SPFL chief takes possible swipe at Rangers


Raith Rovers’ majority shareholder has made a possible dig at Rangers with his comments today over David Bates’ departure from Ibrox to Hamburg.

The defender has now officially left Rangers and under FIFA regulations Rangers were due to receive a substantial amount of compensation due to the player’s age, but with Hamburg’s relegation to Bundesliga B, the amount of it has been reduced.

However, John Sim made a bit of a barbed comment about Rangers when asked about his club’s own reduced compensation:

“David Bates has gone on to bigger and greater things, and we are potentially going to see a good return, touch wood.”

First of all Raith fans will love hearing the disdain with which their majority backer refers to them, but secondly he appears to be suggesting a relegated Bundesliga B side is a bigger and better prospect than Rangers.

Of course, if he’s meaning bigger and better with regards Hamburg/Rangers compared to Raith, then sure, true.

But he looks like he’s referring to his move from Rangers, given Raith didn’t get compensation from his move to Rangers.

If this is not what he meant, we hold our hands up. But it looks that way.


  1. Yet another disrespectful arsehole like his now dead predecessor Turnbull Hutton…remeber the ticket payment fiasco …Disgrace..hope they get pennies twats

  2. I think you are taking way to much out of this. I read it as he has moved to better things from Raith Rovers I just don't see it as a dig at Rangers

  3. Who Actaully Cares?? 🤔
    It isnt worth worrying about

    1. Hes the Chairman of RAITH ROVERS …Not Exactly Man United is it? 😂

    2. David Bates isnt our Player Anymore and to be Honest he wasnt even that good anyway I mean come on lets face it …he wouldnt lace the boots of Richard Gough or Big Amo

    3. Hes Gone to Hamburg in Bundesliga 2! …so hes taken a backwards step! 😂
    Playing for Hamburg in Bundesliga 2 wont come close to playing in front of 50k at Ibrox every week

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