SPL foams at the gills as Rangers player shows outrageous audacity…

SPL foams at the gills as Rangers player shows outrageous audacity…

SPL fans have once again fallen all over themselves to despise Rangers as much as possible, after the SPFL team of the season was officially announced.

Much to the horror of onlooking knuckledraggers, a h*n was included in the team of the season as James Tavernier took up his place at right back, the audacity of it, and the reaction was as predictable as it was amusing.

A few disagreements certainly ensued about a number of the selections, but it was Tavernier’s inclusion which drew the most ire.

The thing is, this is a team of the season, and it included players from Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts and Killie and while a number of the inclusions were debated, the fact Tavernier’s inclusion was subject to intense ridicule really was as expected as it was ludicrous.

While Tavernier is not one of your truly’s favourite players, the fact no defender in Scotland had more assists than he last season and the excellent goal haul not to mention the further fact a clutch of English clubs seek his services at £3.5M and higher is some vindication of his place.

But the reality is whoever the Rangers player had been, SPL fans would have smeared them and picked a player from any of the other top five clubs with fully justification as to why they were a better choice.

Candeias? Should have been Forest! Windass? Should have been Jones! Morelos? Should have been Boyd/Sinclair/you name it.

And yet the level of complaints about Jones, McLaughlin, McGinn and Berra et al were mute compared with the whining about Tavernier.

Comically on the SPFL Twitter account the Tavernier video has over double the views of any other player in the list.

Is it any wonder Rangers have been fighting back recently? With our fans under attack, our club under attack and our players too, defending our self interests and preserving our integrity is the way to go.

The fact Rangers only got one player and fifth-placed Hearts got two is arguably reason for Rangers to complain. But why would we?

We’ll just leave the rest of the country to foam at the gills.

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  1. It is funny but we have a player with the most assists. And windas and morales for all I hate both scored over 50 between them. We scored the most goals yet non of our attacking players got in 🤣🤣 they hate us and we love it

    • No He Shouldnt
      Fod is Dirt…Jak is Better than Fod
      But in terms of GKs, McLaugh probably Desrvrd it 👏

  2. Been under venomous attack from all and sundry for 7 years. It will continue until we get 55. Fuck that will be worth waiting for. Half the country will self destruct and it will be fucking hilarious. Fuck them all.

  3. Tav deserved his place,, he ain't blessed with defending but has the heart of a lion for our club,, I think Gerrard and mcallister will get more from Tav,, and with decent centre halves and a decent DM to cover his attacks,, Tav will shine next season,, he is one I'd keep, but, take the captaincy from him,, need a warrior for that armband,, Gerrard, get your boots on son!!

  4. Sorry but at my age (54) and what i have been lucky to witness at ibrox in the past, these two wouldn't get into my reserve team (for bloody partick)so lets cut the crap. WATP

  5. Another great article IN. As I said before the Hatred has got Worse and that was me just talking about Them !!!…And of course the rest of the wee Diddy teams Supporters who will never accept that we are Still Alive and Kicking and on our way to 55 and counting….. watp Helicopter 2005

  6. Next season will be different guys, we are coming back and they dont like it. I would love it if we went and took DM and bought JM from Hibs and put them out on loan just for the sake of it and so they couldnt get them😂😂

  7. Season ticket holder at Ibrox and can't remember the last time Tav had a decent game – crazy that he was named in the team of the year!

    • Alan, where is your season ticket for? Can’t be for ibrox.
      Cos with the exception of the last 2 O/F games (when they were all crap)
      He’s been a standout.

    • You ain't no fan of ours, unless you're still waiting for your Specsavers appointment. Tav has been outstanding this season and EASILY our best player!

  8. RW64

    These guys are not to be compared to the best of our memories (I am your age) but to the best the league had in 2017/18.

    Candeias, Morelos and Windass may not – are not – the best we have ever had, but they have performed as well as anyone else in the league. On goals and assists, I think only Boyd has matched them, yet none of them get a spot.

    Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth when we pick up 55. I can't wait

  9. Great Article 👍
    Probably cause Tav is the best player in that position in SPL.

    Wouls have also thrown in Maybe Murphy and Morelos 🤔⚽👌

  10. This is a correct placement Tavernier is a more effective wing back/contributor than Tierney and distributes the ball very well . It was inevitable they would spit hatred and bile ….Fuck them all ….Once we get 55 it all goes quiet LETS GO

  11. The Lions (Bears) don't concern themselves with the opinions of bitter rangers fc, haters/obsessers. They'll be looking over their shoulder this coming season. Let them talk, we'll do ours on the pitch. They all hate us, except they don't hate the £££ we can bring.

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