Rangers, Hibs and the Europa League – who makes it?


Ok, there’s a lot of confusion over this one, with some contradictory information from various channels.

Allow us on Ibrox Noise to clarify the European situation and show how Rangers have still got no idea if we will make the Europa League, and may not for some time.

In short, right now, Rangers will make the first qualifying round – third is round 1.

Fourth, as a safety net, will also gain UEL round 1 – but ONLY if Celtic win the Scottish Cup.

Should, however, Motherwell stun Scottish football and lift the trophy at Hampden, THEY will secure the UEL slot which would have gone to fourth, and only the second and third-placed sides will make it.

Rangers can remove this doubt by definitely securing third, which guarantees UEL round 1 – but winning tonight is vital, and hoping Hearts nick something from Hibs. That will 100% guarantee Rangers will finish at least third on, in at worst case scenario, goal difference.

However, should Hibs win, Rangers must also get at LEAST get a draw to remain above Lennon’s men on goal difference, leaving a winners’ take all epic at Easter Road on the final day.

But we don’t want such vagueness.

Rangers have European football in their own hands. Simply put 6 points of 6 removes all doubt AND secures second place while we’re at it.

NB: we did previously suggest fourth would not secure UEL – that was correct for last season, but thanks to the Cup final being between Celtic and a non-top four (or six) team, there’s something of a cat among the pigeons now.


  1. Also finishing 2nd gets U out of round 1 and starting in round 2,
    A win itself tonite could in theory get 2nd!!

  2. Yeah if we win tonight and Hibs lose to Hearts we'll likely finish second, since Aberdeen can't ever turn up against Celtic.

    • Nae chance they'll hammer the jam tarts the night,best we can hope for's a draw🇬🇧

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