Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Skrtel to Rangers; latest updates

Rangers’ imminent signing of Fenerbahce stopper Martin Skrtel has hit a huge stumbling block after the 33-year old Slovakia defender increased his financial demands, according to Ibrox Noise sources.

The ex-Liverpool titan appeared to agree on a deal only a number of days ago, but reportedly other clubs have now offered him significantly more, and unless Rangers are willing to up their offer (sums that would make Skrtel the best-paid player in SPL history), which they may well do, or Skrtel has a change of heart and reduces his demands back down, the deal is dead in the water.

His agent has verified this today, by saying there is a financial gulf between the demands and the offer, but the problem is there wasn’t previously, and the agreement was in place to bring him to Glasgow.

He is said to have rejected a huge offer from China, seemingly preferring to remain in Europe, but the *newly free agent will not come to Rangers unless agreement can be reached over the financial side of it.

Hopefully it can, but without our club being held to ransom.

*NB: apologies for error in this article - Skrtel is not a free agent, but contracted till 2019. Apologies again.

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