Rangers punish Celtic as winds of change sweep in…


 Article by: Richard

At long last, the Rangers board have finally decided that our bitter rivals Celtic no longer deserve to be given the whole of the Broomloan stands. Together they amount to around 6,000 seats, in an all-seated capacity crowd of 50,817.

The light blues have confirmed that the Parkhead club will now receive a total of 800 away fans for all of Rangers’ Old Firm home matches next season. The Celtic board have now retaliated by announcing that they will do the same to reduce the Rangers away fans allocation at Celtic Park?

The feel-good atmosphere surrounds Ibrox these days thanks to the board employing a world class, worldwide known ex-football star, as our new manager. He has certainly box office appeal.

Admittedly Steven Gerrard is only a rookie manager, but wow, what an impact he has already made at our club, with an astonishing record of selling over 40,000 renewed season ticket money already in the bank. More season tickets for the Broomloan Stand will now be offered for sale to everybody looking to buy a new season book for next season.

This will guarantee sell-out crowds at every home game as there will not be many if any for general public sale. This will enable Rangers to reduce the amount of time required at the ticket office.

The Rangers directors believe it is important that our super loyal supporters will always come first and must be accommodated depending on the outstanding demand for tickets.

All 800 away team fans are housed in the huge corner between the Broomloan Road and Sandy Jardine Stands with the police at either side of them for safety reasons.

This leaves the Ibrox club with no option (boo hoo) other than to accommodate supporters of the Parkhead club with the same amount of fans allowed to be seated as the Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibernian fans.

The Rangers board held a poll which almost unanimously backed the cutting of the east enders’ ticket allocation.

That is why the Club has decided on an overall increase in the total number of season tickets available to our own supporters to what is already a record historical year.

An announcement will soon be made regarding the final new ticket allocation on the Club’s website.

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  1. The line has been drawing not sure if any of there 800 will turn up but they will do like to us,i would love it better if all the talk was about players we had brought in to beat them but hey it is a start of changes that are coming so we must go with it and enjoy.

  2. That's a defo I'd rather see none of the unwashed at Ibrox so bring it on our supporters come first always NSE 🔴⚪🔵🔴⚪🔵

  3. I have a concern with this…..cause WE used to have a great travelling support,which meant other teams ALWAYS under great home pressure.
    If this means we will have a greatly reduced travelling support then i feel it will be very difficult for us to win away games ( iknow,last year we had a far better away record than home)….

  4. Business is box office booming
    LETS GO!🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. Whats with the fucking smelly tim bastards on this site,thought it was vetted….No Surrender….

  6. It was more about the bastards being right across the pitch that annoyed me. About time they were in a corner like we get at Breezeblock Boulevard.

    While we’re at it, we should have the union bears young team and all the other fan clubs be given the Copland front. The drum & loudspeaker crew front & centre.

  7. I agree with you guys, we have to fight back, but what about us guys that are not working and can't afford a season ticket. Are we only going to get tickets for away games? Seems a bit harsh.

  8. I can't believe the sheer hypocrisy of this given the fuss kicked up as a club when Hibs cut our ticket allocation. We moan tae fuck when other clubs decide to put their own fans first and meet home support demands ( not an unreasonable thing for any club to do), but I don't hear many people moaning now that we have done the same to Celtic. Personally, I think it will diminish the fixture. I don't see a problem with giving 6000 tickets to Celtic as long as they reciprocate when we are away.

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