Rangers secure £2.2M – more to come…

Rangers secure £2.2M – more to come…

With Steven Naismith’s winning goal last night at Tynecastle, Rangers have 99% confirmed, but for an incredible goal swing at Easter Road on Sunday, both European competition and a guaranteed £2.2M for finishing at least third (£1.96M) and qualifying for the first round of the Europa League (£190K).

It could improve should Rangers get the win on Sunday and Celtic beat Aberdeen, but we all know how much Celtic love us and will likely roll over for the Dons.

But the guarantee now is base level of £2.2M. It isn’t a fortune but it’s a start, and depending on European progress (pun not intended) and SPL results this weekend, could grow to closer to £5M.

Add inevitable player sales (Carlos Pena, nice knowing you) and the impending share issue and Stevie Ger will certainly have a few quid to spend.

But it’s that base guarantee of making Europe now in concert with a possible second place in the SPL that lifts the finances a touch. That’s pretty much certain now, and Rangers have 99.99% certainly avoided the nightmare scenario of a fourth placed finish.

And that is a relief. At least.

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  1. Have you actually lost touch with reality?

    Celtic won’t roll over to the sheep, that’s nonsense.

    Also who the hell will buy Pena? Sacked from his loan club for drunkenness? Seriously! Are YOU drunk?
    I’m a passionate bear but I’m a realistic bear, let’s leave the paranoia to ‘them’ and LEGO muncher please buddy

  2. Eh – who is gonna buy ‘six-pack’ Pena exactly? Still surely we have grounds now to terminate his contract for gross misconduct while still strictly speaking contracted to Rangers, and damaging the reputation of our great club. We’ve sacked players in recent years for less – Sandoza for example!

  3. Let's wait and see I don't think it's paranoid to think that shower will chuck another one. In fact I would be pleasantly surprised if they don't. If it involves rangers all professionalism goes out the window apparently

  4. Great result against Lennon the Road by Laffs and Naisy ..The money has been agreed by Steven so we are on the way back to where we belong …Not too confident the scum will turn up against a poor Sheep Shaggers ..I think we beat Hibs with a solid performance

  5. the best we can hope for is Pena gets released on a free, nobody will buy him, the guy is a complete dud like Halliday and Holt, hope all 3 never see Ibrox again

  6. carlos pena.
    he probably was pedros biggest signing.says it all really.

    mccrorie cost nothing.keep it up young Ross.

  7. Get big lafferty back at ibrox, give us a different option and always scores big goal in big games 🇬🇧🇬🇧roll on next season can't wait

    • Trecherous big lanky streak of piss. Shat on us from a height before so as far as I’m concerned, like all the others….he can fuck off.

  8. 1. Re-Sign Lafferty 🤔
    2. We should Indeed Sack Pena for GM and send him back to Mexico

    And like has been mentioned in the above article …Its a Start 😀⚽💰


    • Laugherty..Aye get him in, great guy, brilliant player, blue nose, Rangers man, staunch, loyal. A diamond.

      Sack Pena and throw away a chance to recoup any of the several millions we have in him. We’re double minted anyway.

      Its opinions and mentalities like yon that have me worry about any fan voices on the board, period.

      This is Glasgow Rangers Football Club we’re talking about here, not the local junior fucking football team.

    • Well he isnt any worse than Daly, Sandaza, Herrera etc and he didnt go out in the same manner as Naismith!

      'Recoup' 😂😂😂
      Who is gonna buy him now ya bam?

  9. I would ditch Pena as soon as to get him off wage bill every one read the story that he is a drunk no one will buy him,pay him off and get him to hell out of hear

  10. The papes on the pitch v sheep may well be looking to impress and cement a cup final place….however… I suspect it will be a much weakened team.

    That aside, we must turn up Sunday regardless. Money is important obviously but the runner up spot will shut the pundits up with their “Rangers need to compete with Aberdeen” pish.

    We’ll improve considerably next season and must start with a better euro tie than I wasted money on last July in Luxembourg. Not that it should be difficult to do that.

  11. Windas for £3million. That’s a belter of a deal for us… better bite Cardiff’s hands off for that

  12. Here's the plan:-

    Dear Taffy McCardiff, we have perused your offer of £3,000,000 for Josh Windfarm.

    The Board has thereby, taking all interests of all parties concluded:-

    Your offer as it stands WILL be acceptable to Rangers Intathem Football Club with the following provisions.

    1. JW leaves by the time this email reaches The Arms Park.
    2. He taketh with him Andwit Halliday, Joseph Diddy, Mycall I'mHolloring, Hiccup Penus.

    Mon take them. Giant? Huh

  13. There is another way of looking at it. The money on Pena is spent, if we sacked it could cost a bomb in tribunals.

    Pena does have the ability but personal issues like being a p1ss head stopped him being anything like fit.

    Maybe SG can have a look and then we could decide…..

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