Rangers must reject bid for star player

Rangers must reject bid for star player

As the transfer window is now upon us, with Rangers’ appointment of Steven Gerrard silly season has been more intense than we can actually ever recall at this point.

A tonne of different deals have been linked with the Ibrox men and one such to crop up recently is a nonsense proposal by Turkish cracks Besiktas who want to loan Rangers’ prize asset in Alfredo Morelos.

Rangers absolutely must reject this deal – Morelos either stays or gets sold for a pretty penny and loan deals will not help us, or indeed him.

The Colombian has wanted to leave for about eight months, and he is welcome to do so, but Rangers must get a significant fee for his services rather than lending our star player to anyone else for a while.

Especially a side as rich as the Turkish giants.

They can happily afford Morelos, but are trying to pull a fast one by trying before they consider buying. Sorry, but that doesn’t work for us.

Unlike in Jason Cummings, Jamie Murphy and Russell Martin’s case Morelos is a prime part of the first team and a regular in the XI – he has nothing to prove to anyone in the sense of being capable of holding down a place.

If Rangers’ board accept a loan deal for him it is dreadful business sense. Sure, the Turks pay his wages – but they’re still not exactly lavish despite the new deal and wage rise. It’s win win for them, but not for Rangers.

We need the £5M+ for the sale, not a pointless loan. Our manager needs the funds for new players who, like Scott Arfield, Jamie Murphy and Allan McGregor are gagging to be at Ibrox – not ones who’ve looked elsewhere since they arrived.

So no, no loan for us. It would be a truly stupid move.

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    • He's a 21 yr old who wants to be successful, but still has a bit of maturing to do and learn to play for the team. I don't agree with him being a rotten apple. He's just an ambitious boy who wants to win, but shows it the wrong way at times. He'll learn. Christ when i was 21 i was always agruing with my gaffers and ready to quit for a good night out

  1. I think Morelos had a good 1st season for someone of his age, who is new to Scottish football. I'm expecting a lot more from him next year, hopefully we can find a good partner for him, but my money will be on him as top goal scorer

  2. I think Steven Gerrard will keep him unless 5 Million Plus is offered .He could do the business for us this season with some decent coaching and better fitness .

  3. They Either Buy Him Outright or He Stays til Someone Else Comes Along! 🤔

    In my Opinion,
    Id Sell, He doesnt Care about Rangers,
    His Head's been Gone Since January
    (Cummings is a Better Finisher anyway)

    Besiktas …Pay Up or Bugger Off! 👍💰

  4. Can't agree with you there Stuart… Morelos ha she enormous potential. I'd let Gerrard work on him.

  5. I think he id great and want to see him in the team next season. I've no doubt he'll be a Premiership player one day, but want him to stick around. He's excellent and strong and what we need up front. I like Cummings but Morelos is a much better player.

  6. Why would we loan our top scorer out? Makes no sense. We need to either keep him or sell him. Simple.

  7. I think he should be given the opportunity under Gerrard and Morelos must be thinking what he could learn from a legend like Gerrard, his attitude will change given time. I would rather he had a face like a ran over pizza when he gets substituted as at least he is showing that he doesn't want to come off. He is still a boy yet and a lot to learn both on and off the park

  8. No offence, but I have to disagree with your thoughts on Morelos. He's goal-allergic, so obviously doesn't want to be here and fluffs goals, more than any striker I've ever encountered. He has a bad attitude and will never be a "Rangers man." I pray the Chinese re-offer for him and we offload asap.

  9. To Be Honest …
    Think He should get a Chance under SG, And See How SG Manages Him.

    If his Attitude doesnt Change
    Sell Him!
    If The Goals dont start Flowing
    Sell Him!

    Cummings is a Better Finisher Anyway! And Hes a Bluenose! 👌⚽💙

    If Besiktas want Morelos…
    £6.5m Minimum! 😎👊⚽💰

  10. After his performance in the second half of the season who the hell is going to pay £5M for him? I think SG is stuck with him. Can he get him to perform though?

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