Rangers miss out on second marquee summer signing; reports


Reports are breaking this lunchtime that Rangers have had their second significant rejection of the summer following Fenerbahce’s Martin Skrtel with the claim Liverpool’s Harry Wilson has similarly said no.

The unconfirmed reports suggest the attacker is no longer interested in Rangers following two apparent previous opportunities the Ibrox men had to secure his services but didn’t pursue, in concert with a host of serious suitors for his signature in the form of a clutch of Championship sides eager to sign him up.

The winger has been a revelation for Hull, and has become a rather coveted prize, with a boatload of potential – unfortunately for him his parent club have their famous ‘trident’ up front and Wilson is probably some way off being able to dislodge the likes of Salah, Mane and Firmino.

Hence he is looking for a good club to become a first-team starter with, and his displays at the KCOM last season have put potential destinations on red alert.

Rangers with Steven Gerrard on board had been close to managing to bring him north, but these latest developments claim another marquee target has been lost.

We hope they’re wrong.


  1. We just need to wait and see who Stevie G brings in and then we can start to get excited or disappointed depending who they are. All this paper and social media reports and our OWN sites linking us with this one and that one us helping push the prices up. I rememver reading that the Goldson boy was valued at £700k so Rabgers put offer of £1.5m in and now hes up to £3m, WTF is that all about my guess everyone and anyone linking him to us🤔

  2. Nothing really surprises me with this board we always get the same respones time and time again. Time to get them to fuck. Also if playing for stevie g cant help persuade them to come then we are fucked

  3. Am starting to wonder if the Marquee signings have all just been a smokescreen…. AGAIN!!! I hope not, but it is all starting to follow a similar path to previous years.

  4. There will be a million stories before summer is done. Scottish football is not an attraction to ambitious youngsters. Even Celtic with all their money are 2nd choice for their big money signings. That’s why they fail in Europe. European football is only real attraction. So Scottish clubs must start doing well in Europe. It’s a catch 22 but Rangers must take lead, Regardless of right or wrong of EBT s the decision to relegate Rangers in 2012 was an act of business stupidity that defies belief. Celtic May have had automatic access to Europe but they have been hurt by Rangers absence. No competition for 6 years and European humiliation despite what they say has harmed them. Interest around the world has waned. But a strong Rangers can change not only their fortunes but also Scotland’s.

    • European humiliations.Regards Celtic,absolutely true.Celtic shouldn't lose to any team 5 nil at home no matter if it is at the hands of the richest club on Earth.
      But honestly take a step back and smell the coffee.
      The biggest club in Scotland,your fans claim not mine obviously.
      Cannot make progress against Progres,last years fourth best club in the hamlet that is Luxembourg.
      N.B.Editor, why don't you for once be that word you are fond of using.Be pragmatic and publish my fair retort to one of your brothers.
      Afterall I was as honest about my as I was of yours.
      And my fellow Scots in the southside,keep the faith.Your day will eventually come,quicker if you get rid of the glib and shameless liar who speaks to his loyal fans in forked tongue!

  5. It was always going to be on loan. If he is wanting to actually move to another club and become a 1st team player then we can’t afford the wages or transfer fee. Pritty simple really

  6. Not sure he can be described as a "marquee signing" – a youngster on loan. Anyway, I'm with Geo on this one. Until Gerrard has officially been appointed (Friday 1st June) then I'm not buying into any of the made up transfer stories that desperate journo's are peddling in an attempt to sell papers/generate web traffic. I'll also be taking transfer reports with a pinch of salt until I see an official club statement (or at least a quote from the manager or a board member)which appears to confirm the rumours.

  7. We are intrested in Goldson and have tabled 2 bids that have been rejected, a third will go in this week, the Club are very optimistic it will go through.
    Apart from that as it's been said on here it's all speculation, Friday is lift off day let's just go from there!

  8. I don't see Wilson as a "Marquee Signing". Equally, until Gerrard is at Ibrox officially I don't put much credibility on stories whether they are liking us with players or saying that players have rejected us. If Wilson was turned down previously then it would have been one of the halfwits that masqueraded as a manager previously. Lets see what players that do arrive under Gerrard before we are critical of transfer deals under his watch.

  9. This board will spend 2 to 3 million tops on two more squad players , the rest will be frees and loans , hopefully we can get 2nd in league at best every season until this board is replaced .

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