Sensational three-player swoop could prove Stevie Ger’s box-office potential


 Article by: Richard

Our fans are really excited about this new season, and it shows in our historic season ticket sales. Unprecedented Broomloan Stand season tickets are going on sale to our fans, who are signing up in their droves for the remaining season books available.

All this for the new Rangers side who will be completely revamped under the one and only Stevie Gerrard for his 4-year-reign at Ibrox, starting on 1 June.

Attracting certain players to come to Scotland would solely be due to the might and power of his worldwide reputation, but the bigger and better the player required by Stevie, brings with it the following problems.

1.    Is the player still under contract to his present club and for how long?
2.    What is the price his club will insist on taking, before allowing the player to leave?
3.    Then, the biggest stumbling block of all, what wages will the player finally accept?

Take the example of attempting to sign 33-year-old current international captain, Martin Skrtel, from a top class side like Fenerbahce.

The Turkish team paid Liverpool £4.5m for his services in the summer of 2016 and will expect a decent transfer return, before releasing him. Then his wage demand – result, too heavy a price to pay for a player who will turn 34 on the 15th of December! 

Skrtel would have been the perfect Pied Piper for the rest to follow, but again when these complex financial matters are far apart in wages and transfer fee, it becomes too big an obstacle for either side to overcome.

Most players will take great pleasure working under the direction of Gerrard and his background staff, as players always want to work with special managers, but only if the money is right.

To win the league next season, Gerrard needs to buy 6 or 7 really top pros, coupled with the best of our current squad.

Most players would love to join Stevie in turning Ibrox fortunes around, but wages will always be the problem with any blockbuster signing.

All the other big names lined up for the Govan club have only manifested themselves due to Gerrard’s obvious influence, but worryingly, many could end up with the same result as Skrtel.

On the other hand another piece of good business would be a year-long-loan-deal for the magnificent potential of 21-year-old Harry Wilson, who is a flying winger who greatly impressed at Hull City. He played in the Championship for the Tigers from January to May and he scored 7 goals in only 13 games.

It would also be a massive coup for Gerrard if he could pull off the signing of 31-year-old Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva from Lazio, who amassed 346 games for Liverpool and has 24 caps for Brazil but the Serie A star has implied he’s staying in Rome.

Meanwhile since Brighton snapped up Nigerian international central defender Leon Balogun to play for the Seagulls next season, all signs point to 25-year-old, 6ft 3in centre back Connor Goldson heading to Ibrox.

These type of signings would prove how big an impact Gerrard is already having on the balance of power between the two Glasgow sides. No wonder the season ticket sales are unprecedented.


  1. Suggest an offer of a 12 month contract, £20k a week, with an option of a 12 month extension if he proves up to it, to John Terry. If he can cope with the Championship, he can cope with Scotland.
    Doesn't need the money, or he will go to China or the Middle East, but where else will he get European football?
    For me, it would be worth a punt. Him, boy from Bayern, Goldson and a fourth if both Alves and Cardoso move on. Buys us a bit of time, because bringing in 4 new centrebacks is always going to be a gamble. This gives us 12 months to identify a replacement. JT may not be what he was 10 years ago, but I suspect he is still better than Skrtel.


  2. Pretty sure we will get Goldson with our third bid.
    Thomas Isherwood the Swede would be very very surprised if he didn't get a contract, still need a top notch CH signed plus 1 more.

    Wilson on loan, can't see Klopp knocking back Stevie if he wants him.

    Lucas. Same deal as Skertl will want too big a wedge.

    There will be players that ain't on the Radar that Stevie will bring in, can see a good few Loans apart from Wilson. People will be moaning at that no doubt, Me I have no problems with the likes of Wilson ripping the unwashed defence apart.

    Listening to him last nite he's raring to go, His reaction to defeat fills me with confidence, Hope our remaining players were watching, easy street is now a thing of the past.

    5 sleeps till Stevie*

    • Robbie

      I agree. I think he will have a good number of players he is looking at. Any good manager will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice for each position he wants to fill. Not including any great offers he gets. So he will be happy for the papers to concentrate on Skrtel while he fills his boots elsewhere.
      Like you, I have no problem with a few loans as we will not get all the bodies out that we want to leave. Loans buy time to find other players next summer and are a relatively cheap way to fill positions. We could be looking at a total of 10 to 15 out and a dozen in. If that is 5 buys including the 3 already in with Goldson and McBurnie 4 loans and 3 promoted from the youth – I am look at you Middleton, Burt, Barjonas, Atakayi, Rudden, Dallas, Wilson to add to Isherwood etc – then I will be happy with that.
      Then if we see significant improvement we weed out more deadwood next January and/or summer and bring in decent players to fill identified gaps.
      This is the future; not spending a lot of money because if they are any good, we will be outbid by Championship teams. Concentrate on youth and the odd bargain, Gerrard's name will help, but only a bit. Main man for the next few years will be Mark Allen and the scouting department.

  3. we need to get rid of players first to get them off the wage bill.
    We already sell season tickets for the broomloan stand, you just never got the old firm games. So I don't see that bringing much money in.
    Until Gerrard gets rid of players he won't know his budget

    • I agree i think we need to calm down a bit,let's get Stevie in the door first,then he can get to work properly,he lives and breathes 3 points so he will get his resources to do the job in hand iam quite sure🇬🇧

      Sure he will get some knockbacks and greedie cunts on the way,thats just the way it is,Stay calm people🇬🇧

      WATP🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. Im thinking we need a glamour signing or it will all feel like a bit of an anti climax. Jermaine Defoe would be ideal. We need a guaranteed 25-30 goals man. Simple as.

  5. I'm not going to be worried about Gerrard. I'm sure he has half his targets already in the mix. Give him a chance. See what happens

  6. Should Bring in
    Terry, Goldson, Bartley, Isherwood, Burke, McGinn, McBurnie, Cummings
    & A Top CF! …(Not Defoe)

  7. Dino, I think Defoe is a little long in the tooth for us. Ibrox is not a retirement home. £65k a week?Appreciate he was good, but no thanks.
    Stevo, agree with most of them but we will not get them all unless we get big bids for some of those still to leave. Doubt we would get McBurnie, Cummings and a top CF unless Morelos goes for big money. Not sure a top CF would be in our wage budget either
    BUT, I am sure moves are being made and 18/19 will see the strongest Rangers squad in years
    Let's Go!

  8. Also (as much as I Like Him) Sell Cardoso to Anyone who wants him for maybe around £750k-£1m

    And Let Alves Leave As Well! 👏⚽

  9. Is there a league rule that we must buy a 35 year old every season. John Terry is well past his best!!!

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