Scottish press round on Rangers in last-ditch attacks before Gerrard…

Scottish press round on Rangers in last-ditch attacks before Gerrard…

The media and press are getting their final jabs in today before Steven Gerrard takes over at Ibrox, with a sudden deep flurry of negative headlines before the sea-change of Scottish football clicks in.

One look at the headlines above gives you some idea of the last-ditch attempts to kick a club as it gets back up off the floor – the BBC’s Mark Daly has also added a child abuse story to the list as Pacific Quay get in on the act of throwing negatives at Rangers way before it becomes ‘difficult’ to do so with a legend of British football such as Steven Gerrard formally arriving next month.

The trend began last night with a story about Michael O’Halloran and his visit to a Catholic church, with the Scottish press choosing to highlight a minority of idiots and knuckle-draggers who condemned him, and has continued today with SFA this, child abuse that.

There is no coincidence all of this has poured out in the 24 hours following a tonne of good news with regards signings, spending and European football prospects.

But as Ally said all those years ago:

“There are probably one or two people out there enjoying it, maybe one or two people having a wee fly kick. I would suggest to them to give a right good kick just now because we will not be where we are for long.”

A month, in fact.

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  1. Absolutely Pathetic!
    But all these people who are giving us a good kick better watch out when we get back up! ✊⚽💙

    Look at Scumdee Utd … 😂😂😂

  2. You're on the money again with this one, no one likes us and we don't care!!
    Upwards and onwards with Stevie G's blue revolution!

  3. The trash that represents itself as press in Scotland is dominated by Tims Leckie et al…Fuck them all…for ever I wish all of the Bastards the worst The Silence when we win the league will be deafening!!!! Onwards And Forwards Lets Go

  4. Yeh they all coming out woodwork now with there shite trying to put the boot in,trying to spoil the party,no fuckin chance,youll need to better than that,its getting boring now,


    Not long now to the Big Man enters the building yesss🥁🥁🥁🇬🇧🍾
    Bouncy bouncy bouncy 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Lets go!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. The bheast Torbett is in court today,not a peep.Three other sex cases from same era at a certain club all been at court recently and not a peep. "Journalists" in this country ought to hang their heads in shame but they produce a "they done it tae" article from nowhere. Does Lawell really hold this much sway?Absolutely disgusting!

  6. Spot on

    This is a smokescreen and diversionary tactics from the match fixing at Parkhead on Sunday.

    As soon as the spot light was turn on they cheating cunts these historic issues and the O’Halloran non-story have appeared to divert attention away from they pricks

    Agent Lawwell upto his tricks again.

    Not for fucking long though. As soon as we’re back at the top of tree we’ll rub their stinking fucking noses in it

  7. How long until the Scottish BBC are forced to lift their boycott by their bosses down South. I'm sure it will be on time for the 1st football focus of next season. Well we should tell them to GTF

    • Just ban them from entering Ibrox at all, we don't want them and we certainly don't need them, nothing but a bunch of arseholes.

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