Rangers forward seeking move away – Motherwell possible destination

Rangers forward seeking move away – Motherwell possible destination

Michael O’Halloran’s Rangers career looks in huge doubt not only due to his attendance at the Scottish Cup Final on Saturday in the Celtic end, but his agent’s complaints today that he isn’t getting an opportunity to play.

The ex-St Johnstone winger in fairness has not been given a level crack of the whip, and was needlessly brought back in January to then been cast out of the first team, but following his appearance among the green and white yesterday (for which he has apologised) his agent has fuelled the flames by admitting he may move on, with Motherwell a possible destination:

“Motherwell were keen on signing Michael in January and he requested a ticket for the Cup Final through the SFA to watch the game as a neutral. Michael hasn’t been given the opportunity to go and play at Rangers. I hope this isn’t the end of his career at Ibrox but he might need to move on but they don’t know how good he can be because he’s not had a chance.”

It is certainly true, he hasn’t – and it is very remote at this point that Steven Gerrard will be interested in MOH.

The new manager said he would assess the whole squad on a clean slate, but following the dreadful three final matches of the season the 37-year old may have changed his mind, understandably.

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  1. Motherwell/Dundee/Hearts/
    Killie(If Jones Leaves)

    And Teams in Champ&L1 in England

    Would like to see him get a chance before selling though!

  2. He hasn't had a fair crack of the whip because he's fucking pish. He's a winger who has zero creativity, an abysmal first touch and his finishing is average. He doesnt have the movement to be a striker for Rangers.

    He was a success at St Johnstone as teams are more attacking against them and he then has 50 yards of space to run into when the balls lumped in behind on the counter, which isn't how rangers do or can play. Teams defend in numbers against us and it requires a striker to be smarter, which OHalloran has demonstrated he clearly is anything but by attending the Septic game in with their manky fans.

    • Totally agree mate wiiith not getting a fair chance but when we played him we used him as a winger. When he destroyed us at Ibrox he was played straight through the middle because of his pace

  3. I think it is fair to say that whenever he has been given a chance (albeit with limited game time) that he has not grabbed it, displaying poor work rate and positional sense. No idea why he was brought back in January. Maybe St Johnstone didn’t want him as he had dropped out of things latterly there as well. In any case add poor judgement (sitting amongst Celtic fans) to poor attitude and this is a player with no future at Ibrox!

  4. He was a panic buy in the first place , yes he had a decent game against us but we were rotten that night too. He is not at our level now and I'm sure SG will see that . Motherwell would do well to get him, especially following that poor showing against the Rotten Mob Again ! but I doubt they have the money .. not really bothered where he goes just hope we can recoup some of the money we spent wrongly

  5. His problem and I said it when he signed is he will never ever be a good player for a team on the front foot.
    He will be very very good for Motherwell on the break, his pace will get him plenty goals.
    Never going to cut it in a game when there's 9 behind the ball. Good luck to him in the future.

  6. Anyone that wants to buy him can have him. I honestly think we took him off stjohnstone since they had been bad mouthing us. They were complaining about how we had miss treated him bla bla bla. Remeber how qpr went when they thought we were talking about Goss and how unprofessional it was to talk about another clubs player. Well st Johnstone done it to us and we never said anything. We just took back a player they wanted. Sell him to anyone else bar then.

    And O’Halloran and his agent need a good slap ..” he didn’t know he was in the Celtic end”, prob didn’t know he was wearing a Celtic hat either

  7. Don't care if he sat in the Celtic end we all know he supports them. Sell never wanted him in the first place.

  8. Good player, in the right type of team, playing against teams who play in a certain style. Rangers players? No!!! But of course when he signs for a team that suits his style and level of skill, wait for the rags ramming it down our throats…. Whats new!?!?!?!

    Rangers dont play the way that will suit him AND I do not see that changing under Stevie G……Sell him!!!

  9. Feel that the media is trying to taunt Rangers fans with this MOH at the cup final thing. I'm glad that the responses have been dignified. He doesn't fit in our team, needs to go ASAP, we all know who he supports and no body cares- he's missed out on probably his biggest opportunity in life.

    Best of luck to him in the future, should probably try to head south.

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