We Shaall Overcome!

  16. I could write a book about their crimes, but av only got 20 year left tae go!suffice tae say any integrity they had was lost during their big cover up? A club like no other for all the WRONG reasons. im trying to write this whilst containing my anger! JUSTICE will prevail, it's difficult trying not to lower ourselves to their standards.that's how they repay us for taking them IN. f*****g worse than isis.

  17. We lost the league because we can't beat Celtic. We couldn't get close because we can't beat the average teams.We can bleat about outside influences, but it's down to the eleven players on the park.
    Do the SFA have it in for Rangers?…dry your eyes…get over it and we'll move on. We don't help ourselves as fans/supporters listening to this shite. Let them administer their medicine…take it and move on…we are bigger than the SFA. WE are the biggest thing in Scottish football, they'll never destroy us. WATP

  18. I wish we could leave the diddy league and take our money elsewhere it would fuckin collapse overnight,no cunt would watch it,fuckin sfa out way the begging bowl cunts

    Maybe Stevie pull a few strings😉 get us out this pish watp🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Simply the Best🇬🇧

    Lets go!🇬🇧🍾🥁

  19. Are there no bluenose journalists out there willing to delve into the part they played in our demise and relegation into the 4th tier of the leagues . Wish those 2 guys from Watergate were still around ! David Murray says he was duped by White . My arse , he was duped by Reid , Lawell , Reilly and that other Celtic director who was in charge of Lloyds business sector in Scotland . Murray took his eye off the ball and didn't see that Reid , who hated him , was out to stitch him up good and proper ! That's the Government , the bank , the SFA and the SPL , all of them players in trying to finish us off . Is this only coincidence ? No fucking chance .

    • f**k them all, despite their power we are more powerul than the lot.The BIG HOOSE will remain long after they have gone.

  20. From the start of next season i would like to see the BILL STRUTH satement video played 10 mins before kick off.The hairs on my neck stand when i watch it. bears should put it to those responsible for matchday activity. it should be posted on all gers media sites to see. and send the SCUM SITES a copy!WE WELCOME THE CHASE.

  21. lets get the message out there boycott easter road and pitodrie smelltic park , they are the one team they even sell each other there players and loan players come from smelltic to work against rangers the evidence is biulding ,i say let us try and destroy scottish football we are letting s,f,a walk all over us .

  22. Their club is just like the politcial wing their fans claim allegience to! full of propaganda and always the victim, not the perpitrator.

  23. Hi guys the green half let Aberdeen win on Sunday we all no it and suddenly the sfa hit us with a double charge from a incident some seven years ago my question is why has it taken so long for this issue to come out now if it wasn't to paint us in further turmoil.they couldnt punish us the way they wanted to so they are using dirty tactics to do it . We got what we deserved this season let's accept it and move on we face a euro qualifier in just a month time we are restructuring at present with a new management team they need to focus on team matters as we work towards next season . Let's do our club a big favour and get behind our team and dispell all the negativity at this time let's give stevie and Gary all the support we can and let's put our figures up to all those who hate the club for whatever reason .

  24. I'm no lawyer but ffs 7 years ago??
    That would be time barred in a court of law.
    I'm sure Kings lawyers will be all over this.
    U think this is all new??
    This pish has been going on since 1987.
    Wipe the floor with them all, on the park!!

  25. Eventually they will all run out of things to throw, eventually Rangers will take the title back, eventually the tables will turn and as before we will be the ONLY club to achieve it with no help or support from any other organisation in Scotland. Bring it on, never surrender, never give these bastards an inch. They hate us ? Good. They fear us even better. They know we are coming……

  26. No coincidence that this trumped up SFA charge has appeared when even in the week when Celtic are going for a historic (albeit meaningless) double treble, it is Rangers thar dominating the headlines since the Stevie G appointment. Brenda is but a bit player compared to the global interest in Team Gerrard. And while I am not usually one for conspiracy theories there is no doubt that Rangers have suffered this season pin the park – from Jack’s two red cards rescinded, dubious penalty awards, and Jack, Dorrans, Cardoso all sidelined with substantial injuries caused by assaults on the park from opponents – with Rossiter almost joining the list at the weekend. The common thread with all of them – the perpetrator of the assault in each occasion was not sent off!

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